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Deep Purple Joy

Deep Purple live at Roundhouse (London, UK 2013-10-17)

Having not seen DP in a band situation (sans orchestra) for a number of years, this was one of the most anticipated shows for me for a while. The Now What ?! album was very contemporary, and my god, so was the show. As much as the album sound was, the band bounced along on a wave of renewed vigour, with highlights for me being Apres Vous, and hey, the wonderful heaviness of Hard Lovin Man. Each band member seemed really happy to be on stage, and the only problem was, the set was’nt nine hours long, ha! Quite brilliant, unless you read the crappy review in The Guardian. The venue was a joy as well, so roll on next April for the Sunflower Jam. Please guys, don’t make it too long before you dive into the UK again.
Cheers and many thanks

review by Craig J Storey

5 Comments to “Deep Purple Joy”:

  1. 1
    Black Sheep says:

    A quite hideous review in the Guardian. How people are paid to write such drivel I don’t know.

    I have no problem with reading a bad review about Purple as long as it has some decent reasoning. Citing their age with no comment on the music is not decent reasoning.

  2. 2
    Black Sheep says:

    P.s Thanks for your review Craig.

  3. 3
    Paul Chambers says:

    I had tickets for the Roundouse on 16th October, purchased as soon as I saw them become available. I’ve not been able to see the Morse era since the Purpendicular tour at Reading, England, when amongst the songs Rat Bat Blue came at me (oh yes) and smiles all round. I didn’t need to wonder if the guitar guy would reappear at the encore (TMIB and I have a 50% success rate for encores).
    The Roundhouse is a great place for a gig and the sound was crystal clear. I love the new album – fresh, well written and great production. I think the guys had got themselves in a bit of rut with the excessive touring and I think they have surprised themselves.
    Set lists can be found elsewhere, but as much as I like Apres Vous I don’t think it should be the opener. I smiled a lot – they smiled a lot. Gillan hitting a small gong at the end of HLM summed up the evening for me – good rockin’, lots of energy and good vibes (man). The start of Uncommon Man was a shock as the keyboard did a Blackers and had a hissy fit. The band took about 2 or 3 seconds to recover, Ian looked at Don, Roger looked at Don, Steve looked at Don, little Ian carried on, Don switched keyboard and carried on 🙂 and then Steve made a mistake (not quite hiding his annoyance with himself).
    Every song came across well. Great to hear five new songs.
    “The Mole” introduced by Ian and sung almost as if I was listening to MiJ. Above and Beyond an emotional moment. But for me the high point was Perfect Strangers – it all seemed to come together – Ian sang it really well (I think they might have lowered the song’s key). My other half was impressed all the way through, but after PS she said it was superb (to quote somebody).
    A special mention for Ian’s off white jack for Hush and green/yellow tartan jacket for Black Night. He obviously won the bet – and Roger thinks he has no dress sense………

  4. 4
    Marcus Streets says:

    My travel’s and Purple’s have not coincided so this was my first Purple gig without John, but my second with Don as the last time I saw them was the two-hander at Hammersmith.

    The Roundhouse provided a wonderfully intimate yet imposing venue. The sound was clear, perfectly loud enough but not deafening.

    Rockbox provided adequate support – they are basically a good pub band with a shtick – but we were waiting for the main show.

    Yes they are getting older and Gillan’s voice is not what it was 40 years ago, but the new songs are built for his current range and showcase it well.

    The playing just gets better – even Big Ian’s harmonica. Little Ian’s drumming is sublime – even when not soloing, Don commands the ivories, Steve is a master of the six string and Roger, well he simply lays down the perfect groove – then shows what he can do in an excellent solo.

    I must not leave it so long next time.

  5. 5
    Denbo says:

    Saw DP on the Thursday night at the Roundhouse and they were brilliant. My 18 year old son came with me and really enjoyed the concert – nothing wrong with introducing the younger generation to some classic rock. Good mix of old and new stuff and something borrowed. Liked the humour and the guys obviously enjoy playing together. Don Airey is a worthy replacement for Jon (RIP). Steve is a great guitarist and, well, these days would rather see him play than Blackmore! Gillian’s voice is not what it once was but top marks to him for trying.

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