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Die hard mourns Buenos Aires

I discovered DP in 1972 thru the Machine Head album, I was 16, immediately I got hooked to these guys and became a DIE HARD fan till these days.

Never had the chance to see them in those days… until the dream come true on 1997 during the Purpendicular tour. Even though I missed Ritchie a lot, the band was superb. Power, groove, almost a perfect machine as I was used to. Then i saw them again in 2000 with the Orchestra, different show but still Deep Purple.

I was at the last show now in Buenos Aires, I have to say it was boring. Sorry for saying this but I left the venue (poor sound) lack of excitment and emotion. Sad is the true term.

My all time ROCK HEROES (they always will be no matter what) seemed to be just a bad copy of the originals. Big Ian fails with his screaming (he should stop doing it), Steve is not Ritchie and Don is not Jon. Only little Ian (god bless him) still keeps the sacred fire, but this isn’t Deep Purple anymore.

I am very sad and never imagined myself saying this but this is how I feel. Please guys, it’s time to retire and keep the glory alive. I am Daniel From Argetina, as I said I will love you all no matter what.

My TRUE respect and admiration for you guys. The best rock band ever in earth.

Hope you post this.
Thank you.

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  1. 1
    anonymman says:

    you´re right. I saw them for the first time in Cologne and they were so tired and just a poor shadow of their former self.

  2. 2
    elprupdeep says:

    Daniel if you were a real die hard fan (like I am) you will never wrote that.
    when you love something or someone no matter what happen ,love remains alive and so DEEP PURPLE. LONG LIVE rock&roll and DP.

  3. 3
    adel says:

    DP retiring are you sure. The band just had an average gig it happens to everyone. IG had a cold and he still went on stage and gave it all.

  4. 4
    TruthHurts says:

    You said it mate – neither DP nor Blackers have done anything for me for long time. The Led Zep reunion really wasn’t so good either. Nowadays I turn to Joe Lynn Turner and Japanese guitarists like Akira Kajiyama for the straight ahead gutsy rock that these guys were once the masters of.

  5. 5
    Daniel Miller says:

    Your respect and admiration for Deep Purple is clear but I don’t agree with your recommendation that they should retire based on your recent experience at Buenos Aires. I had a similar experience when I saw them at Birmingham about five years ago – it just didn’t work. However, I’ve seen then five times since and they were fantastic. In fact, the last time I saw them (Glasgow 2007) Ian’s sounded better than I have ever heard him before, including Knebworth in 1985. The best thing about Deep Purple shows is the spontenaity. Most of the time you’ll get a great show, rarely it’ll suck and occasionally it’ll be the best night of your life. For me that’s better than a guaranteed good show. Take heart and see them next time they’re round. Hopefully, you’ll get a show that will blow you away prove that the glory is still very much alive.
    regards, Dan

  6. 6
    saturn says:

    So you’re going to give up after ONE bad show!!! Good job you didn’t see them way back, because I believe the chances of a bad show then were much higher. Of course, when they were good they were absolutely fantastic.

    You say you’re a diehard fan but then give it all up because of one bad experience? Steve and Don are different from Ritchie and Jon – thank goodness. I’d hate for them to try and be copies. Purple has always been an evolving band, members come and go.

  7. 7
    Gary S. says:

    I know the feeling all too well.

  8. 8
    Soulmover says:

    My name is Daniel too and I+m from Argentina too. I´ll have to say that I mostly agree. I have seen every gig from purple in buenos Aires since 2000 (5 in total) and I felt the same last time. Sreve Morse micght be a brilliant guitar technician, butpurple do not rely on him as the focal point, which was the case with Richie. Din is great but the last time I felt he plays every time the same way as Morse does.
    But to me the main problem is that every year they don´t seem to bother changing the set list a little more.

  9. 9
    Fabiohammond says:

    I’m a professional Hammond organ player, and Deep Purple is my favourite band.

    And I’m completly agree with you Daniel.

    I saw Deep Purple four times 1999 – 2000 (concerto for group and orchestra) – 2001 – 2006.

    Well, 1999 and 2000 shows was very good shows with a lot of energy, 2001 show was not so good and 2006 show I was very disappointed.

    Personally I don’t like S.Morse and D.Airey, they are not in the Deep Purple sound.

    You can feel the difference between Made in Japan 1972 album and Montreaux Live 2006, it is not the same band!!! It’s seems a Deep Purple tribute band!!!

    It’s my opinion.


  10. 10
    Herb says:

    I’ve read a few post over the years in which peolple say something similar to Fabio…”You can feel the difference between Made in Japan 1972 album and Montreaux Live 2006, it is not the same band!!!”

