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Made in Belfast 2010

At last Deep Purple play Belfast. Unfortunately, due to the financial collapse of the promoter, the show was moved from the outdoor Custom House Square to the nearby St George’s Market.

The market, a working market for much of the week and across the road from the Waterfront Hall, does not share it’s neighbour’s fine acoustics. In fact the sound is possibly the worst in any venue I have been to with harsh reverberations and howling feedback.

Gillan and Morse particularly seemed to struggle initially to hear themselves; the singer walking almost off stage at times during the opening couple of songs in an apparent attempt to hear himself and the guitarist suffering tuning problems necessitating several changes of guitar.

The Belfast crowd however were pleased to have the band here at last and sang along throughout. And, despite the poor sound, the band were on fantastic form. Gillan was in good voice; Glover was clearly enjoying himself; and Paicey proved again that no-one can touch him.

Don Airey seemed less of a hired hand than I’ve seen him before. But this was definitely Steve Morse’s night. He was superb – firing picks into the crowd while rattling off amazing riffs and solos. He has been in the band as long as the man in black was and is as key as his three longer serving bandmates.

Hopefully DP will return. And hopefully they will get the venue they deserve next time.

Highway star
Ted the mechanic
Strange kind of woman
Maybe I’m a Leo
Rapture of the deep
The well dressed guitar
Mary long
No one came
Don airey solo
Perfect strangers
Space truckin’
Smoke on the water

Green onions
Black night

13 Comments to “Made in Belfast 2010”:

  1. 1
    Masse44 says:

    Saw them this Saturday in Sweden. Said earlier here that I wouldn’t see another gig after this unless they produce something new. Now, that’s still true (a lot of my friends feel the same) but I’ve got to hand it to the guys though, they were really very good. 3rd gig in a row, still an excellent Gillan which seems to be what people worry about the most. Last gig I saw in July 2009 he was terrible… But this time better than ever, seems to be a standing issue this year, a lot of high points for Gillan, good for him! Perhaps he stays off the “smokes” and booze??

    The really bad thing though was the sound! First 2 songs was all organ and snare drum…Gillan was there but only just..better level on vocals after 2 songs.. Never heard a bass note or much of Steve throughout…I even saw someone in the audience making wild gestures at the sound man who shrugged his shoulders and pointed to the stage and made no attempt whatsoever…wonder why?? Gillan at the monitor guy, making gestures.. It doesn’t suite a bnad like DP, things should be taken care of. Almost every Purple show has been at least sounding good.

    This was absolute crap sounding and all bands that day on the same stage (Treat, Kamelot, Electric Boys, Saxon, My dying Bride) had excellent sound and I don’t think there’s any excuse whatsoever to be Deep Purple and sound like this. I think the guys deserve to be sounding better at suc´h a great performance!

  2. 2
    Masse44 says:

    My spelling was a little special there..hehe suc’h among other things.haha Well, in the heat of the moment.. I hope you get what I mean!

  3. 3
    kraatzy says:

    … Hey now it is starting …

    They broadcast the first new song since … (many many many) years:

    😉 ” GREEN ONIONS ” 😉

    The titel names promising … Is this perhaps the title track of the new Deep Purple Album we all are awaiting fore ??

    In hopefully awaiting …



  4. 4
    Thunderhawk says:

    Why did they stop playing The Battle Rages On?
    And why is there no other song in the set from the Battle Rages on album, they could have switched The Battle Rages on for Anya, or A Twist in the Tale.
    And again Perfect Strangers, i was happy when they finaly did something els then the endless ongoing Perfect Strangers in the set, but why do they need to put this song back in, it’s great song, but i,m getting tired of hearing it every damn time i see them live.

    Why don’t they just pick one or two songs from every album where Gillan was on, and make a great set-list out of that, with some good changes here and there from time to time.

    Now a Days when Deep Purple plays, when they finaly put something different in the set, it remainse in the set for maby two or three shows, and when it gets interesting for fans who want to see these hardly performed live songs, and buy tickets for a concert nearby they trow them back out again.

    Serieusly Deep Purple come on, i,m getting tired of this best of set-list.
    Gillan you say you don’t want Deep Purple to be a nostalgic band, wel mister Gillan Deep Purple is nothing more than a nostalgic band now a days.

  5. 5
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    Sorry to burst your bubble, but “Green Onions” is not a New Purple tune. It is actually a classic song from 1962 by ‘Booker T and the MGs’. It became a pivotal standard behind many famous Blues tracks since. Deep Purple’s ‘Ramshackle Man’ is a perfect example of this. Also, one of my favorite tracks from ‘Battle Rages On’.

    In this case on this setlist, it is only played approx. 1 minute and used as an Intro to ‘Hush’. They have been using various short instrumental snippets for this purpose as of late. “Going Down” is another one they have been throwing in.


  6. 6
    Stormbringer says:

    Well same old story… Hush and Black Night…:(((. And the others too:(. They could do sthinkg like maiden did… one tour for an album (almost ALL songs of last album + some old), another making “best of” (only their most famous songs all night through), another going back to one era (same setlist as they played back at a 3rd or 4th album tour, so only rly old songs, even some they didnt play for 20 years)… etc… every tour absolutelly different setlist… thats a good way to go rather then playing same songs over and over again + lets say 1-2 minor changes from time to time (and repeating those all over again and again…). Keep 1-2 songs, but change the others. There is plenty of hits to be found since 1968…!!!

  7. 7
    Skow says:

    #4 and #6
    I agree completely.
    Imho, so many fans share this opinion.

    I do not understand either why they don’t make a new album, which they intend to do so before.

    I still hope and wish they will 🙂

  8. 8
    kraatzy says:

    @ Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero)

    Hey Tracy… thank you for your lovely words to me …

    My posting at No.3 are very ironical words about nearly the same theme
    what STORMBRINGER says to us.
    Year after year our 5 friends performed nearly the same old songs …
    (Please understand: No problem, the old songs are all very increadible
    and in severer affair to my DP-Rock-History and certainly they are my
    day-to-day-hymns … ) …

    But now – 5 long years after “Rapture of the Deep”, it´s time to get
    new songs for us – for THE FANS.

    I know, that “Green Onions” and “Going down” and etc. are old songs
    and that they all performed very shortly at DP-gigs …

    It was my personally desperate attemp in a very ironic phrase to push
    up our 5 friends that they have to walk into the studio…



  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Indeed, GREEN ONIONS was the inspiration for Ramshackle man I think.

    Or does the Stevie Wonder song predate that?

    I saw you dancing……
    Dancing on air.

  10. 10
    George says:

    People, current European tour ends in July. There’re 3 months off then: August, September and the first half of October. I’m sure they’ll record a new album in this time.
    On the recent interview Don Airey said that they’re bursting with ideas and are going to record new album “pretty soon”

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Lost in the spotlight……


    Think my time is coming ……

    Just waiting for the call, people.

  12. 12
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    George, I hope you are right……but, I have a feeling they are going to schedule some dates in the US during this time. That’s a hard one for me. Do I hope they come and play in a town near me or go to the studio to record a new record.

    Tough call. Arrrrrrggggghhhhh! OK, I’d bite the bullet and rather they do another album. Crossing my fingers now….


  13. 13
    kraatzy says:

    To George (No.10)

    I hope it for a so long time …

    But the hope will die at last…



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