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Better with age – Amsterdam

Like wine – the older they get, the better they are!

It was a sold out concert in Amsterdam and it was a long time a go that Purple was here, according to Ian Gillan.

The set list was almost similar to Brussels. Compare with that list, they added the songs Mary Long and Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (the song with a Bo Diddley rhythm as Ian said). Ian had still some problems to remember some words of the new songs. But that didn’t bother me, I was happy that they play a lot of the new stuff. And they play the new songs very well, heavier then on the album.

Some old songs had a new approach, so they sounded little different as we know it from previous tours. The instrumental break in Mary Long, I never hear it this way before, Highway Star had a different intro, the tempo from Space Truckin’ was slower then normal, so it comes closer to the original album tempo.

The encore was also a little different from Brussels, in Amsterdam they played Hush with a solo spot for Ian Paice, Yesssss!!! and closed it with Black Night.

It seems that the guys have a lot of joy on stage, a lot of smiling. So when the band is having fun on stage, then normally the audience is also having fun. I can only speak for myself, I had a fantastic evening with great music that was played with a fantastic spirit from Ian G., Roger, Ian P., Steve and Don.

Thank You!

Bennie Helmes

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