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So much fun doing this band

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Louder Sound has a new feature on Turning to Crime, and it starts without mincing the words too much:

People often think a covers album is a sign of having run out of ideas, having a contract to fulfil, or maybe both. Deep Purple’s new covers album Turning To Crime is neither

The article is well written and with plenty of quotes from all five gentlemen. Those who followed our extensive coverage of the release probably wont’ learn much new from it, still it is a welcome distraction on these long winter nights.

If the prospect of a new Purple album emerging just 15 months on from the August 2020 release of their rather excellent Whoosh! was a welcome surprise for fans, the notion of the legendary English group – rightly acclaimed as one of the most influential, and boldest, architects of the hard rock genre – returning as a covers act in the twilight of their distinguished career sat uneasily with many – not least, as it transpires, with certain members of the band.

“Oh, I was totally against it to start with,” Ian Gillan admits breezily, phoning from his property in Portugal. “I thought that Purple purists, myself among them, would see something like this as criminal, metaphorically speaking, so initially I didn’t like the idea at all. And then I started tapping my fingers on the desk at home, and thinking: ‘Hmmm, well, what are we going to do for the next year if nothing is happening?’”

Read more in Louder Sound.

10 Comments to “So much fun doing this band”:

  1. 1
    DeeperPurps says:

    Just finished reading it – a well done article. Some well-deserved attention for Deep Purple.

  2. 2
    Micke says:

    @1 Agree, a good explanation why the band decided to make a covers album. Why not..? And a very good covers album it is!

  3. 3
    mike whiteley says:

    I got TTC for Christmas and have given it 1 full listen thru proper speakers.
    Is it well produced & performed ?? Yes.
    Is it likely to get a lot repeat listenings ?? No.
    The good songs are strong; the weak ones, quite lacklustre.
    Just my opinion.
    (No expertise implied or intended.)

  4. 4
    Tony Lind says:

    And I still want to know why we cannot yet buy this album in Australia ??? Are we not as important down here as people from other parts of the world ???

  5. 5
    James O'Brien says:

    Happy New Year. Hopefully I will be able to see you again (last time was right before I moved to Ireland in 2017). With a year full of health problems and other problems (lost below my right knee), the Turning to Crime CD was one of the few highlights for me. Never go wrong with Purple to lift ones spirits.

  6. 6
    Dr. Bob says:

    Speaking of covers of a sort. I really hope that And the Address is placed between Caught in the Act & Hush on the set list.

  7. 7
    MacGregor says:

    @ 4- that does not surprise me being an Australian citizen also. However as I now reside in Van Diemen’s Land, I don’t get out to record stores as much as I used to living on the mainland. The local JB HI FI store or the record shop in town would be the only suppliers, if they can get it or could be bothered that is. Otherwise it is online as I found out over the last 2 decades, especially with purchasing imported music. I do prefer to support local businesses if I can though. Good luck in finding it. Cheers.

  8. 8
    Aireight says:

    Well, it sure is getting repeated listenings from me. It’s fun to know Caught in the Act is coming at the end.

  9. 9
    Tommy H. says:

    I regard TTC a nice life sign from the lads and, considering our current situation, a great idea. Writing new songs without being able to travel and join each other in the same room is hardly possible for them. Like many fans, I wasn’t hooked from the start but in the meantime I think it’s quite fun to listen to (with one exception though which is Green Onions; it’s miles away from this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVAFjvRBswY).

  10. 10
    Buttockss says:

    Elok Hsu, reviews Deep Purple on you tube. So cute!

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