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CTTB and Deepest Purple electronic press kits

In anticipation of the October 25th release date, DP(O) has posted on Youtube electronic press kits for the 35th anniversary Come Taste The Band and 30th anniversary Deepest Purple:

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Double CD


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Thanks to Blabbermouth for the info.

64 Comments to “CTTB and Deepest Purple electronic press kits”:

  1. 1
    Heimdall says:

    It’s so great to watch this stuff, finally! Great work by all involved.

  2. 2
    Henrik says:

    – It´s always great to see Jon Lord.

  3. 3
    Henrik says:

    – there is a clip from The Deepest Purple clip, where MK 3 play Stormbringer.

    Anyone know where it´s from?- And is it officially released?

  4. 4
    George says:

    Here it is: CTTB is #50 in the UK’s amazon music charts. Oh yeah!

  5. 5
    kraatzy says:

    Great historical videos / pictures ….
    with great comments …
    from a great album (unfortunately without Ritchie … )-:
    with a great Glenn Hughes (except HIGHWAY STAR live)
    and a great Ian Paice
    and a great Jon Lord
    and not forget the
    great David Coverdale (except HIGHWAY STAR live) …

    No valuation report about Tommy Bolin, R.I.P. Tommy …



  6. 6
    TruthHurts says:

    October 25 is going to be quite a day for us afficianados of ye hard classic rock, as there are two great Black Sabbath re-releases too: the Glenn Hughes fronted Seventh Star and the first album with Tony Martin, Eternal Idol.

    Both these CDs have material featuring the late great Ray Gillen on lead vocals for the first time, officially, ever. Can’t wait!!

  7. 7
    evillouie says:

    I loved Glenn’s imitation of David singing “Dealer”. LOL!

  8. 8
    Bill The Wizard Pierce says:

    Both Press kits are impressive, I for one am glad that David sang Dealer, I couldn’t imagine Glenn singing it, much higher pitched vocals, the song sounds much darker with David singing it, which is the proper way for that song to be played imho. I think Glenn singing on 2 tracks is about right, and if they had stayed together, would have lessened the tensions on the lead singer bit which Glenn and David obviously wanted to be the lead vocalist at that time. Also I think if Deep Purple had done what Ian was saying trying to evolve, maybe they would have MK11 going on longer Oh well it is what it is Cheers

  9. 9
    Crimson Ghost says:

    A few small tid-bits never seen of the old stuff, I’m sure there is more. CTTB wasn’t a flawless batch of tunes if you ask me, ‘Dealer’ in particular ranks up there with DP’s all time worst trcaks imo, what the hell was relly going on there? An example of what using Tommy’s leftovers can do. I can’t stand it, damn near ruined an otherwise great disc for me. I might even take mkV over this lot on most days. Still love the ‘Heimdall’ version of Japan Rising though, kind of wipes the shit off my words, but nothing lasts forever.(I will be sikipping ‘Dealer’ when I play the remaster, so that takes care of that!)

  10. 10
    drew says:

    Thanks for all your positive comments – this period for the band was quite extraordinary despite historically what has been said – moments of genius. Hope you enjoy the new material. Cheers Drew

  11. 11
    Henrik says:

    – Glenn Hughes is incredibly boring with his drug-related stories.

  12. 12
    micke says:

    I just love No No No, always have. No one came is another amazing gem from Fireball. Hell, the whole album is awesome.

  13. 13
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    As I have stated in the past…..I don’t look to much forward to the Remastering. I do though look forward to the bonus, unreleased material. I’ve heard CTTB in many forms. Vinyl alone has different sounds. I have the Domestic US, Japanese and European Import versions along with CDs. I’ve played them all backwards and forwards. I don’t see the point in all of these Remixes without added material other than it bringing aboard New Listeners to this great band in all forms. All of this constant attention toward rehashing all of the Old stuff leaves me feeling like it’s either leading up to the End of Purple, or they are campaigning for attention in order to finally get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    CG, as for your statement about ‘Dealer’, I don’t get the point. How do you find such negative sentiment toward that tune? You have usually discounted folks whom share such negative opinions regarding particular taste in songs and style. You always point out that ‘to each his own’ and that music is something that can’t be rated as good or bad. It’s about Taste you always said. What happened? What changed your mind? You have reduced yourself to one of the narrow-minded types you used to complain about. Those that personally dislike a song or player and describe it as though it is fact all the way around that it is bad and therefore nobody else should like it either. You must admit, the blanket statement you made goes against most of your rants toward many other posters here.