    While they’re entitled to their opinion, I’ve never understood why people would want a band to stay stuck in the past. To sound like they did 40 years ago, Purple would not have been able to experience growth (musical and personal) and would have been forced to live in a cave somewhere. AC/DC is the only band off the top of my head that has not changed it’s style. They have played the same 3 songs for 30 years. Yes, they have their fans, but artistically, they’re stunted.

  11. 11
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    Daniel Miller #5:

    You hit it on the head….It’s amazing how quick certain people are to go negative due to one performance. I’ve seen them a bunch and are some shows better than or worse than others? Of course. Going all the way back to 74 at the Orange Bowl Stadium in Miami, Florida. The was the Worst show I ever saw Purple do. The opening bands blew them away….’Elf, Spirit, J. Geils’. Hard to believe but it’s true. Ritchie went off on a 20 minute plinking solo that actually had the stadium asleep. But, as bad as it was, I knew that they are better than that, and had seen them pull off much better performances. I didn’t leave there, ‘abandoning’ my heroes. I left there knowing that I saw a performance from the greatest band in the world which just didn’t quite hit the mark, but I also knew that next time they would. That still hold true to today.

    Deep Purple concerts are like Blow Jobs…..”The worst one I ever had was GREAT!!!!”


  12. 12
    Ariel says:

    I´m from Argentina too and I´ve seen them with Jon Lord. Steve is not Ritchie, yes, but he doen´t want to be a copycat! He improvises his own solos, and that´s what Purple is all about. One thing that REALLY annoys me is seeing Don Airey doing Jon Lord´s solos note by note just like the original studio albums. He should improvise…that´s what live gigs are all about…

  13. 13
    pofonso says:

    I guess I have to agree with the precedent posts. I’ve seen purple four times, 1999, 2000, 2004 and 2005.
    It’s difficult to describe the sensations after these shows, because they all are brilliant musicians, but in 1999 and 2000 I left the venue with the conviction that I’d seen the best band in the world, a different and special band.
    Howewer, in 2004 and 2005, I saw a normal one, with the same setlist than nowadays. They played well, but it didn’t seem to me I was in front of a great band (but they are).
    Some people beside describe it as a purple cover band, and maybe it’s right. Where are the improvisation? Where are the drums solos (you know what I mean)? You can say times are different, but many bands (Rush, King Crimson) are still in good shape, they evolve.
    I have to say that Rapture is a very good album, but Deep Purple live is a shadow of what they’ve been. And I’m thinking about ten years ago, not the seventies.
    Another thing I am upset is the sound. In 2004 the show was in a basket pavillion, with an awful sound, but Status Quo, who open the venue with Cheap Trick, literally crack it up. I think the man in the sound table has not the level.
    It’s my opinion too. Sorry about my english, I’m spanish. Cheers

  14. 14
    Héctor de San Martín says:

    I don´t agree with Daniel. We live in the same country and the first that I heard from DP was Machine Head (I was 12 in 1973). I saw DP all the times that they were in Buenos Aires and in 2003 I went to Sao Paulo, Brazil (Pacaembú Stadium in Sep 20) because they didn´t came to Argentina in those days. I think that Daniel saw the 2nd. show in Buenos Aires, this year. In that show (and in the Cosquín Festival one day before), Gillan´s voice wasn´t in good form, I know. But in the first show at Luna Park was different. I wrote this in THS many times. He looked ill !!!!!! Don´t you saw that ???? Well. Obviously, Steve Morse is not Ritchie Blackmore and Don Airey is not Jon Lord. They are, only, different musicians. Comparison is not good.
    At last, but the most important, I think that DP must continue. I enjoy each show I see. LONG LIVE DEEP PURPLE !!!!

  15. 15
    MoreBlack says:

    Sy ermano Daniel i have the same feeling but not for now and yes since Ritchie left.The mean problem is they work more and harder than in the old days.Ian said in one of the last time DP came to Brazil that he’d allawys dream in doing 200 shows a year,and that’s what they’re doing through the last five years.The factor age is becoming more aparent each year.The gis here in South America were weak thanx to helth problems the typical mid age problem.You said about poor sound of gig in Buenos Ayres,yeahh the 2007 gig was horrible by the same problem,in other words Deep Purple plays in every venue that first show up.Every garage,warehouse,even in the countrys that ofer the minimum of security(internal war,terrorism etc)they play in EVERY hole in this planet.What the hell!????Why???Money talks????Bruce Payne must be rich.
    Is this necessary.Mid age crisis?
    Hmmm very strange.
    Maybe it’s time to retire.Sad.

  16. 16
    ormandy says:

    RE: Made in Japan 1972 album and Montreaux Live 2006, it is not the same band!!!

    Time is funny that way.

