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The Black Country Confusion

Black Country Communion in 2012; © Christie Goodwin, photo courtesy of Noble PR

Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited interviewed Glenn Hughes in an attempt to shed the light on comings and goings of the band known as BCC:

[…]Now you know why I became frustrated and went into this, “God damn it, I just wish we could take this on the road” rant. Jason, Derek and I really wanted to go all the way with this band.

As a recording band, we’ve done everything possible to build a foundation. With Afterglow, and the other albums, we’ve set the blueprint of what Black Country Communion is. The future is unknown.

I get excited by the music of this band and I want this band to do more. I can’t be in a band that only makes albums. I am 61; I’ve got to make records that I can promote live. This is not 1988. If we had made these albums in 1988 we would have sold ten million albums. The only way to move forward in 2012 is to play live.

Going back to Joe’s template, it has always been that way, but it has been unspoken as of late. You must understand that in the heat of the moment people can say things. It has been very obvious to people this band needs to play live and these questions become rather tedious. I have learned it is better to just punt or say nothing. Whatever I say to you, or what Joe said to you, people will be taking potshots at us.

Black Country Communion is one of the great loves of my life. I have been on the playing field with this band and I can walk off the playing field with this band knowing that it was something wonderful for me in my golden years. I’ve got gold and platinum albums all over my walls and I’ve gotten all of the accolades that I could ever want. I’ve got a nice comfortable lifestyle. The most important thing for me has been the great love of Black Country Communion. I want it to grow but it is not really in my hands.

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone here. You can hear in my voice how much I love this band. If you spoke to Jason or Derek then they feel the same way.

I won’t die for Black Country Communion. I won’t hang myself on the cross and die for this band, I won’t do it. Everybody has given their all here. I have put things on hold and I’ve lost income to do this thing because I really believe in this band, period. The fans, literally, thousands upon thousands, want to see this band live. I am not manning the controls of the good ship Black Country Communion, so I don’t know where we will go.

Jeb: Is Joe irreplaceable in Black Country Communion?

Glenn: I won’t go there. This band started with just me and Joe for six months. We would just get together and jam at each other’s houses and we didn’t even know we were going to be in a rock band. The idea of replacing one of the members does not appeal to me. The album has just come out and we are talking about replacing people. I won’t go there. I want Black Country to survive. I think if you asked any member of this band the same question they would say we are all joined at the hip.

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60 Comments to “The Black Country Confusion”:

  1. 1
    Deeperpurps says:


    I would say its time to find another guitarist. Forget Joe Bonamassa. Any good feeling there might have been in the band in earlier times is gone, the air is poisoned now and any attempt to return to a cohesive unit is over.

    Glenn is very diplomatic in this latest interview as he has been all along in all other interviews I have read over the past couple years on this particular topic (this issue of JB not wanting to commit full time to BCC and to tour in an earnest way with the band is not / is not new, it has only come to head since this past autumn).

    It is Joe who is choosing to be a stick in the mud in this and to find offence with what Glenn says. It is Joe who is choosing to see this as attempt to “bullly” him. Check the tone of all of Glenn’s interviews and of Joe’s interviews on all this and you will see that Joe is the one who is coming across as petulant, the one who is taking the personal shots at Glenn.

    Let Joe go on his own his quest to be the next “blues messiah”. Sure he is a good guitarist, but he will never be iconic in the way Hendrix, Clapton, Gallagher, et al were. It doesn’t matter how many special guest stars Joe inserts into the mix on his albums and tours, in the end all that is is just musical name-dropping, nothing more. On his own, he is just one more blues guitarist who will have appeal to only a certain market niche.

    The blues is very limiting, there is only so much you can do with it before it becomes rather repetetive (just ask Ritchie Blackmore what he thinks). With the hard rock format of BCC which incorporates so much more than just the blues (ie: elements of rock, soul, funk, jazz, metal, etc), Joe would be stretching much more as a musician and making much more interesting music than remaining in the blues idiom. But if the blues is his passion, his choice, just let him go. Hopefully though both he and Roy Weisman will go away gracefully from BCC with a little bit more class than what we have been hearing and seeing from them these past few months.