    Sorry, but IMHO Dealer has much to offer and is a respectable example of this line-up toward the Purple Legacy. Even has Bolin himself contributing to the vocals in the refrain. It’s a dark, deep rocker with some great instrumentation. Lady Luck is truly a rehash of Bolin’s prior work yet you don’t single it out and I believe personally the weakest song on the Album but by no means do I find it deplorable. Amazing the negative sentiment that comes from some of the fans at opportune times. What do you feel about ‘Coming Home’, the opener that I found to be one of the best straight forward Rock Tracks on Any Purple Record….don’t misquote me here. I said ‘One Of’, not The Best. That song to me is the same as ‘Sun Goes Down’ from Bananas. Never played Live and yet tunes that were perfect straight forward Purple rock tunes with the structure to improvise with and jam all out. Obviously it’s too late for ‘Coming Home’, but I still dream of the day when they do ‘Sun Goes Down’ all out and turn into the present day’s ‘Space Truckin’……

    At least this CTTB reissue has something new and unheard on it. I am still patiently waiting for the same from our Present Purple. Something NEW PLEASE!!!!!!


  14. 14
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    2 things that stood out on these 2 vids.

    First on the CTTB VID, Jon Lord did the typical ‘Lord Shuffle’. He actually made the statement that ‘CTTB’ wasn’t a PURPLE ALBUM. I guess now that he is gone and is in retrospect, he also doesn’t find ‘Slaves and Masters’, nor the MK 7 and 8 Albums to be Purple Albums. Must be time to suck it up and go where the Dollar sign goes. Lord knows it isn’t with any of His output since he left Purple. He is the Master of Time Heals All and vanishes one’s perspective.

    Second, Jon Lord actually made mention of the fact that he felt Ian Gillan could sing “You Keep On Moving” very well. On the contrary. I feel that “This Time Around” would be more fitting. YKOM contains too much of the shrill and Coverdale sound while TTA is more straight forward and in his total range even today with his ability to change octaves. I would surely (no not Sheryl) love to hear Purple do This Time Around and follow up with ‘Owed to G’ as a tribute to Bolin. They sure do tributize Blackmore with no problem. Time for a little “Spread of the Wealth” regarding the Lost Years….

    Third, on the Deepest Purple Vid at the end, the Trademark shows ‘Thompson Music 2008’. This thing has been sitting for over 2 years. Just goes to show that there is tons of stuff out there that sits in the vaults waiting for the right time to show up…..

    Third, I find it hard to believe that the Kevin Sherly (please stop calling me Sherly) mixes will outdo the Martin Birth mixes. Yeah, they may be more ‘Hughes’ friendly. Seems he is taking major credit for the whole album with a little kudos to his band mate other than his dead ‘Blood Brother’ whom after watching this I believe was a little more intimate than ‘Brothers’ based on their pure feminine side shown. Hughes even made the statement in the CTTB Vid that he sang looking at it from a Female Singers standpoint….YUKKKKK!!!!! It all makes perfect sense now regarding the overpowering shrill shrieking….


  15. 15
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @13 These products have nothing to do with the current line-up of DP.

  16. 16
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    First let me start off with clarifying my type-o’s on #14.

    Should have read “4 Things that stood out on these 2 vids”.

    Then there should have been 4 sections numbered First thru Fourth.

    Now, let me finish with a response to #15…
    Svante Axebacke….do you really think you need to clarify which line-up the topic was on to me???? I responded solely to the proper line-up and finished with my anticipation for something NEW from the Present line-up. I think the point was well expressed with no need to clarify. Might be taking that ‘Moderation’ job to an extreme don’t you think???


  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    No pun intended but Comin Home was performed but failed to make it into a good recording.
    Well, thats what I remember….

    I have not heard anyone about the 2 extra tracks.
    Indeed, much more interesting.
    Although some dont like unreleased tracks like the Blackmore, Paice, Lord Jam on WDTWA for example, I like it.