    Even the band Yes in 1972 wasn’t the same band in 2004…AND THEY WERE THE SAME MEMBERS.

  17. 17
    John Bartone says:

    Long live the Morse Era!! Keep on rockin’ boys… “he was playin’ pool and drinkin’ beer” 🙂

  18. 18
    Chrissy says:

    You cannot compare the Made in Japan and Live in Montreux albums.Its two different eras which both rock out.Quit complaining and enjoy them.By the way if DP played like they did in the 70’s that would be considered a DP tribute band.

  19. 19
    jaro says:

    Daniel great words-tribute band.
    I.Gillan should sing under his name not DP.His last lp-One eye…,
    is very nice to hear.I’m afraid only for money MK 10000 Still play.
    I live in Poland and listen them for forty years !
    First time I saw them in 1991 with TURNER,then in 1993 and it was fantastic show. Several times with Steve,but i missed two persons…
    It is very sad situation,they finish in this way.I think older fans
    prefer to listen Blackmore’s Night.Younger which never saw Ritchie maybe
    Good Luck for All .

  20. 20
    andre sihotang says:

    TO the people who always tried to put Morse and Airey off..

    Look at Blackmore now. He is in a strange kind of music right now. That’s not the rock music we know. But he’s happy now and then, so wish him the best and no complaining for him.

    Look at Jon Lord. He’s very happy with the classical music right now. That’s not the rock music we know. But again, he found his joy there.

    You all said with Morse and Airey aren’t Blackmore and Lord. YES, SO WHY HAVE TO SAY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN? REALLY BORING. Deep Purple was also different with Simpers and Evans (MkI), Coverdale and Hughes (Mk III and IV), Tommy Bolin (IV), and Turner (V). Come on people, like Saturn #6 said, Deep Purple is an evolving band, not like Zeppelin which of course were only Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonzo. It is the Deep Purple’s music who made it amazing. Morse and Airey really did a great job to make Deep Purple looked different. So, please stop complaining about Morse and Airey. If you miss the old Deep Purple, just buy a time machine and go find your joy and happiness.

    If you ask what’s the problem, that is the set list, which make them looks like a bad copy of the past. Yes, it is definitely the only main problem of course, as Gillan’s voice wasn’t the sam like in the seventies. If Deep Purple play just the recent songs with some obligated hits, then you’ll know what I mean.


  21. 21
    Roberto says:

    I alwasy tought the abondon tour has been magnificent…particulary for Ian Gillan…
    Now they are boring…yes this is true…

  22. 22
    MoreBlack says:

    The only nice thing that happen since Ritchie left is to hear Pictures of Home Folls Woman from Tokio etc,the ones Blackers never agree to play live.But the EDGE

  23. 23
    MoreBlack says:

    Sorry by the break.Continuing….The EDGE was gone.Take a look at the rehearsall video in Austria in 93.We don’t have that feeling anymore.Now DP is very squary band very clock very pro very money.Instead they might be scary.Until 1993 ‘when the show begin you never know what will happen after’.I miss a lot that uncertainty.

  24. 24
    MoreBlack says:

    Ahh and to Ormandy Yes is still the same as before.The soul is still there.

  25. 25
    Daniel Montoya says:

    Just to say that I set the wrong date for the concert I was in…it was on February the 20th …2009 first show in Buenos Aires . Next day they showed up on Cosquin(Cordoba) and then repeated the Luna Park on the 22nd .
    Sorry if i harmed anybody with my comments ….wasn’t my intention as I think i clearly stated.

    Salud a los fans de Purple !
    Cheers to Purple fans !

  26. 26
    Renato says:

    The voice of the Gillan moved? If Pelé played today as would be? The time is implacable with everybody. Thanks Deep Purple for still being in activity.

    Sorry bad english.

  27. 27
    TruthHurts says:


    I think the gist of the argument is not about who is in the band, but that today’s DP lacks power and guts.

    the current line-up of Yes has a tribute singer, Benoit David, and Oliver Wakeman (Rick’s) son substituting!! Howe/Squire/White are as awesome as ever, though.

  28. 28
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well, even Bart Simpson got to buy his soul back…..

  29. 29
    greg says:

    I agree with andre. Purple is a evolving band MK2, MK3, MK8, have their own identity where comparing line-ups has no sence, because they have different styles.Almost everytime when line-up had changed with new blood THE BAND had energy and enthusiams: IN ROCK, BURN,PERPENDICULAR, BANANAS.I also think they tour too much,I mean IG looks terrible now,skinny and tired.I know he is a true rocker and he will rock till he drops, but … maybe a little break to chardge batteries. I would also love to hear more from MORSE era not just old stuff, which i heard 100 times.And last thing listening to material with JON and RITCHIE , they always played each concert different, which i think is a testimony to their abillity , and they were playing it in times where you tube wasn’t around ,where now you can play every concert and they seem to stick to their original versions.DP MK8 is not DPMK2, but at this time they are great, just wish they would refresh a bit, the felling of insufficiency is better than surfeit.