    As for BCC, its time to turn the page on Joe B. and to look for another singing guitarist who would be a better team player. How about John Sykes (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Thin Lizzy, ex-Blue Murder)?…..how about Don Felder (ex-Eagles)?

    Merry Christmas to all of you out there in Highway Star world! Peace!

  2. 2
    al says:

    It looks like Joe wants to continue with his solo career and BCC it was not something he wanted to do all the time.Glenn wants a band to our and do shows.It is not going to work unfortunately,Joe want to play his own music and be his own man

  3. 3
    Drdp says:

    Jason is able to tour his LZ Experience but Joe can’t do his stuff & BCC? I know Joe is gaining popularity each year here & in Europe. But BCC would do equally as well in the US & the UK but probably exponentially more in Europe/Russia/The Far East and So. America where Purple & Zeppelin are GODS.
    And if promoted properly Joe’s solo stuff might gain attention in the other areas as well. It makes no sense.

  4. 4
    al says:

    @1 well said man ! Hey guys you think Jimmy Page might be intrigued with the idea ? Or maybe too old to tour at 70 yo ? I’m just dreaming though ! But hey we the fans we are allowed to do it! lol

  5. 5
    Rick Freeman says:

    Jason was mentioned in a interview that JB should pick his ‘touring’ replacement if he can’t on out. I think this is perfect.

  6. 6
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Joe made it clear from the start that it was never his plan to see BCC more than just one of his projects.

    Maybe Glenn misguided himself by wishfully thinking he could lure Joe into HIS frame, waiting patiently to to let Joe come around.

    He is not the first one that was led by blind love, holding on to false dreams and in the end see it all falling down without a thing to behold on.

    If a love says NO you should realise it s not going to be a big chance that person will ever change his mind.
    And if that person does, it will always be living on borrowed time.

  7. 7
    Yvonne says:

    @ Deeperpurps – I agree to everything you said, especially about Joe B. and Roy Weisman.
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  8. 8
    Roberto says:

    @1 Don Felder? don’t know if he is the right person but he surely is a very good guitarist…I’m not that BBC huge fan, I like more other things by Glenn, anyway I could suggest Jimmy Page…they don’t need a cold just technic player…Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody? Uli Jhon Roth? M. Schanker? there are some great player from the old school still performing…

  9. 9
    Roberto says:

    @1 Don Felder? don’t know if he is the right person but he surely is a very good guitarist…I’m not that BBC huge fan, I like more other things by Glenn, anyway I could suggest Jimmy Page…they don’t need a cold just technic player…Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody? Uli Jhon Roth? M. Schanker? there are some great player from the old school still performing…

  10. 10
    JOEY says:

    Hey Glenn, call up David Coverdale and get Adrian Vandenberg”s phone number!!!!!!! He’d be a good fit for this blues rock band. Black Country Communion will live on!!!!!!

  11. 11
    Mark Z says:

    They need to schedule 2-3 months per year for BCC, the other 9 months they can do their solo stuff. The fans want to see BCC play live. Thats how a band evolves, playing live.

  12. 12
    Deeperpurps says:

    Ladies & Gents,

    Happy Boxing Day today! Thanks to all for your feedback to my post @ 1. Here are a few more thoughts re a “Don Felder version” of Black Country Communion……please hear me out on this, sure at first glance it may seem like an odd fit for BCC, but I think the possibilities are really intriguing:

    1) Don Felder is a spiritual guy like Glenn Hughes. I am not sure if they know each other or not but they both live in L.A. It would be interesting to see what would come out of a first meeting.