  18. 18
    Heimdall says:

    CG – I didn’t know you hate “Dealer” so much, I have to admit I really like that track, especially the live version which has some truly ferocious guitar playing. Thanks for your kind comments on the Tokyo DVD!

    Tracy – agreed on “Comin’ Home” and “Sun Goes Down”, both great and underplayed tracks. “Comin’ Home” WAS played live a few times and was partially recorded (Springfield MA). I’d love to hear it, it would have been a great inclusion as a bonus track on the anniversary issue of CTTB.

    Drew – really great work on these promos, looking forward to the DVD!

    Wow, this turned into a real, interesting and respectful discussion between genuine, knowledgeable DP fans. Kinda reminds of the DP Forum of yore, sadly missed…

  19. 19
    Svante Axbacke says:

    @16 Why so defensive? It seems you get very upset over nothing. My concern was this comment from you:

    “All of this constant attention toward rehashing all of the Old stuff leaves me feeling like it’s either leading up to the End of Purple, or they are campaigning for attention in order to finally get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

    This sounds to me like you suggest these releases are connected in some way to the career of the current band. They are not. It’s different record labels, different managements, different bands. I would think you indeed know this but the part I quoted above sounds like you think what you call “they” are both the current band and the people behind these re-releases.

    And me posting a reply to you has nothing to do with moderating. But I would guess you know that too.

  20. 20
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Svante, I see your point and well taken. I’m not defensive…just respondent. Yeah, I do realize the difference between the Present Camp and the other labels. But it still doesn’t change my point. I wasn’t eluding to the present members being behind the Promos. It is in the best interest of All members of Purple, past and present and also Those Labels, past and present for Anything positive to take place. It would be great for ALL also if Purple was inducted into the RnR Hall of Fame. Great exposure and publicity. Their ain’t no such thing as Bad publicity in the entertainment world, and all those connected and involved would benefit….

    That being said….I am still hoping for something NEW from this present incarnation of Purple. I also welcome anything NEW from the Archives of the Old Purples. Just tired of the constant bombardment of rehashed old stuff that has been around forever.

    As far as ‘Comin’ Home’. I have tons of Bootleg recordings from the MK4 era and none of them contain that song. So I sure would like to know where to get a copy of that. Surely someone out there has to have access if it truly was played live…

    Little help here????


  21. 21
    Henrik says:

    – Now I´ve heard excerpts of the remixes done by Kevin Shirley.

    I don´t think they are better than Birch´s.

    Shirley has compressed the hell out of the sound. It´s a big sound, but there is none of the dynamics from the original mix.

  22. 22
    Purple III and VI rules says:

    Right now I’m at Gettin’ Tighter. It really blows you away. Dealer starting right now. Heavy!

  23. 23
    Purple III and VI rules says:

    What they made with this record is that they tranformed it into a contemporary rock record, just by giving more space to the music. As a result you hear Tommy licks that you never discovered in 35 years. Plus there is a lot of energy in the music. Dealer was never my favourite either but the remix changed that right away.
    Great thing by the way is that the songs fade out later than on the original album. Which means: More Tommy!

  24. 24
    Purple III and VI rules says:

    Bottom line: F…ing amazing. Trust a serious deviate who thinks Deep Purple started in June 1973 and ended in March 1976: you will never play the original once you have heard this!

  25. 25
    TruthHurts says:

    Listening to the remixed CTTB right now: impressive. Tommy rhythm guitars have been turned right up and gives the album more ‘slam’. Kick ass, you could say. Very different from the original mix, more rock, less slick or hi-fi.

  26. 26
    TruthHurts says:

    Kevin Shirley has given CTTB a sound that makes it sound like the follow-up to Burn than Stormbringer, which is a good thing in my IMO. Also the bonus cuts have some ‘brain melting’ Tommy solos, particularly Same In L.A. which reminds me of ‘Midnight’ by Jimi Hendrix only better. Yes really. As wonderful as Blackmore was/is this kind of improvisational mastery is not his forte, he is a compositional soloist. Why this has stayed in the vaults for 35 years, I’ll never know.

  27. 27
    Heimdall says:

    I’m really enjoying the remixes, especially Paice’s truly stellar drumming sounds really different, much more energetic.