  30. 30
    juraj says:

    I heard Purple has always reputation og qiute different level of performing.Everybody can have a bad day,no matter how old,sometimes everybody got headache:-)
    I have seen them first in 87,nothing special.After in 2000.Ian was poor with his voice,it hurts me.But in 2006 it was just unbeliveble.Purple on fire,I feld in love.Now I am looking forwards for central Europe gigs and I belive they are still the best.(I can tell soon)

  31. 31
    marcinn says:


    They are not finished yet.

    Ian Gillan can sing under whatever name he feels like.

    And there are some older fans who are simply grateful that they still can see their favourite band on the face of the planet. Just for some of the people here music has always been about personalities and characters never about good art.

    Are you going to Wroclaw? We can have a beer and discuss some of the things then.

    Tribute band consists of non-original members. And still you have Ian Paice, who is one of the founding fathers. And then you’ve got Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, two very influencial musicians without whom Deep Purple as we KNEW it would not be possible. Last but not least you have Steve Morse and Don Airey who make Deep Purple what they ARE and this band lives in the ‘now’.

    Just a quick reminder, Steve has been in the band for 15 years and Don for 8. As much as I love Ritchie and Jon, don’t you all think you should let them leave and pursue the music they make now out of love? And for once criticize them for the merit of the music they make nowadays, not only comparing them to Airey and Morse. I’m sure they’d appreciate it much more.

    Obviously in Buenos Aires they had a bad night. So what? They are human beings and the sun doesn’t always shine for them as well.
    At least they were trying, and I’m sure some of the people appreciated that factor.

    Predictability. Internet is responsible for the predictability of DP’s gigs and lack of the edge, both of which are very apparent to some people here. My advice: don’t visist such sites like THS, DP Net, DP Hub. Just connect yourself off, and start to live in oblivion. Forget the setlist and reviews you saw over the net, and then go to the concert not knowing what to expect. I’m sure most of you who claim there is predictability in DP shows would be positively surprised.

    In the 1970’s, 1980’s, and the beginning of 1990’s there was no internet, and the information about DP shows was not as widespread as it is now. The improvisation part of 1970’s was great, but this is just a relic of the past now. Just look at the shows from 1980’s and early 1990’s. There wasn’t many improvisational parts. People knew that there would be some lengthy guitar and organ solo’s in Space Truckin’ and for most of the tours the setlists remained the same. I’d say this Mark changes the setlist more often than any other.

    I think they play what they feel to a large extent. And I’m okay with that beacuse I don’t see Purple everyday, I may just read about them on the net. But enjoying music live and reading the set of the songs on the net are two totally different things…

  32. 32
    harry says:

    After Ritchie left DP, i never listened to the following albums.i tought DP died after that.
    But i was so wrong.In 2006 is saw them in Hellendoorn with my 12 year old son.It was close to my home and my son is a drummer so i thougt it would be nice for him to see ian’s one handed live.
    That evening i realised i was so wrong, Steve is a duifferent guitarplayer, but brilliant as well and the music is still amazing.
    so ian cant sing the (extreme)hihg notes anymore, but there are notes enough to enjoy.
    If you dont like it just dont go.i’m very happy to see them 2 times this year in Dortmund and Amsterdam.

  33. 33
    Hugitoviana says:

    Daniel, soy de Bsas tambien y la verdad si fueses un verdadero fan te darias cuenta de que la banda el 18 estuvo tocando en un festival en Republica Checa (pleno invierno checo) y que dos dias despues ya estaba moviendo al Luna, si, tambien el 21 estuvieron en Cosquin. Altas cumbres de Cordoba, claramente esos cambios de clima (bruscos) afectan claramente a un cantante y mas a uno como Ian Gillan (42 años de trayectoria pegando aullidos). Tambien vi en un video que subio Ian que el otro Ian (Paice) tenia un problema en el brazo. Yo tuve la suerte de ver a Purple las dos funciones, y si, la segunda funcion (22 de Febrero) carecio de brillo pero siempre dejaron el corazon como lo hacen unos verdaderos guerreros que no bajaron guardia luego de 40 años de mostrarnos inmejorable calidad. Un abrazo y espero que en el proximo show (si es que tenemos la suerte de que haya), todos los “purpleboys” vuelvan descansados y sin inconvenientes para seguirnos desbordando de calidad musical 🙂

  34. 34
    Alex says:

    to say more – I like last 2 albums. I think they did great job at the studio. And for me that is the main thing. I want first of all to hear new good songs from DP.