    2) Don Felder wrote the music to Hotel California which consistently ranks right up there with other all time classics such as Stairway to Heaven, etc in various lists in all sorts of music and guitar magazines, etc. Here he is performing both solo parts of it a couple of years ago…cut and paste this link into Youtube, watch and enjoy:


    3) Don Felder is the person who brought the rock edge to the Eagles. Before he joined they were simply a country rock band. In addition to the Hotel California clip, go to Youtube and listen to some of the other songs he wrote for the group….listen to the riffs he created and his guitar solos on: Too Many Hands, Victim of Love, Those Shoes……Tell me those aren’t rock songs!!

    4) He could go toe to toe in solos with another legendary rock guitarist in the Eagles, and in his won right – Joe Walsh….cut and paste this link into Youtube, watch and enjoy:


    5) As a solo artist he wrote a couple of great songs for the Heavy Metal soundtrack back in the early 80’s….in fact his song was the title track to that movie….here he is performing the song a couple of years ago…..cut and paste this link into Youtube, watch and enjoy:


    6) Listen to Don Felder’s new album he just put out called Road to Forever, sure there is a fair amount of mellow stuff on it but there is also some very good harder music on it (Wash Away, You Don’t Have Me, Money, etc) and some very good guitar work.

    7) The Eagles are the biggest group to ever come out of the States…..they have mass appeal to Americans because of their melding of blues, country, pop and rock…. Just imagine the possibilities of combining that with elements of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin….Now there would be a true supergroup!! BCC could become HUGE in such a configuration, including in the elusive USA market.

    Maybe this is all just weird dreaming, but it would surely be interesting to see if such an idea could fly for BCC. Think outside of the box!!

    All the best!

  13. 13
    TomFox says:

    Pagey-theres a thought !!He seems frustrated at not playing live more -give him a call Glenn!

  14. 14
    JohninNJ4you says:

    I agree with Deeperpurps. If Joe is unable or unwilling to continue with BCC due to his solo work, let him go. There are other guitarists out there. I think Ritchie Kotzen would be a good fit for BCC. Not only that, BCC has established itself as a band. I’m betting it would do well with or without Bonamassa at this point.

  15. 15
    JohninNJ4you says:

    And Joey, Adrian Vandenberg is an interesting choice also …

  16. 16
    ralle says:

    That’s exactly what i wanted to recommend to Glenn.
    Jimmy can do some background vocals as well.
    And he’s one of Joe’s heroes. Joe wouldn’t mind.
    And Bernie Marsden’s also great !

    I love Joe !! And would recommend him: Dear Joe, you’re still young.
    Relax, before you burn out. Go for a couple of years with BCC for 3 months or whatever per year on tour.
    For the rest of the time do whatever you would like to, You’re solo-success since the start of BCC has
    quite a lot to do with the fact the Zep-fans as well as Purple fans like you now as well …
    All the best for BCC !

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 12

    Another American country fiddler, that ‘s what we re all waiting for.

  18. 18
    evillouie says:

    There’s no way he’d ever do it, but Robin Trower would be my pick as replacement!

  19. 19
    al says:

    call Ritchie Blackmore ! hahahah yeah right !

  20. 20
    purple ron says:

    My choice would be PHILIP SAYCE. He’s without doubt one of the great ‘new’ guitar players who has no big established name yet but would surely do justice to fit in the role of guitar player as well as singer in the band BCC. I saw him performing live and he’s just awesome.
    About a year ago he toured as support for a certain band called Deep Purple in France and on occasion he’s shared the stage with that band…
    Please all those concerned in BCC, give that guy the call.

  21. 21
    Deeperpurps says:


    Think outside the box!

    And he’s rock, not country.

  22. 22
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Jimmy Page just performed on the Jools Holand show…..

  23. 23
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Ahhh here we go again with PP putting his nose up at American players. Funny thing about that, as with most countries around the world, an American will more than likely save the day as was done with Purple. Yep, looks like another American bail out.

    God Bless America!!!!