    Weird how “Same In L.A” sounds just like a potential mid-eighties Uriah Heep track (e.g. “Head First”), only ten years earlier!

    Maybe all the drugs they did warped the fabric of the space-time continuum 😉

  28. 28
    SpaceGhost says:

    To Purple III & IV Rules.:

    Thx U for posting the truth. CTTB is probably my favorite DP album. My favorite Ian Paice drumming and as Jon Lord has been qouted, Bolin’s work on the guitar is “Par-excellent”. As they say about great California wine: We serve no wine before it’s time. Indeed, CTTB has matured well. I like the edge to the studio outtake on “Statesboro Blues from the “DAZE” sessions. The version of this band was “Stellar” at the Longbeach gig. Love the way that Paice and Bolin interacted. Any of the gigs in Australia were tops. Wild Dogs live is a great solo. Bolin was a “Pioneer” and showed the rest of the band that they could indeed play on without Blackmore. Bolin set the stage for a guitarist like Joe Satriana or Steve Morse to come in as well. Fondly , I remember seeing Blackmore with DP on the Perfect Strangers tour. Blackmore was the show. With Bolin or Morse you have other elements coming from the other members live. Lastly, I’m glad that the management and band members have made sure that this release comes out. Thank you to Jon Lord for the honest — both on this EPK and the radio interview you did in regards to CTTB and all things Tommy Bolin.

    Space Ghost

  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Just took a listen to the Bonus Tunes.

    First listen I found them interestingly familiar.

    ‘Same in LA’ has a ‘Green Onions/Ramshackle Man’ kind of vibe to it revolving mainly around Lords Keyboard with Bolin basically in the background.

    ‘Bolin/Paice Jam’ sounds like the middle of Live versions of ‘Strange Kind of Woman’ when the Gillan/Blackmore/Paice jam sets in. Only thing missing is Gillan….

    Pretty cool gems though. Great to hear. Haven’t critiqued the Re-mixes yet. Will do eventually.


  30. 30
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    I also think it would be appropriate to do a “Deepest Purple II” collection from the MK2 Reunion up until the present. Yeah, I know. I just got finished making my point regarding too much Rehash, but it just hit me that a proper collection of tunes from the rest of the era’s should be officially marked….


  31. 31
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Find me any ‘rants’ the size of your posts in this thread Tracy. If I don’t like something I’m not going to pretend I do. (if the emporoer is naked I’m not going to say he’s wearing a robe and slippers) It can be a rare thing but if something is talked about and I disagree with anything about it I will go theere, boss. I don’t even care much for mkV in the first place but never wrote them off either. To each their own meaning say what you will… but that doesn’t mean don’t expext everyone to like it or agree with it. To conclude that should be such a leap.

    As a matter of fact since you’re appreantly in one of your usual ‘defensive for the sake of being so’ moods, I completely agree with Svante, you contantly bitch about these releases as if they clearly have something to do with a completely different line up’s output… as you’re over-displaying once again here. It’s no big deal and although I’m not a big fan of this line-up the realese does seem to serve it’s fans well. As for ‘Dealer’ once more, I don’t get it, and there aren’t many songs under the name I don’t, but those few are not Purple songs *to me*, and as Glenn says here, it was Tommy’s in the first place, that should say plenty enough. I like it about as much as I would a ‘Dealer’.

  32. 32
    Crimson Ghost says:


    Well we can’t have the original, obviously, but we can have a look at last nights set-list in Prague. Brace yourselves for at least a paper adventure, people, this is supposedly true!

    (copy and paste from Vetko)

    Hard Loving Man (OPENER!!! never before played)
    Things I Never Said
    Maybe I´m A Leo
    Strange Kind Of Woman
    Rapture Of The Deep
    Silver Tongue (!!!!)
    Contact Lost
    When A Blind Man Cries
    Well Dressed Guitar
    Almost Human (!!!!)
    No One Came
    – Don Airey Solo
    Perfect Strangers
    Space Truckin´
    Smoke On The Water

    Black Night

  33. 33
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I’m sure it will be featured here at THS of course anyway, but here is more spoiling for ya in case they haven’t posted it yet. Pretty awesome energy, Ian Paice wit de Gong! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIHrE-mB4PY&feature=player_embedded

  34. 34
    TruthHurts says:

    You bet. Roll on Volume 2 please!!