  35. 35
    Finn says:

    MoreBlack you are so right about “Until 1993 ‘when the show begin you never know what will happen after’.I miss a lot that uncertainty.
    “, but that is also because of the internet with pages like this we are using right now.

    As I see it the problem is Steve Morse. He is GREAT person and guitar plyer, but he just dont fit into the Purple sound.

  36. 36
    dave smith says:

    If you all hate the band so much now, why do you waste your lives sitting behind a computer screen reading up about them??!! I don’t get it! If you no longer like them, go listen to something else and look at other things on the net…. Its not really rocket science!!
    As far as decisions and set lists etc. go 98% of people on this site have no idea how a band operates, in terms of management, label etc etc. Its really not how you think it is, believe me.
    I’d personally rather see the band in its latest incarnation with musicians that want to be on stage playing as opposed to when richie was in his final time, (hatred of the rest of the band, no encores silly games etc), and Jon (frankly looking bored when I last saw him).
    Remember, you are not being forced to go and see them, or buy albums or waste your lives on forums etc. Purple on their worst ever night is 100% better than the majority of bands around now on their greatest gig ever!
    Also the people who visit sites like these are soooo in the minority! Most people who go to the shows DO want to hear all the classics etc. They dont wanna hear an obscure B-side from somewhere or other. You must distinguish between fans of the band and obsessive snobs who think their opinion is more valid than somebody elses, because they’ve seen them 6 times and have got 10 patches and badges on their jacket!!
    Finally, it makes me laugh so hard reading some of the opinions on this site, so obviously written by bitter twisted semi pro musos who think that THEY couldve made it, or are just as good as the musicians in the band….Comedy!

  37. 37
    Crimson Ghost says:

    What IS the “Purple sound?” I didn’t know there were rules concerning that, did you make them? Show me two Blackmore era recordings that sound the same and your point might make some sort of sense. There is a “sound” to go by or they lose credibility? Thats pretty silly… too bad they don’t give refunds after the first few notes.

    Now Steve Morse is the “problem” today? I wonder who the problem was before that, not!
    That was a little over the top I’d say, perhaps the problem is the listener in this cae… ever ponder that?

  38. 38
    Menotti says:

    It’s hard, but I have to agree with Daniel Montoya. I saw the last shows in Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 06-07, 2009) and started to believe that my long purple dream was finally ending.

    I am a real Purple-hearted fan (I’m 51 years old now and was lucky enough to buy their vinyl at the time of release during the ‘70s) but the band is becoming a pale shadow of itself. We had a wild audience at Via Funchal at these two nights, but Gillan (my eternal idol!) seems to be suffering from something and can’t sing and be spontaneous as usual – he seemed a little bit fragile sometimes. The band is trying to do their thing, but can anyone imagine Purple without Blackmore, Lord – and now Gillan?

    I’ve seen all Deep Purple shows in Brazil since the early 90’s but was these two night messed me up a bit. Ian Gillan was very low in the mix and instrumentals helped him to support the show. In general, I appreciated the shows, but isn’t this the right time to disband and leave the Purple Legend live forever?

  39. 39
    Crimson Ghost says:

    It seems although they’re welcomed down there by the masses, the last few visits have been rough for Gillan particularly. I wonder myself if records like this are worth keeping, why not go down there in good shape. It’s been poor luck because recent shows in Germany have been good.

  40. 40
    Tom S says:

    Dave Smith – right on!

    I like the new Purple sound. It is not the same as in 1972 but I am not the same either. I no longer listen to the same music as I did then either – heavy metal and hard rock then, mostly Jazz and Blues today. I grew up, my life is different from then. So has Deep Purple’s, Steve and Don have an influence on the direction but the other Deep Purple member’s interests and influences have changed as well. When I listen, for the most part I still hear them playing with a passion that some younger bands don’t have. They never (with maybe one or two exceptions) went in to the studio with a plan to release a hit record. They played what they played because it suited them at the time, us as audience just connected with it and followed along. Today, I still see the passion in what the are playing, it just happens to be a different sound. As long as they have that passion and play like they mean it, they will get my buck.