  24. 24
    Darryl says:

    The thought of Don Felder makes me want to vomit.

  25. 25
    stoffer says:

    @17 SORRY….they are all spoken for, you see its hard to find someone that shows up for work and is not always quitting or walking out…..ha ha

  26. 26
    Carlos says:

    Hey Glenn, the man in black is available, just waiting your phone call.

  27. 27
    al says:

    @26 no he ain’t lol Glenn tried to put together MK3 with DC and Jon Lord,before he died and Ritchie was not available!

  28. 28
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Ritchie???? He isn’t a hired gun. He’s an owned gun. Presently owned by Candice Night. She wears the pants. Even if TMIB were to shed his tights and pull on some trousers, he wouldn’t join BCC unless he was the known boss and the band carried his name, hence ‘Blackmore’s Rainbow’, ‘Blackmore’s Night’. Maybe if the name was changed to ‘Blackmore’s Country Communion’?????

    I actually do liken the ‘Robin Trower’ idea. His last few ‘Blues’ albums have been awesome. Felder? I could see it. Joe Walsh would be better and bigger. He is getting back in the game with a new album. Might be the right time. Personally my Uncle Ted would be the most attractive regarding publicity and style. That would make for quite the animated stage to say the least…


  29. 29
    Hard Rock Pete says:

    Where I come from the acronym BCC stands for Brisbane City Council, and like the other BCC not much gets done there either.!!

  30. 30
    Deeperpurps says:

    @24…..take a Gravol!!

    Keep an open mind……he is a lot more rock than Joe B.

  31. 31
    al says:

    @30 no Joe Felder screw that !

  32. 32
    MatsB says:

    @17: How wonderful, that you always have someone to pick on… Otherwise the frustration would have to come from a source inside yourself, god forbid:-)
    Steve Morse played a brilliant gig in Munich a month ago, a great rock gitarrist. You also like to blame Ian Gillan for the band not playing enough Morse-era songs. I believe the band has a delicate balance act to manage there. At the Munich gig, probably only the first two rows recognized a track like “The battle rages on”…. Personally I’d like more from that stuff as well, especially from Purpendicular, but I can see the band’s predicament.

    @25 I guess Steve Morse would gain some acceptance if he stopped being a person the rest of the band can work with, maybe also spiced up the behavior (the missing u is a tribute to mr Morse;-) with a more appropriate attire:-)
    I Apologize for that last comment, I do not want to ridicule mr Blackmore himself, I admire his playing and songwriting as well, I just could not restrain myself while disturbing the priest;-)

  33. 33
    stoffer says:

    @32 MatsB……………….well said ; )… Tracy I think Ted or Joe would be great but prob not gonna happen…ya think??…how about Michael Schenker for a few dates

  34. 34
    Deeperpurps says:

    At this point I think we can safely discount any idea of Joe Bonamassa and Ritchie Blackmore. Jimmy Page might bring star cachet to BCC but his playing now is not what it was back in the 70’s. Other names mentioned in this stream: Philip Sayce, Robin Trower, Bernie Mardsen are all good suggestions, whereas my idea of Don Felder has attracted reaction ranging from lukewarm to visceral.

    In the absence of any prospect of BCC touring live until they find a decent guitarist, I say any idea is a good idea. So how about this one: Bernie Torme (ex-Gillan), he can really rip it up. Thoughts anyone?

  35. 35
    Man of Kent says:

    Rather than ask who Glenn would want as a replacement for JB, isn’t it more relevant to ask who would want to play with Glenn? That list may not be as long as some of you might think. Cheers.

  36. 36
    purplepriest1965 says:


    I dont feel disturbed at all, my friend.

    Spit it out man.

    Cheers, Mark

  37. 37
    al says:

    Yah sure Eagles are rock band,a cheesy one !