  35. 35
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    I already clarified my issue with Svante at #20. We are Big Boys and don’t need you in the peanut gallery getting all puffy in his defense trying to get AttaBoy Points.

    As far what I stated regarding your post at #9, if you will take the time to reread what you wrote, it was very reminiscent of other folks postings whereby you jumped in and explained that as you said “to each his own” and further explained that just because they don’t like a particular tune, that doesn’t mean it is bad or not worthy or especially not a Purple Tune. That’s all I was eluding to was the fact that you have jumped in so many peoples face for posting similar expression toward songs, players, etc. No biggie and sorry it got your panties all in a wad.

    And Yes, I do complain about the constant pouring out of Repackaged, remixed, remastered stuff. Only on the postings where that is the subject though. Once I have made my complaint that is that till the next Rehash is offered as a subject. But I also give my 2 cents on the actual subject first, as I did here at #13,14,29 and 30.

    Since you are here though, anything on a live version of “Comin’ Home”?


  36. 36
    thevelvetlapel says:

    1) I have to wait till next week to get CTTB here in So Cal and can hardly wait. I have ordered the CD for pratical reasons even though I have a turntable and the original US vinyl. I wonder if anyone has listened to both new versions and if there are any differences.

    2) On the Deepest DVD does anyone know how much of it is newly released material and how much has already been put out there?

  37. 37
    ormandy says:


    I’d love to see a “Deepest Purple II” collection from the mkII reunion up to the present.

  38. 38
    Crimson Ghost says:

    I wasn’t doing that Tracy, just concurring with him, there is a difference, pull your head out of your proverbial blow hole. And back to ‘to each their own’, ever say anything that applies yourself as well? By chance that might be POSSIBLE in life, ya think? Carry on “big boy” as you call yourself… man alive!

  39. 39
    Crimson Ghost says:

    @ live version of ‘Coming Home’, I’m not interested in this, but as far as indepenant recordings go anything is possible. The hunt will likely be on for some, I suppose.

  40. 40
    Mike Eriksson says:

    I recall reading that half of Coming Home exists in the vaults, recorded on a U.S show. So a chunk could be used inserted in a documentary or something, just to give us a taste. I have a heard an incredible version of Dealer from the U.S tour, Miami I think. I love that MK4 is getting some attention, it was a fantastic band. MIKE

  41. 41
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    CG, you are not interested in this????? The guy whom pushes the fact that he has the BIGGEST and MOST LIVE stuff ever? What happened to you? When did you take such a turn? Why all of a sudden so uncooperative? Why so Negative? Maybe it’s time to become the ‘Dark Ghost’, or better yet, the ‘Black Ghost’….LOL(just for grins).

    Anyone else out there with less Negative concern?????


  42. 42
    purpledaniel says:

    It is general knowledge thata live version of comin home from the springfield 76 show is available but cuts out midway. There was some talkabout releasing the entire show a while ago.

  43. 43
    T says:

    When Come Taste the Band was originally recorded, it came as a shock to those who were expecting a return to the ‘hard rock’ that Blackmore promised the ‘next’ album would be. Many of the ideas that surfaced in Blackmore’s Rainbow–“Black Sheep of the Family,” the riff and basic structure to “Man on the Silver Mountain” (which I always felt had a kind of “Burn” quality to it) and something akin to “16th Century Greensleeves” would likely have been a part of that “lost” album. Thus, Come Taste the Band disappointed a lot of people, but proved that Deep Purple could make a strong album under some very difficult circumstances–as usual!

    However, when taken in retrospect, it’s a beautifully made album, from the abundant organ and energetic guitar playing to the clever cover art. Despite the departure from Blackmore-esque blitzkrieg rock in favor of quite a bit of funky spicing, the album contained more than just a couple of brilliant moments. Tommy Bolin’s playing in particular is quite good, and one can hear those single-coils spark up, particularly in those repeated phrases.

    I agree that “You Keep On Moving” was a high point in Mark IV Purple and was one of the few times Blackmore made a mistake. A Blackmore version of this song would have had a harder edge to it, but probably would have made a better closer than “A 200”. It would have been right at home on Burn.

