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The Velvet Box

Blackmore’s Night - The Beginning box set

Blackmore’s Night is releasing a box set titled The Beginning containing their first two albums and two live DVDs — Live In Germany 1997-1998 and Under A Violet Moon — Castle Tour 2000, packaged in a velvet box. Both videos were previously out on VHS and now will be available on the DVD for the first time. It is our understanding that as these were shot before the high definition video days, there will be no blue ray discs.

Track list:

DVD 1: Live In Germany 1997-1998
  1. Shadow Of The Moon
  2. The Clock Ticks On
  3. Play Minstrel Play
  4. Minstrel Hall
  5. St. Theresa
  6. Under A Violet Moon
  7. Magical World
  8. No Second Chance
  9. 16th Century Greensleeves
  10. Renaissance Faire
  11. Writing On The Wall
  12. Mond Tanz
  13. Be Mine Tonight
  14. Memmingen
  15. Black Night
  16. Man On The Silver Mountain
  17. Still I’m Sad
  18. Maybe Next Time
DVD 2: Castle Tour 2000
  1. Written In The Stars
  2. Morning Star
  3. Renaissance Faire
  4. Fires At Midnight (Midnight Acoustic Performance)
  5. Possum Goes To Prague
  6. Under A Violet Moon
  7. Spanish Nights
  8. Past Time With Good Company
  9. Wind In The Willows
  10. March The Heroes Home
  11. Gone With The Wind
  12. Fires At Midnight (Midnight Acoustic Performance)
  13. Now & Then
  14. Durch Den Wald Zum Bachhaus
CD 1: Shadow of the Moon
  1. Shadow Of The Moon
  2. The Clock Ticks On
  3. Be Mine Tonight
  4. Play Minstrel Play
  5. Ocean Gypsy
  6. Minstrel Hall
  7. Magical World
  8. Writing On The Wall
  9. Renaissance Faire
  10. Memmingen
  11. No Second Chance
  12. Mond Tanz
  13. Spirit Of The Sea
  14. Greensleeves
  15. Wish You Were Here
  16. Possum’s Last Dance
CD 2: Under a Violet Moon
  1. Under A Violet Moon
  2. Castles And Dreams
  3. Past Time With Good Company
  4. Morning Star
  5. Avalon
  6. Possum Goes To Prague
  7. Wind In The Willows
  8. Gone With The Wind
  9. Beyond The Sunset
  10. March The Heroes Home
  11. Spanish Nights ( I Remember It Well)
  12. Catherine Howard’s Fate
  13. Fool’s Gold
  14. Durch den Wald Zum Bach Haus
  15. Now And Then
  16. Self Portrait

Blackmore’s Night The Beginning will be available in stores:

  • UK: December 10, 2012
  • Rest of Europe: December 7, 2012
  • USA: November 20, 2012

There is no word on whether the DVDs will be available separately.

Thanks to BraveWords and Martin Johannessen for the info.

14 Comments to “The Velvet Box”:

  1. 1
    al says:

    a box of cheese ball and another rip off !

  2. 2
    Errol Arias says:

    “It’s the same old crap” – Blackmore Dixit

  3. 3
    buttockss says:

    Save money give to Blackmore tax incorp.

  4. 4
    HardRockPete says:

    A piece of crap wrapped in paper! Stay clear!!

  5. 5
    Anthony says:

    Does seem yet another poorly devised product from Blackmore’s Night following on from the disappointingly heavily edited A Knight in York DVD and CD. Why contain the first two albums when most fans probably have them? and why not just release separate DVDs? definitely another cash in and I bet it will cost a fortune too!! I like the ‘purple’ cover..I wonder if its a ‘deep purple’ haha sorry.

  6. 6
    Hiza says:

    I think that´s a good one. A nice gift (velvet!) for someone Special. Although it would make sense to have a separate double DVD available, too. Never saw that “Live In Germany” thing, so I just have to buy this anyway. Cheers!

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m interested in the DVd’s.
    I went to Germany to see 2 shows way back.

    I wonder if what will be included partially comes from the dvd way back released by the German fanclub. I have it on DVD. Nice one but the sound was very weak.

    I also bought the Japanese versions of the 2 first cd’s. That was around 45 E each.
    I still dont have a problem with them.

    I ll probably wait and download the stuff on YT.

    Excuse me!!!

  8. 8
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I meant to say that I have the VHS by the fanclub.
    Dont have a dvd version, although it probably circulates in pirate format.

  9. 9
    byron says:

    both albums are really good..But that’s enough!

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    @3 ahahaha!!!

  11. 11
    Roy says:

    Sounds like his mother-in-law’s usual crap to raise some money.

  12. 12
    HZ says:

    It’s worthy buying because of DVD’s.

  13. 13
    Side Door Johnny says:

    I’m looking forward to this release, as the VHS videos were not readily available in Canada back then. I’m glad it’s getting released on DVD.

  14. 14
    purplepriest1965 says:


    A metal web magazine for women only!!!!

    What’s next?

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