  38. 38
    MacGregor says:

    Regarding the ‘thoughts’ of other guitarists joining BCC, that will never happen with Page, Trower or Felder. The songs are not melodic enough, or decent enough for those superb players to be involved in! Those 3 players only work with other quality songwriters in great bands!
    Glenn ‘me, myself & i’ Hughes comments fantasizing about selling millions of albums back in the 80’s, were hilarious indeed! Also the ‘Gold & Platinum albums all over his walls’ comment! We wonder which artists he was involved with, that enabled him to obtain these Gold & Platinum albums! Comical! Insecure or what!
    Deeperpurps @ 12 –
    Glenn Hughes spiritual? Please, if the way he carries on is spiritual, God help us!
    Don Felder co-wrote the music for the song Hotel Calfornia. I like Felder as a guitarist & I am still appalled at the treatment he received from those ‘2’ other Eagles, resulting in Felder’s sacking from the group years ago!
    Joe Walsh is the musician who rocked up the Eagles when he joined them in 1976 or thereabouts. Walsh is a very good musician & he is a wonderful songwriter & guitarist! I have his solo & James Gang material, great stuff!
    Tracy @ 23 – Another American bail out?????? God Bless America???????America saves the day?????? Really???? Not!!!!!!!!
    Praise the Lord & pass the ammo, I’m all shook up!
    Hard Rock Pete @ 29 – Very funny, I am also well aware in these neck of the woods, of the woeful BCC, Brisbane City Council, excellent comment!
    Happy New Year!

  39. 39
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I thought producing 3 studio- and 1 live album/dvd in a short while is very active/productive.

    Ofcourse you can dislike them, for whatever reason that is. I get the feeling Glenn does not stand a chance whatever he does with a lot of people.

    It is very black & white.
    The man must havge done sometthing good.

    And why could he not have eraned gold discs and all that with the Deep Purple material?
    Maybe even so with Phenomena and Face The Truth?

    Does somebody know salesfigures on his solo material?

    I HATE him going over the top when it comes to screaming as well.
    And he is a bit too overzealous when expressing his elfconfidence sometimes.

    But hey……

    He is human and he DID make an awful lot of great music!!!

  40. 40
    al says:

    @38 When was the last time that Page did something new besides re-re-remastering Led Zeppelin discography ? BCC will go away and Hughes will resume his solo career.

  41. 41
    LRT says:


    I have learned since 1993 to let people live here, and it’s still hard with a certain “one or maybe two” to not go to such lengths to try and enlighten. Especially when most of them do not subscribe to democratioc conversation concerning their opinions. And, to even bring an Eagle onto this forum is rather redundant, so I would expect even less reasoning there. My only thing to ask about this insipid article, although Jeb is a colleague of mine and I consider him a friend, is who is Joe to think that Glenn doesn’t have a solo career to look after as well, which started when, around the time the boy was born or something… having said that, I obviously agree that Joe and his ‘limiting blues’ agenda can go if you ask me. I’m sorry to anyone of his fans here, but this guy has infiltrated Purple, Zep, and who knows what other icionis rock institutions, likely because they’re rooted in the blues. And it has done fans of these institutuions nothing if you ask me. However, even though I reckon with his talent, he is no better than Steve Morse at leaving his what do not fit hard rock parameters out of them. With Joe for me, it’s no different the whiners here who carry on about Morse being sountern, or jazz fusion in a hard rock band. I just think Steve is a million times more talented than Joe, so he’s bound to get away with more at that. Joe, to me, plays the same song every time, just like those who say Steve plays the same solo every time. But I’d rather hear the sae solo than the same vocals doing this. It’s not Joe’s guitar playing that turns me off necessarily, it’s his singing, I think it’s repetitively bland as if he’s singing John Henry in every song. @28, lol Tracy, funny!

  42. 42
    LRT says:

    I’m typo deficient today, sorry.