    I disagree with what many say about “Dealer”. The riff alone has a grungy, Hendrix-esque quality similar in feel to the one in “Mandrake Root”. Bolin would resurrect a good piece of it for his live version of the “Stormbringer” riff, which I prefer to Blackmore’s. “Gettin’ Tighter” is the guitar’s tour de force, however, and the band made good use of this song live.

    I always thought “Comin’ Home” had a different feel than the rest of the album, and now I know why. Despite being the album opener, it was the afterthought filler track needed to complete the album and Hughes wasn’t even on it. Despite that difference in feel, one would never know the opener was the song to *complete* the album.

    Some say Come Taste the Band is not a Purple album. Using the same argument, neither are a lot of Purple albums, particularly those that do not have Blackmore. I disagree with that thesis, however, on the grounds that there never really was a “Deep Purple”–even if most consider Mark II the ultimate line-up. Come Taste the Band was just another shade in the Deep Purple spectrum during an era when Ian Paice was arguably at his height. This album sparkles with an energy not too different than Perfect Strangers. Taken on its own, Come Taste the Band is an album on a level that many groups would love to reach.

  44. 44
    Purple III and VI rules says:

    Having listened to the brilliant remix for the last couple of days, two point:
    Glenn (probably he was in charge) did a few things that he should not have done.
    – This Time Around/Owed to G used to be a unit. The were intended to be that. By making separate songs from it Glenn now created a new song for himself. It was not necessary. The great thing in Purple Mark IV, contrary to how he formulates in the EPK was not that there was Tommy here, Glenn there and David wherever. The great thing there was unity of five brilliant musicians, coming from different cultures and background relating to each other as a band and bringing the best out of each other.
    -You Keep On Moving was a majestic closing song to the album and to the history of Deep Purple as a creative, musically pioneering unit forever. The fact that it was Dave’s and Glenn’s entrance to Purple, Blackmore rejected it and with Tommy they made this beautiful piece of music out it vindicates Glenn and Dave as the young talents who took an established to an absolute artistic peak. Moving the song to what Glenn probably would like to see as Song 1 on Side 2 just decreases the emphasis of that fact. And the subtle way in which used to have the “last word” on the album and in the real history of Purple with his short closing bass lick is not there on the remix.
    Anyway, buy the album, rip it, correct the mistakes, do the fade out yourself and Burn:) your own copy. For 35 years you were only able to taste that Purple coloured wonderful substance in that glass. Now you can have the band pour if all over you and get real drunk on it.

  45. 45
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Well I did it. I listened to the Remixes. I have to state here that I actually do love it. Especially the fact that they let the songs run out to the end showing that these songs were played Live in the Studio and not each track recorded separately as it is done too often. The mix really brings out Tommy and Paicey. I notice that less time was spent on tracks the Hughes isn’t showcased on…..

    The whole vibe of the album is actually picked up and made more vibrant. Very crisp. Actually, I found the mix set right near where I would adjust my Equalizer/Mixer for the sound I preferred. If I play this new version at my normal settings for this, it is way too high on the frequency level. So I have to lower my Mid and Treble ranges now.

    Love the way they left the endings on. Really enhances the songs…Always loved this Album. Now it has been revitalized to an even higher level. The more I listen to it, the more I truly do understand how amazing Tommy Bolin was and how well he actually did fit in Purple. I have a feeling a follow-up album would have been a killer.

    Hey Ghost, this is one Remix/Remaster that I can finally agree to be worth the effort……See? I can admit when I’m wrong. It’s only the second time in my life though…The first time was because I thought I was wrong about something, but I was actually right……LOL.

    @#40, Mike Eriksson….
    I was at the Miami Show. By far one of the best gigs from the MK4 era. I’ve listened to tons of live recordings from MK4 and the Miami Show is definitely one of the best Tommy played. He had a great night. Wasn’t too impaired thankfully. I was slated to see him with his own band in Miami soon thereafter, but we all know how that sad event wound up. I totally recommend the Miami Show for those whom are skeptical about MK4 Live. It’s a Bootleg that is out there and worth tracking down, trust me!!!!! What a shame Hughes/Bolin were so screwed up on Dope. Had they been clean or less addicted, they wouldn’t have gotten such a bad reputation for such lack luster performance which drove them deeper into their pit due to not getting why they were criticized so much. Hey, that’s why they call it Dope.


