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Hughes on Hard Force TV

Yet another Glenn Hughes interview from France:


Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

13 Comments to “Hughes on Hard Force TV”:

  1. 1
    al says:

    I’m curious who is next band is going to be !

  2. 2
    buttockss says:

    Glenn has more energy then my gerbil spinning on his ferris-wheel.

  3. 3
    Eirik Solum says:

    Is’nt that new band just the ‘all star’ project that toured South America?
    I hope I’m wrong…:)

  4. 4
    Bo says:

    Gleen you are an amazing person. I wish you only the best in life.

  5. 5
    Gergely says:

    You might all be interested in this: http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/interview-joe-bonamassa-speaks-out-about-black-country-communions-future-565671

  6. 6
    al says:

    @ Gergely
    Great Interview from Joe ! I really wanted to hear his side of story and it looks like he is totally right and Glenn should have been kept in the house and not spilled the dirty laundry with the press.From start every one had their project and Joe was going to continue his touring,and he is right when he says if Deep Purple Mark III would have happened,Glenn would have totally dropped the BCC.Thank you for posting it man!

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I read the article Gergely gave us the link from….

    Joe says :

    ” But to make it like we’re a bunch of studio musicians is laughable. Why treat us like we had nothing to do it in the first place, like he could get any bunch of minions in there and do the same thing?”

    Actually, he DID Joe and you were still in your diapers or just beginning.
    Glenn made several great ROCK albums with great guitarplayers. Yep, not great names either(….)but they delivered.

    They were small names but they ROCKED.
    You should get your head out of your all out Blues mind and ass.
    You could not even muster the passion and delicacy of the solo in BURN.
    So what are you?!
    Maybe you are like Morse, just not fitted for rock?

    I saw you live in the clubcircuit when you were still an up and coming man .
    You and your band were a great evening out.

    But it was not stuff of the heights the old ” dinosaurs” gave us.

    And you are not of the same level as Blackmore, Page, Gallagher,Moore and so on.
    You make NICE music, not classic stuff.
    And your voice might be functional but it bores me, always the sma nasal tone, man.

    As you said ” Glenn still has this enormous voice that seldom comes around” .

    Maybe it was so that the initial agreements between you and BCC were not intended to be large scale, I dont know.
    But then you re implying that Glenn has been talking bullshit since the first album.

    Your own career is most important to you?
    Wow, once in a lifetime to get a chance to work with 1 of the biggest singers of the last 40 years in rock, and you approach that a side hobby?!

    I think Glenn is wasting his time with you.

  8. 8
    Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder says:

    Sorry to state here Priest old buddy, but presently Joe Bonamassa is the biggest attraction and most known name in the band. Glenn Whos isn’t the big draw you would like him to be. I saw them live 2 years ago and the name called throughout the gig was “JOE”!!!!


  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I feel Bonamassa is overrated.

    I m not the only one who says that no song or solo stays in my mind to remember.

    There are loads of people who right now have a bigger draw saleswise.

    Maybe Glenn should do a duet with Lady gaga or play bass for Bieber? : )

  10. 10
    Deeperpurps says:

    Purple Priest!!! I agree with you 100%!!!!…..

    Joe should count his blessings instead of taking shots at Glenn. I have read both sides of this story in every article I can get my hands on…..what Glenn said and how he said it was not offensive. Joe is way overreacting and coming across as very petulant. I am disappointed in how Joe is making this issue so personal, and not in a nice way.

    Unless Joe can come to terms with this, I think its time that BCC look for a new guitarist. How about John Sykes (ex-Whitesnake….excellent hard rock/melodic metal guitarist and vocalist)…..

  11. 11
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Hey All Bonamassa Bashers…

    Come on….Eric Clapton is without a doubt, the most OVER RATED Guitarist that exists. Yeah, he Wrote some great stuff and Jingles as far as I’m concerned, but in the end, it’s who is the draw. Joe is the Draw. Slash is a good Draw. The Best? No. But guess what, he is well known. Just like the dude from the Who. What’s his name? Come on. You have to be real about how it all works and what makes it work. Not too many names can be drawn these days. Joe’s name is big. Sorry, but what is is what is……Purple would be big with Joe at the helm….Just sayin’


  12. 12
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I totally agree on the Eric Clapton issue.
    Since 1977 I ve been trying to find out why on earth the man is this legendary.

    It is not, like Ritchie said to piss off Gillan : ) , that he cannot play but indeed no goosebumps here.

    Purple with Joe big at the helm?!
    Come on!!!

    I m getting into a phobia due to much Joe’s in the band.
    Most of them are average, not extra ordinairey like The Maestro.

    And do you really think that at this age it is a bit too late for all that trying?

    On the other hand, I m afraid that RB was right with that strange remark about them ” that want to grow OLD together” .

    Gillan in DP in his 80’s, anyone?

  13. 13
    MacGregor says:

    Yes, I have to agree with Tracy @ 11 – Clapton was always over rated by the media for some reason. It isn’t his fault at all, he is embarrassed by it all, always has been from what I have read over the decades! The same media rubbish are to blame for the absurd comments that the Rolling Stones are the greatest rock band in the world! Yeah right! I used to read Circus & Circus Rave magazines back in the 70’s, they were some of the media responsible for those comments & others also. I guess they have to sell the magazine don’t they? It is all about sensationalism, who is the flavour of the month, year, decade etc! It’s the same with Steve Vai & Joe Satriani in my book. Totally over rated by the media, great players but boring to listen to in my opinion! Someone like Steve Morse hardly gets any raves, & I am talking before Purple & also after. I read an article not that long ago & Satriani said Mick Jagger was the one responsible for getting him his ‘break’ so to speak! Enough said! Cheers.

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