  43. 43
    Deeperpurps says:

    MacGregor @38….I agree that Joe Walsh is an excellent guitarist too and between he and Don Felder, they considerably beefed up the Eagle’s music, moving it away from country and taking it to rockier territory. Unfortunately Walsh is still a member of the Eagles and the group is still active, so chances of getting him to join BCC would be quite remote I think.

    As far as other guitarists go, hey guys, here’s one that will generate some opinions; good, bad and ugly, but certainly not indifferent:………how about SLASH?!?

  44. 44
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Trying to understand a certain reasoning again.
    Sometimes it’s rocksolid, in many other cases it is uhhhhhhhhhhh……..

    ” I have learned since 1993 to let people live here, ”

    Mark : God has entered thye building once again?

    ” Especially when most of them do not subscribe to democratioc conversation concerning their opinions.”

    Mark : What’s that supposed to mean? That you are ok when you dont ” whine”,gag bullshit and then shut up?

    ” I just think Steve is a million times more talented than Joe,”

    Mark :


    Deep Purple

    From which is clear that the man’s main input IS playing that same solo over and over again(Which is an insult to me and many connaisseurs but appearantly the majority does not give a fuck).

    On top of that being a workhorse and he goes along with what Gillan & co ask from him as long as they keep him on the payroll.

    What other person with PRIDE puts up with the fact that all his work is ignored all the time on stage?!

    Regarding his other output :
    Is he really that productive in quality and quantity terms?

    ” Joe, to me, plays the same song every time,…….

    I’d rather hear the same solo than the same vocals doing this.”

    Mark : Two wrongs never make a right.

    I agree that Joe ‘s singing is the way you describe.

    I m afraid that Glenn’s attitude towards Bonamassa is of a an almost begging kind which I find both understandable and shameful.

    Come on Glenn!!!
    You re much better than this demeaning pattern of trying to get someone else into your game.

    I also think, someone else already said that, you re your own enemy sometimes by saying too much at the wrong time.

    I know you re HUNGRY for succes, but please……


    I so empathise with your frustration but I truly hope you ll find a better way to exploit your talents.

    Kind regards, Mark

  45. 45
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:


    Yes definately America has saved many….and yes also GOD and GUNS is a huge part of it. HE created the earth and man. Man created guns to feed, protect himself and his family along with the earth.

    Now that’s Rock & Roll!!!!!


  46. 46
    LRT says:

    @Mark, touche!

    That explains that! ‘Success?!” do you know me? Do you know I own angency besides pro writing for 6 magazines besides the freelance stuff you’ve had a peak at? Do you know I make my living in music? Success, I have it.

    I’ll oblige with an answer concerning Morse. He plays so fantastically he doesn’t need to write music. Joe is just a pupil compared to him.

  47. 47
    LRT says:

    One more thing, Mark the Ripper… just because you write opinions and snide remarks here about professionals, often resulting in needed a good check up or at least some reflective feedback, since when are they/we beneath commenting or replying here?

  48. 48
    purplepriest1965 says:


    Yes, I sort of perceived the magnitude of your activities and results.
    It is weird though, considering how you act here.
    But that is my opnion : )

    Your effort (Though limited in energy)says nothing.
    It is like so many other opinions…….An opinion.

    Yeah, I know(………)

    I mainly rip bootleg-uploads and see little harm in that.

    I seldomly buy new official stuff because it does not happen that much I like something enough to buy or even download it.

    And when I buy I usually buy stuff in the section re releases as long they have beefed up the quantity or quality.
    And sometimes I endulge in the strange hobby that is bying newly released vinyl by DP and off shoots.
    Often I wait for the moment the price is lowered or a goodlooking 2nd hand.
    Dont see a problem.

    Do you still think I m taking away your financial health?

    @ 47

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, come again?
    It is remarkable, often I (and others btw) cant follow your texts.
    Often you then reply my English is not good enough.


  49. 49
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Regarding Morse vs Bonamassa :

    I find it contradictory when you say Morse plays the same solo again and again.
    And then you still think he plays so superior(compared to Bonamassa) that he does not need to manifest/express himself in composing.