    For all those who think it was better with Blackmore because they think Blackmore would be very consistent in his playing and all his solos would sound like they did in Made in Japan are very wrong. I have seen Rainbow 4 times, twice with Dio, and twice with JLT. Of those there was a 50 % hit rate, only 2 shows where good, the other 2 Ritchie was way off. And it was not Dio versus JLT since there was a bad show with each singer. I also saw the reformulated Mark II Deep Purple twice in Chicago, both times Blackmore was not playing well. The first time during the Perfect Strangers tour, Blackmore was way off and he knew it but the rest of the band covered for his playing. He even slapped himself on the backside to let us know that he knew he did not play well that day. The second time after the release of House of Blue Light, the whole band was dead, no passion in playing at all. I almost quit on the band after the release of Nobody’s Perfect (they did not play like they cared) and after the JLT release. I am glad that I did come back to band and have seen 7 of the Steve Morse era shows (at one of which Steve got married and once when he had a cast on). While no one is on every single moment of every day, all the shows that I have seen with Steve playing has been great. I just hope it will be so the next time.

  41. 41
    Daniel Montoya says:

    Hugitoviana : con el mayor de los respetos pienso q lo q decis como disculpa no corresponde en una banda super profesional con 40 años de trayectoria y mas llamandose Deep Purple.
    Si en una semana cubren 4 paises con diferentes temperaturas y cambios de horario y dan 20 shows …xq lo hacen ? xq se exponen a estas cosas ? no me parece q necesiten dinero….
    Yo no pretendo a un Purple con la explosion de 1972 , yo tambien hoy tengo 53 años y me duele todo ….pero por lo menos el espiritu debe estar intacto , no puedo esperar el solo de The Mule de 15′ …pero aún pretendo q la banda entretenga al maximo nivel posible. Y eso es lo q me alarmó , la banda solo estuvo ahi para cumplir…
    Por ultimo , me dolio q digas q no soy un verdadero fan …como te dije tengo 53 , los escucho desde los 16….conozco cada detalle de la historia de la banda .
    El q dice que todo esta bien solo x verlos arriba de un escenario es un necio y un ignorante…si amamos a Purple es x su musica y x su arte…y eso esta empezando a faltar ultimamente .

    Un abrazo.

  42. 42
    mindcrime says:

    Ok! Some of you are right, Steve is not Blackmore…THANKS GOD!!! Blackmore has always been my guitar hero, but for heaven’s sake did any of you remember what where the shows with Blackie like? Don’t tell me you didn’t know the setlist before the concert! You could exactly tell what they were going to play…the only thing, there was no internet, so it was harder to compare one show with another.
    As always happens in one’s life, years passing by create fantastic memories of greatness, better things, happier feelings…”ah, ten years ago…that WAS deep purple” “oh, no, buddy, twenty years ago, they were awesome!!!” “hei guys, you’re both wrong, you should have been with me in london in 1969, jesus!!!! Wring that neck and mandrake root and speed king…those were the days!!!” Got that?
    None of us is slightly the same as ten years ago, not even 5 years ago, even most of our body cells have been replaced, how the hell can we expect Deep Purple are the same, day after day?
    A few gigs gone wrong? Perfectly normal. Try and do it yourself, 150, 200 gigs every year, you’ll understand.
    By the way, Zero the Hero is right about B.Jobs & Purple concerts…the worst one I ever had, was great!

  43. 43
    dave smith says:

    Yes, Gillan was poor on the S.American run-HE WAS ILL!!! Its been well documented. It happens to everyone from time to time. He is now fine. There were no problems on the Japan tour, or the Moscow shows. Give him a bit of slack! At least he worked through it and didnt resort to tapes to help him out, like a lot of vocalists…..

  44. 44
    George says:

    When EVEN the diehard fans say that the band should disband… probably the band should disband… 🙁

  45. 45
    George says:

    btw, I’m going to my first Purple show this summer. If Purple will give us the same quality show as on Cosquin Rock, then I’d better NOT to go there.
    Though I saw some videos after South American tour, and they got better. in Moscow Gillan was in quite good shape…

    and yeah, dear administration: please, don’t post negative reviews of Purple shows right day-before the new leg of the tour. new tour begins tomorrow…

  46. 46
    George says:

    such reviews (though I think the reviewer is right) decrease fans’ enthusiasm toward the tour…

  47. 47
    martín correa says:

    this is hilarious: fans wanting their band to disband!.seriously guys, we are mature people let’s say.Deep purple is the greatest band in the world, and you feel them as boring or less inspired.I’m such a great fan that i accompany them even in their bad moments.yes,i attended to the buenos aires shows: gillan was ill, and the rest of the band felt that problem (you could see sadness in glover’s face),but hey, we must admire they talent and profesionalism.They are BIG HEROES,and will always be,so,stop being hipocrite

  48. 48
    jaro says:

    Marcinn W ?

    Deep Purple MK8 and Over the Rainbow both are tibute bands to me.
    In both bands play or sing members of classic line-ups.
    You should know words song “Invincible” by Perfect.True words…
    I don’t go to Wroclaw ,maybe to Ostrava.But I hesitate.
    Queen & Paul Rodgers.
    Deep Purple & Steve Morse & Don Airey.It would be honest.
    Money,Money .Bruce Pain lose with Ritchie in court.

