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This is inFinite

Record company has posted couple of more promo videos with tidbits from the EPK, documentary, and behind-the-schenes footage.

6 Comments to “This is inFinite”:

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    Xavier Gomez says:

    Infinite is laid back, and has its,moments. Birds of Prey stands out as a definitive in what I feel resonates the band’s evolution with Steve Morse and Don Airey.

    Although Steve has not taken a role as a driving force of this phase, he his subtle influence blends the brew with high mountain herb.

    I would have hoped that they had conceived the whole album around the distinctives of this track and its momentum. As in fireball it carries a inherent progression and sojourn.

    Having said this, the only other track that breathes purple is ‘The Suprising.’ It openswith promise and paragon and yet fails to recover after Don’s brilliant keyboard fireworks. Steve’s guitar chord progression changes channels and appears to have an unatural disconnect to what could have been a melodic cresendo to what originated at the start of the track.

    Although Paicey and others in the band thought that ‘Roadhouse Blues’ was a great impromtu jam, it was one of the worse renditions ever done. Gillian sounds drunk and slurry while the rest of the band chugs on as if they are in a cheap soho pub.

    All in all there does not seem to be a in your face purple driveness in this finite work compared to what inspired Purpendicular or Now What. Making statements that “we don’t plan anything, but just jam and pick the best ideas” may not be the best option when half the band is over 60.

    Time of Bedlam is a lot of noise without coherence, the band may have given their best, the Bird has flown, and the Battle Rages on.

  2. 2
    pazzone says:

    Take your pills regularly as prescribed, Gomes!
    If Time for Bedlam is a lot of noise I’am a violinist in the Royal Philharmonic.

  3. 3
    max says:

    @ Xavier: I disagree on Roadhouse Blues. It is a nice ending to the selection of songs here and could be a blueprint for something they could do in the future … let’s face it: Songs like Highway Star have lost a bit of the power they used to have these days on stage …naturally …why not stick to a more blues/jam/groove-style like in Roadhouse Blues. It is brillant! I for one wish they would do an album with stuff like that.

  4. 4
    gustavo says:

    if Roadhouse blues is brilliant or not that´s not the problem. There´s a pair of songs that finishes as “we have to go dinner” and finish them here. It´s a good job. They´re great but old musicians doing their best. Yes, the best song is Surprising…..emotional..THANK YOU DEEP PURPLE…my 55 years old are full of your music!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Xavier Gomez says:

    There is clearly a lack of dept, imagination or purpose in InFinite. as a fan who what they still had in Purpendicular, this effort leaves a bad attitude in what could have come forth.

    For many of us who grew up with the different phases of the band, we wanted it to go out with something memorable. I am not barking for a nostaligic shade here, yet after ‘Now What’ this is lazy and amateurish.

    Having the customary riffs for sake of having it is like putting make-up on a corpse. other than ‘Birds of Prey’ there is hardly any composition that testifies of well conceived compositions.

    No fan expects another ‘Machine Head’ and at the same time none expected thirteen year old masturbating kiddie lyrics like… “I don’t give a fucking damn either…’

    What happened to the purple melting pot of songs that had its fingerprints, songs like ‘Sometimes I feel like Screaming, Aviator, 69, or Sun Goes Down? These were in no way clone songs from the band’s earlier phase, yet it was inherently purple in nature.

    Age is not an excuse for going through the motions. to claim that all that matters is for the band to “feel good” is misplaced. in spite of the skill of each member, this lack coherence, direction or creativity. at best it is an excuse to throw in cliched solos in a doggy patchwork manner.

    in my view, the band owes fans a better finale. we do not need Ritchie or Jon to say a word about this last effort, but as founders of the band, i would imagine this is far worse than they would have imagined.

    Don’t get me wrong, i have always believed in the band, even after Jon’s passing. and i do not think that doing horrendous covers with songs like “Roadhouse Blues” and shitty crap like Hip Boots would have allowed.

    All the overblown hype may float this album on the german charts, and that is no consolation for what entails a deep purple consolidation. https://www.theyoungfolks.com/music/music-reviews/101494/album-review-deep-purple-infinite/#comments

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    Maybe I'm A Leo says:

    I agree 100% with Xavier Gomez. This is absolutely the worst Deep Purple album period. I’ve been buying the newest Deep Purple releases since Fireball and always treating it like a holiday. All the songs sound like B-sides and rejects from Now What!? We deserve a better last studio album than this!

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