  46. 46
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    On another note….

    Funny, I always thought ‘Dealer’ was about ‘Poker’. Now I get it. Either way, a great song that I am glad Hughes didn’t do…..can you imaging a ‘Funked Up’ version???? Sorry, but his description of Coverdale’s lows only show his secret animosity toward him not being counted as Purple’s Lead Singer. Again, listen to the difference between the Remixes whereby Coverdale is focused and Hughes is focused. That’s what you get when One member of a band is in charge of Mixing…..


  47. 47
    Purple III and VI rules says:

    One final note: When you compare the reissue of this 35 year album regarding raw energy, inventiveness, and musicianship to the Kings of Leon record that rules the US charts at the moment you can’t feel anything else but sorrow about the state the genre called rock music sunk into. Glad I was around when CTTB came out. And am proud I was one of the obviously not too many Purple fans who got it at first listen.

  48. 48
    jim sheridan says:

    The re-release sounds crushing!! Full of energy, mighty crunchy. Made to be played at maximum volume. The first outtake jam has some nice Lord also!

  49. 49
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Uh… @47, it’s mkIV, finding it hard to believe you’re talking about the Satch factor.(that would be mkVI if it counts) Tracy, seriously, it’s like you say… I don’t have to like every flavor of the Kool Aid, and these two lots are hardly even Deep Purple to me, Purple must taste grape, the color it is… looking back or not, it was some of the best Whitesnake/Rainbow-ish Purple ever. But like I would defend the current line-up, still some great music going on there which can be denied, but not by me. (I just don’t collect very hard on non-Gillan Purple boots, that’s all… I guess I have to like the music first) Having said that I do go for official releases by all line-ups and will be buying both of these.

  50. 50
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Btw… to whom it may concern, Tracy, T, Heimdall /mkIII and IV rules…. I can be turned around when it comes to ‘Dealer’, I’m sure I can, once I’ve bothered listening to it enough times. I think I only really absorbed it a few times and never gave it much of a chance after that, which has been many many years. So I shouldn’t be so hard on it… perhaps the remix will bring me into it. It’s never too late to try and like something, even if it wasn’t originally meant for Purple… we all grow.

  51. 51
    Crimson Ghost says:

    One more thing, it’s interesting how two rarely get along but agree about ‘Burn’ and ‘MOTSM’ similarities… first time anyone on the internet has expressed this in my favor. No, they aren’t the same riff, but broken down as it is, ‘MOTSM’ sounds derivative of it at the very least, and typical of Blackmore to hack his own hacks…. back to the topic at hand.

  52. 52
    scott wood says:

    just got both releases (CTTB & Deepest Purple) i guess this should tell you something, stuck deepest DVD in first, went straight to the ‘made in japan’ segment to see the truckin’ clip! maybe 90 seconds of the beginning of the song and guess who is the only one they DO NOT show? you guessed it…ritchie. disappointing.. as one other fan said here (and i love it): “how long will they drip feed us the MIJ footage?”
    cannot wait for the rest of it!
    now i’m off to see the rest and check out the CTTB reissue.

  53. 53
    SpaceGhost says:

    The Kevin Shirley remix is by far and above of what was put out by Martin Birch. Stellar. Bolin’s guitar is front and centre. A much sonically heavier mix then the original. ( It is said that Birch and Bolin didn’t get along; I can believe it after listening to the remix. ) 35 years too late; or maybe it still does make a difference. To these ears it clearly does. Masterful. There is no debate here,, as some of the finest drumming I’ve heard from Ian Paice — Bolin & Paice seemed to play off each other. Why couldn’t we get the guitar solo like this studio one LIVE? Monster jam is what it is — MMA Paice vs Bolin. I just adore the drumming thoroughly on this whole disk 2. Excellent. Thank you, Sir Ian Paice. Wow. From listening to this you would have to realize that Bolin made enemies with management and I’ve often wondered if “RISES OVER JAPAN” was there way of getting back at him or getting back at him. Hopefully they can conjure up a full gig on Video, as Tommy Bolin live ,, on a good night it was special. Jon Lord alludes to this in the Radio interview he did for this release. Perhaps a video of Bolin’s finesse on WILD DOGS live. This album — there is no bad track on it. Geoff Barton had it right: 10/10. The mastering on this is just so ‘clean’. Thank you Simon Robinson, Deep Purple Management, Ian Paice, Jon Lord , Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale for making this possible. WOW. Lastly, KEVIN SHIRLEY take a bow; Kudos to Bob Ludwig. Furthermore, I didn’t expect it to be this good, better than the original release,, but it’s huge. Debate: Is it a Deep Purple record ? That debate will linger forever. But this remix is going to get alot of folks back giving it a second go around.

