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Two Degrees of George Harrison

So, there’s an insane cult who practice very bad hygiene, undoubtedly drink too much, and listen to Deep Purple as if it’s, oh, I dunno, Deep Purple or something. One might own the acetate from the original demo of “Shadows,” a MK I outtake. Another might be cataloging every Purple appearance anywhere, ever.

That sort of thing.

These are the Purple Maniacs. Do not confuse Purple Maniacs (might lose a toupee at a modern day DP show) with the similar classification, Blackmorons (might skip any DP show without RB, what’s the point? they might think). Blackmorons, as a rule, have little interest in any music that does not involve Ritchie Blackmore. They hold the opinion that Ritchie Blackmore is and has always been the sine qua non of Deep Purple. Ritchie’s role in Deep Purple’s history, character and catalog is immeasurable, so arguing seems silly. It’s all a matter of degrees with me.

Blackmorons are often equally slavish about Blackmore facts, figures, and history if not more so than Purple Maniacs. They can also be dedicated collectors. Surprisingly, Blackmorons are rarely actual morons, either. Many wash regularly. They love Ritchie, but they wear garlic at his shows. Better safe than sorry.

Purple Maniacs have a designation for people associated with the core band Deep Purple. It is similar to Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but weirder and more secretive. Suffice it to say, John Lennon is closely related to Deep Purple.

George Harrison was friendly with Jon Lord, and George jammed onstage with Deep Purple in Australia in 1984. Ian Paice more recently played for Sir Paul “It’s Cheaper to Keep Her but Screw That” McCartney on the Run Devil Run album and subsequent live appearances.

And Friday was the anniversary of John Lennon’s untimely murder by overweight psychopath Mark David Chapman. I was surfing in Florida, USA, and if the media mentioned it, I missed it. Pity.

Well, this blog is media, or a medium. Technically, when I paste in a link, it becomes media. I have spoken. Long live me.

I hereby tip one to John, on behalf of Purple Maniacs and Blackmorons everywhere. Have a chaser for Tommy Bolin, who died thirty years ago Monday. The space shuttle is going up now here in Florida. The house shakes. The sky lights up. I barely need any of this Oauhu Red Hair sinsimilla skunk weed to make that experience a fun one.



And for those with the requisite bandwidth, I offer these memorial clips:

John Lennon. Imagine, indeed. Not sure who the Hawaiian-looking conga chick is.

Here’s Tommy Bolin with Deep Purple playing Love Child. In case there’s any confusion, Tommy’s the one dressed like Stevie Nicks.

2 Comments to “Two Degrees of George Harrison”:

  1. 1
    Robin Hill says:

    Just a curiosity item. I auditioned for Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Maggie Bell, and Paul Martinez at Pinewood Studios in the UK around 1978/9. they were looking for a guitarist and had heard one of my recordings. We played ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Palace of the King’ and I got the job!
    I later recorded ‘Palace of the King’ with them at Friar Park (George Harrison’s). and did a very low profile gig with them at a country club in the Midlands. I think it was owned by the Lord and Paice’s father-in-law. They were married to twins. It’s here the sixth song on this page:https://www.reverbnation.com/robinhill/songs Best regards – Robin

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    Enjoyed that, well done, wonderful guitar. A proud moment for you, excellent. Nice setting at Harrison’s abode. Cheers

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