    Personally I kinda enjoyed Flying Colours and Standing in his Cornfield(Or what was the name again?)but also must admit I dont listen to it anymore.

    I was very very enthusiastic about the FC album and really wanted to see a show.
    But it all wore off.

    On top of that I noticed the limitations of their singer on stage.
    Yes, from a YT I derived that opinion.

    And you DO have a point that is alike listening through a transistor radio sometimes, but……

    1 Some/often YT’s sounds relatively good.
    2 You chose to selectively use the latest DP YT’s for pointing out they were in great shape.

    When I suggested that you chose selectively , you did not reply.
    Very often someone does not reply, you re not only one.
    It still remains a fuzzy thing because I KNOW certain dialogue’s are niipped in the bud on THS, and usually we dont know which(…)

    Larry, WE dont know eachother, really.

    I wish we all could come together to taste our kidney’s(I m not sure if that is a saying outside The Netherlands)and have beer : )

    But this virtual dialogue’s are limited.

    Are you also still asking yourself why on earth do I spend vast amount of times on here? : )

    I do remember when I had a relation and more work I almost never did glue myself to the computer.

    I feel it is rather imbalanced and unhealthy , this way of using one’s free time.

    Happy it is soon spring and I will jump into my garden to blow some fresh air into my Purpelised brain.


  50. 50
    LRT says:

    I don’t “act” here, you do, I just spectate and occasionally spark your reflection. I wasn’t talking to you when I came into the thread, did not mention you, yet you reacted as if I was, completely attacking me. As for the music you have more than once talked about downloading for free officials, but it can’t be stopped anyway and I’m going to have to lay off on that. To each their own century. But to add I work every day in music from publishing to live production and cover lots of shows in between, every day is a good day and it didn’t happen over night. But it’s not for here, take it easy, Mark. And go to the “a new tone and a new direction” topic if you haven’t already.

  51. 51
    LRT says:

    @Ripper…. you make it way too easy, all I did this morning was look at an email alert I got for this, I don’t even have to look around to see more clear evidence of what it is you do with copyrighted works, man alive!!!!! http://bdeeppurplefanforum.runboard.com/t3603,offset=10&notification_key=31315ada9459f6eeaacc07f40114fe2f

  52. 52
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 51

    If you would have read slower, or maybe : less selective, you could have seen the ” for the moment” part.

    I had to formulate that way, knewing you are still on that board, evn though a BANNED USER : )

    It is yet beyond me how that works.

    Btw, did I tell you my ancestors of way back were Dutch pirates?

    Really : )

    It had to do with Piet Heyn and Delfshaven( a place now in Rotterdam-West)et all that.
    Ain’t that hilarious?
    A while ago I searched and read some because I was not so pleased regarding the colonialism aspect.
    One thing that tried to soothen my conscience was he supposedly was very good for ” his people” , incl slaves(….).


    I m flattered. An e-mail alert?!

  53. 53
    purplepriest1965 says:

    @ 23



    It is not about the fact that they are American.
    I love many great American bands and guitarplayers.

    I d not mind hearing Meniketti or Nugent fill in for example.

    I just dont like it too go polished, you know what I mean?

    Regarding that intro from the new album :
    Did you drink too much coffee again or are you really that positive based on such a short fragment?

    Btw, I truly hope(I have to mention this again and again because appearantly it does not stay in people’s head’s)the album will be a good album.

    A good mix between melodic, agressive, epic, dramatic.

    I hope the rapping is left on the cuttingfloor or played at Gillan’s home for his own pleasure.

    I hope for lots of Hammond.
    I dont think it is realistic waiting, like some others do as well I ve seen, for a change to a Strat for Steve?

    Now, no moaning, weeping and crying :


  54. 54
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Larry, about 50 :


    I wish!

