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F**k everything and run

Another Glenn Hughes’ interview from the Stonedeaf festival, this time with TotalRock Radio.

Amongst other things, he finally put to rest any Mk3 reunion aspirations he may or may not have had by stating that he will never work with Blackmore again.

Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

20 Comments to “F**k everything and run”:

  1. 1
    Sergio Chiorino says:

    HE will never work with Blackmore. HE! What about Ritchie? He probably doesn’t give a damn about Glenn. Not only Mr. Hughes oversings, he talks too much too…. And always about the same things.

  2. 2
    Conrad Steeves says:

    Blackmore gave a damn about Hughes as he was asked to play bass and provide background vocals for the 2016 Rainbow lineup.

  3. 3
    Nunya says:

    What does Glenn Hughes have to do with anything?

  4. 4
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    What a beautiful man. Glenn is a really decent fellow. Peace & love!.

  5. 5
    Mark Guscin says:

    I would say rather that Blackmore would never work with Glenn, the order is important as it denotes WHO decides.

  6. 6
    stoffer says:

    @3 exactly!!

  7. 7

    Have any of you seen Rainbow lately and it’s not good. Blackmore could certainly do with a musician and voice like Hughes. After seeing Rainbow and BCC I can tell you who needs who.

  8. 8
    Deep Purple Fan says:

    I saw Glenn in Maryland, USA twice , 2018 & 2019, doing his Purple show. Fantastic. Nice guy. Great performance both times. He remains a massive talent.

  9. 9
    J Self says:

    Why does Glenn consider himself as an important part of Deep Purple? Or rather: why is he given so much space talking about DP?

  10. 10
    DP Fan says:

    It’s ironic that he says he “does not want to walk in those waters again,” while plugging a classic Deep Purple show…

  11. 11
    Conrad says:

    Oh Selfish one – that’s a bit unfair. Not everyone is stuck at the lake geneva shoreline, some of us sailed on like dp themselves did, save for some annoying whooping I think Glenn is a f**king champion bloke!

  12. 12
    Matteo Filippini says:

    Typical Glenn EGO Hughes.
    Personally I don’t think Blackmore cares one minute about him.
    I toured with GH and I shared lot of stories about his behavior in my Second Hand Rockstar autobiographical book.

  13. 13
    M Fevre says:

    You say that, Matteo, but then elsewhere you’ve also written this.

    “I’m back home after two weeks spent together with GLENN HUGHES (ex-DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH), playing around Italy. What can I say? It has been my strongest musical experience. Glenn is a real brother to me, I love him and during these days he gave me lotsa things…love, suggestions, tips, laugh, jokes, music. It’s an unbelievable guy. We played some different venues: from a 10,000 people festival to a 200 people small club and everytime, when on stage, he is just 100%. Never felt so comfortable on stage before. Thank you Glenn, I love you.”

    You can’t have it both ways…

  14. 14
    mike whiteley says:

    #12.Matteo. Is there an English edition of your book ?

  15. 15
    Cool Hat says:

    Most people don’t want to work with colleagues again from way back, musicians just seem to feel the need to cover the point to avoid reunion rumours.

    Anyone who thinks that Hughes wasn’t/isn’t Purple had better remove Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band from their playlist!

  16. 16
    Yvonne says:

    @ 13 M. Fevre – Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Who is Matteo Filippini anyway?

  17. 17
    Markus says:

    Everybody from Mark 2 and Mark 3 is nearly 80 years old now, does anybody want to any of them work with any of them anymore? Let them play out their last years in their own comfort zones

  18. 18
    Mick says:

    Ritchie who? Glenns ego?
    He’s a brilliant singer. I don’t know him personally, but I do respect his way out of drug abuse and back into music business very much. Not every reunion in music business was successful and most 70s or even 80s rock bands had their try on it. In my opinion, the time of “big reunions” is over.
    There’s no more future for MARK 2 or MARK 3. Stay with their records. That’s all.

  19. 19
    Brian says:

    But isn’t it funny that vocalist after vocalist say they will not work with Blackmore. Gillan, Dio (stated before his death), probably Bonnet, and now Hughes. Blackmore was amazing for a short period of time but over the long run the vocalists have done may after their careers while Blackmore has been home learning to weave or what not.

  20. 20
    Theo says:

    #19 you’re wrong
    Bonnet stated that if Blackmore would ask him, he would gladly accept the offer.

    I don’t what this says about Blackmore or Bonnet.

    All these singers profited a lot from their collaborations with Blackmore. Blackmore at one point had it with the whole business machine and decided that he wanted to do what he wanted to do and not what was expected.

    I’m not a fan of BN but still think that he is the guitarist that made the biggest impression on me and for a lot of others

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