  54. 54
    micke says:

    @50 How could you not love “dealer” GM? It have been one of my faves on CTTB since early days. And you got TB on vocals as an added extra!!

  55. 55
    TruthHurts says:

    @53 It has been suggested on some fan forums that the incredible Bolin/Paice jam should have been called F*** You John Bonham.

  56. 56
    scott says:

    wow.. as i am a great fan of the reissue series, and love all the extra bits musically ( extended endings, diff. vocal bits, different solos etc.), i feel the SOUND is too compressed perhaps. just like the black country communion album. when i first put BCC on, i was immediately struck by the lack of high end. it is like someone threw a blanket over the speakers as jason’s cymbals have no sustain. being a drummer i like some treble, esp. for the cymbals as it makes the kit sound alive. (a great drum sound to me is wide open like vinnie appice’s sound on BS dehumanizer, dio’s angry machines and, yes, ian paice’s on the original CTTB. i do not feel kevin shirley (nor michael bradford) have given any of the purple albums a good sound (as i also feel ROTD is the worst sounding purple album to date.)

  57. 57
    Scott says:

    The second video or EPK is from the History, Hits and Highlights DVD. Why would they put that on the Deepest Purple DVD. I wanted to see the MIJ Footage of Space Truckin’

  58. 58
    Crimson Ghost says:

    If Geoff Barton was right this would be a first, he is a bloopdy retard! I cannot stand that man’s editing, it’s horrible. I do reckon with his radar in the early 80’s though, helped us all, but otherwise he is pure bollocks!

    @Dealer… hey everyone, is it possible I confuse it with “Drifter?” Could be… I’m just not a big fan of this kind of Purple, so naturally I could be confusing the two. I’m sure I might retract if it’s good as reported. This way I’ll not only be revisiting for the first time in at least 10 years, I’ll have a reason to.
    (this is druggie music imo, not only because they were drugged out, but because most everything seemed to be at the time, and it’s no compliment to any rock music of that time… I’m just not into all of that which it is heavily spiced with)

  59. 59
    Crimson Ghost says:

    ‘Bloopdy’ ? well touche Mr.Barton, lol!

  60. 60
    TruthHurts says:

    btw, has anyone noticed the slight reprise of You Keep On Moving around the 7-8 minute mark on Son Of Aleric?

  61. 61
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:


    Quite a keen ear there. Not quite sure if it truly follows YKOM but there is definitely a similar melody. I picked it up around 8:20.


  62. 62
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Must have been very hard to wade through that boring and repetitive track again Tracy.

  63. 63
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Didn’t listen to the whole thing Priest. He stated around 7-8 minutes. I just went to that area……thank god. The Chinese Torture song. Like droplets of water dripping from a faucet….Over and Over again…..AAAHHHHHHHHHHH@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!


  64. 64
    Space Ghost says:

    New York DJ Allison “The Nightbird” Steele in 1976, WNEW-FM
    NYC…… Jan 1976 ?? Before or after the gig?

    Asked on how he rated COME TASTE THE BAND………

    Ian Paice:::::::::
    Out of a scale of 10. I don’t think we’ve ever reached a 10 out of 10. We’ve had a couple of 9/10 ( 3 or 4 of them ) and this has to be one of them. Being with the band for 8 years , I’ve seen a steady progression. Within all the changes. I think this album has helped us catch up to what we’ve lost by just becoming stagnant. It helped us catch up to 1976.

    David Coverdale;;;;;;
    I think it’s the freshest thing we’ve done since Machine Head.

    Allison “The Night Bird” Steele interview :

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