  49. 49
    MoreBlack says:

    If you went to a number of Rainbow shows and enjoy 50% of then cause Ritchie WAS THERE well…then you’re a luck guy.The medium used to be less than 50%.It’s hard cause Blackers wasn’t there so wasn’t Jon Ian Roger and Ian.
    Deep Purple is evolving backwards if not tecnically at least musically.
    None of us hate DP cause theyr are still the best band in the world.
    We just think they are very super exposed and this super exposition cause problems such frequent bad gigs.
    Let’s do what Glenn Hughes said”let’s keep the legacy live” what doesn’t mean they have to retire.Let’s respect the Purple past.They have the right to be ill,but gigs were bad not just because of health problems.They are tired.It’s clear.
    I’m sure if Ritchie was in the band the things would be a bit different.I mean they will not work so hard as they’re doing right now.

  50. 50
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:


    You are correct. If Ritchie was in the band they would not work so hard. But what they do is what they wish to do. With Ritchie the Battle would resume do to him not wanting to tour so much, and then all would go to hell again. Plus, things would go back to when they toured less, but played the same set lists.

    Sorry, I’ll stick with MK8 through thick or thin and listen to the Old stuff on my 8-Track player….

    Purple are a present Working band. They don’t need the toxic vibes he brings to the table. Those whom are craving for Ritchie burn the Lute and return as their Guitar Hero should wish him the reform Rainbow. That’s His Band and he can be ‘Large and in Charge’ unlike the present ‘Pointy hat and green tights’ band he is just the flunky in.

    You need him, Purple doesn’t.


  51. 51
    Thodoris says:

    Sorry Daniel but if you ‘re saying that, then I have to agree with the others funs that you are not a die hard fun! I’m from Athens-Greece and I’m a die hard fun since I remember myself.
    Saying these words for the band and especially for Steve and Don I can imagine that you must be the kind of “fun” that he has never take a good listen of the albums that they made and wrote all together (Bananas, Rapture of the Deep – especially BANANAS!) If
    you din’t like the way they sounded with Don and Steve live on stage,then I don’t believe that you’re hearing these two albums. This is the way they sound since 2001 and this is the sound that all of the trully fans love and like on DEEP PURPLE all these years!
    I have seen PURPLE 9 times – 6 times in my town, 1 time in other town of Greece,Thessaloniki, and 2 times in other country Sweden and Germany.
    All the gigs was fantastic except the one in Germany!
    In Germany the show seemed to me a litte bit boring and “empty” but there were many reasons for that and I think the main reason was the support concert of Alice Cooper…Too many things and effects on the stage by Alice and his team and when PURPLE came out… IT DIDN’T FIT AT ALL!!!
    Things like that -and many others- happens all the time!
    So, in this occasion in wich I travelled so many hours just to see these guys, you are telling me that I should not seen them again?!
    I don’t think so!
    All I know is that I have seen 8 other brilliant PURPLE shows and I’m going to see them again on July in my country again and I believe that this is the true meaning of being a “die hard fun”.


  52. 52
    Crimson Ghost says:


    You’re completely lost!

    Bruce didn’t get sued for any amount of money for one thing.
    It doesn’t even begin to work that way.
    He sued THEMES for access to his royalty share documents, likely so he could have control of his every dime coming from them, rather than sit back and possibly lose money he can use. It took him a long time to be awarded book access, so it might go far in getting whats his in the long run. A very responsible move in an industry that will keep you down if you don’t stand up for what is yours, Ritchie just excercised his rights like any artist should, and Bruce and THEMES kept him at bay for the duration of the law because they found it petty, thats all. Too bad they did that, he has rights. He also sued them before that and was awarded damages for them releasing unauthorised recordings with him on them. But I’m positive you’re talking about the more recent suit, I’ll bet my last coin on that obviousness.

    But that doesn’t have anything to do with your sadly defined tribute band factor… OTR and DP are what they are, one is a damn good tribute idea, the other just a band that has changed but not to your liking. You define things to fit your opinion, and thats just poor. Perhaps you should follow the excitement much closer, I know I get a kick back and a completely different opinion from doing so.

    Time to follow someone else, it sounds like you have way too much catching up to do in Purple’s case.

    Good luck with that!