    ” I wasn’t talking to you when I came into the thread, did not mention you, yet you reacted as if I was, completely attacking me.”

    Someone else, and he is not the first, says you should lighten up.

    After all those years you should have developed an elephants skin.

    Why is it relevant you were not writing about me in the first place?
    I dont think my reply was about ME.

    It also drifted/sprang maybe/partly out of a debate on an other thread.

    Sorry, for drifting, I ve listended too much Coverdale lately : )

  55. 55
    purplepriest1965 says:

    ad 52

    ” As Piet Hein still pops up in privateer lists of pirates;

    Although Hein no particular violent man was.

    He fought in the discipline and piety to improve under his men and brought his men not without reason in danger.

    He insisted on a mild attitude towards the Indians and tried released Portuguese and Spanish black slaves not untended to land somewhere, as was often done.

    Hein can therefore not really with the average 17th century privateer operating on its own, such as Cornelis Jol, be compared: he was a military commander and a skilled performer.”

  56. 56
    speedkingATL says:

    Too bad Gary Moore is no longer with us; he could be a purfect match with BCC. Marc Bonilla has played with Glenn and a session with Stevie Salas would certainly be interesting with him sharing the hard rock/funk fusion of Glenn.

  57. 57
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    I actually hope these guys put on their big boy pants and pull up their bootstraps and get back on track. I just listened to ‘Afterglow’. All I can say is that these guys ROCK!!! Anybody throwing the stones at Joe regarding his being a mediocre rock guitarist hasn’t taken a listen to this yet. Great songs with great dynamics. Joe really shines throughout and as much as I loved 1&2, this one is a killer album. They need to tour it. Joe needs to be there. BCC is Joe, Glenn, Derek and Jason. This ensemble works. The music that is produced by these guys in such a short period of time is incredible. Similar to Purple MK1. They did 3 albums in less than 2 years and fired the singer and bass player, replacing them with Gillan and Glover hence MK2, which by far was an improved incarnation. Thus maybe the same would come from a BCC MK2, but I doubt it.


  58. 58
    LRT says:

    Does nothing but confirm all the more, but you still carry on like we’re on the high sees, what next… reality awaits. @55 for instance would be great, if it had anything to do with anything here. Thanks for the family history lesson though, fascinating. When a place kneels to a Priest, the pirate within always gets his jollies, enjoy them, you earned every bit, beyond comprehension. But it usually is a music discussion somehow, until you enter it, then it becomes about someone or another who opines differently than you. Talk about “sigh.” Deal with it and all ports will welcome your vessel, matee. Keep swimming against the tide and the counter current will only get swifter all by itself, coconutter butter! 🙂 Get it however you can, don’t let morality stop ya. You know what they say about Priests. All due respect, we just agree to disagree about how interact and consume. It’s just nonsense that bores, lets give it a rest, it’s counterproductive. @56 shouldget the thread back on track, it adds something of actual interesting substance, even though impossible concerning Moore, but the other two are skilled enough, really good musicians. Cheers, happy new year, hope it’s a good one, life is what you make it. 😉

  59. 59
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Why not 2 guitarplayers?

    I love THIS band since 1993.

    Played their 2nd album BURNING TIME endlessly.

    Hypnotic guitarplaying people!!!!

    Melodic and agressive.

    I should check out if they made new stuff in the last few years since they reformed with the original line up.

    Same goes for Australian outfit from the early 90’s BABY ANIMALS.
    Their 2 first albums are must haves if you like good old fashioned classic rock with gusto and on top of that a great female singer Suze Di Marchii!!!!

    Their guitarplayer was(is?) kinda Hendrix orientated.


  60. 60
    Chrissy says:

    There’s only one reason why BBC will fail.It’s Glenn Hughes.What has he really done that has been a success since Hughes/Thrall?I have everything he has put out and I don’t even play his music anymore…boring…yawnnnnn.How many musos has he tried to hook up with and it hasn’t worked?

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