  53. 53
    martin from buenos aires says:

    i have seen deep purple since 24 march 2006 and I have to say that nowdays, gillan is different. but that’s the evolution! he has 63 years old for god sake! but the band really rocks, they are awesome! if u said that is boring, well.. may be you have to experiment another kind of music.
    On 3 dicember 2006, i have seen the best show of my live. in club ciudad de buenos aires deep purple gave an amazing show and gillan sing better than i have ever hear him. last time he was sick, I think.

    long live deep purple, greatest band in history.

  54. 54
    Gerrit says:

    Dear Daniel,

    can I tell you something? I’d seen something like 20 Deep-Purple-Concerts in my live. The worst two: The concert in France during the reunion tour 1985 (Gillan had a cold), the second one with Joe Lynn Turner (Turner was an obvious idiot, and I didn’t recognized that the opener was “Burn” for at least two minutes, because the song was performed so bad). These were the only times I was really disappointed with Deep Purple.
    But even then I still enjoyed it! And both concerts have been a long time ago. Yes, the “Rapture of the deep”-Concert in Munich was a very good concert. And no, the “Bananas”-Concert in Munich wasn’t. Yes, the last concert in Munich wasn’t outstanding. But the concert in Benediktbeuern was.
    The point is: Every concert is different. If you go to the concert with the aim of having a good time, it helps a lot. If you’re going there with the attitude “in former times everything was better”, it doesn’t help at all. And, anyway: What do you expect? 13 years passed since the first DP concerts with Steve. They are no longer the heroes of your youth anymore. They are damned old! And a singer suffers the most getting older. Would you judge, let’s say, The Stones or The Dubliners with the same norms?

    Yes, I am also disappointed that Jon left. I never missed Ritchie for a second. I still remember the first time I saw them with Morse – and the guitar solos sent shivers down my spine. The still do. And Deep Purple is still the best live-band on earth. One of the greatest wonders of the earth is that they are still touring – after all these years, after all these battles.

    And boring? BORING? Not a second. Try a third concert, a fourth. And then we’ll talk seriously.

  55. 55
    Fabiohammond says:

    I’m Fabio again.
    Well, the last time I saw Deep Purple in 2006 in Italy, they made 90% of the trakcs from the ’70 era, Steve Morse and Don Airey completely out of feeling with that songs, Ian Gillan without his famous voice, Ian Paice without drum solo(I don’t know why)!!! The only Purple member that played like he can was Roger Glover.

    Hey guys!!! Deep Purple in the seventies had 10 times the energy that have now, everyone can feel it!!!
    Where are the epic guitar and organ solos that made the story of rock?
    Where is the improvisation on the stage?
    Where are the beautiful songs that make the story? (Sometimes I feel like screaming maybe is the only one) there isn’t new beautiful songs, so they have to play the old tracks live.
    Where is the creativity?

    For me this is a Deep Purple tribute band.


  56. 56
    Hugitoviana says:

    Lo hacen por el placer intacto de tocar musica por diversion y mas que nada porque es lo que mas les gusta. Con todos los inconvenientes tenidos que Gillan salga a cantar con bronquitis y con temperatura de mas de 38º es de unos huevos y una garra impresionantes que muestran que el tipo no se mueve por la guita (aunque creeme que te digo que sobrar no le sobra, hizo malos negocios en los 80′) y pone una garra increible. No te puedo negar ni quiero que el show que dieron el 22 de Febrero a nivel musical no fue nada bueno (para ser Purple) y la gente se noto que pensaba lo mismo ya que nadie se movia tal como relataste (detalladamente) pero aun asi casi se me caian las lagrimas al verlo a Gillan con lo hecho pelota que estaba batallando para seguir cantando sin importar su estado de salud.
    Ya que sos fan hace tantos años (bastantes mas que los mios) tendrias que saber que la voz de Ian sigue en buen estado (busca en Youtube el live at the nec 2002) o el dvd de Montreux y date cuenta.
    Aun asi la musica en este sentido sigue siendo puramente subjetiva, no voy a pretender yo que Gillan cante como en el Made In Japan y tampoco que Purple suene como en los 80’s pero es lo que hay y me parece muy bueno y mas con el sonido que le agrego Morse

  57. 57
    Menotti says:

    As a long time Purple fan, I have to say that it’s dubious to believe that the present incarnation of Deep Purple is (still) the greatest rock band in the world. Also, above all Deep Purple must respect their fans and career – simply ‘having fun’ is not part of a professional job.

    Obviously there’s ups and downs in everyone’s life, but even the powerful Mark II (and III, IV) decided to quit one day – no heroism necessary. Without hypocrisy, watching The Stones playing live for more than a million people in Rio de Janeiro in 2007 one can understand when it is time to stop or not…

  58. 58
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Ok, friends, this is going nowhere. We know some people like the current version of Deep Purple, some don’t. As with all things in life, really. Time to move on to other subjects. Comments closed.

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