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Glenn Hughes joins Rhapsody in Rock

Robert Wells and Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes has been confirmed as one of the guest artists on this summer’s Rhapsody in Rock tour of Sweden. The tour will do seven shows in Sweden this summer. Other guest artist at the shows will be Albert Lee and LaGaylia Frazier.

“Now this really lives up to the name Rhapsody in rock. This summer’s concerts will lean more on the rockier side,” Rhapsody in Rock leader Robert Wells said to the Swedish edition of Metro.

Rhapsody in Rock is a music project started by the Swedish piano player Robert Wells in 1989. Every summer the project featuring a symphony orchestra, a rock band, guest artists, backup singers and dancers is one of the most visited tours in Sweden. Rhapsody in Rock has also done appearances at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The music performed is a mix of Wells original compositions, rocked up classical pieces and rock songs done in an orchestral arrangement.

Robert Wells also composed the theme music for the television broadcasts from the olympic games in Beijing 2008.

Here is a clip of Rhapsody in Rock performing Smoke on the Water.

The tour dates:
July 13th – Dalhalla, Rättvik
July 14th – Dalhalla, Rättvik
July 15th – Dalhalla, Rättvik

August 14th – Kastellet, Vaxholm
August 15th – Kastellet, Vaxholm
August 28th – Dalhalla, Rättvik

Rhapsody in Rock on Myspace.

10 Comments to “Glenn Hughes joins Rhapsody in Rock”:

  1. 1
    Bo says:

    Just a GREAT version of “Smoke”. Bring them to Denmark with Sanne – she rocks!

  2. 2
    kraatzy says:

    WOW … What a bombastic sound … LOL … I think, there are 5 guys who made this “a little bit better” with only 4 instruments and a fantastic awfull voice … LOL

    Don´t worry about that, but I don´t like SOTW plagiats.


  3. 3
    leppardsnake says:

    Cool! Vaxholm is one hour away! I’ll be there!

  4. 4
    micke says:

    Maybe the swedish guy singing could be something for purple these days… 😉

  5. 5
    HZ says:

    Just great!

  6. 6
    Kimmen says:

    The guy mentioned is Jan ‘Janne’ Åström. A pretty prominent rock/pop/jazz/musical singer one must say, has come up with fine versions of this and that. (www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_wXiKorFe4) The man doing second verse of SotW is actually opera singer Raymond Björling – yes, a grandson of the super tenor Jussi Björling, second to not many but Pavarotti.

  7. 7
    Sami says:

    How about a tour/a couple of gigs in Finland too, guys…I’m sure that this kind of a package will get the crowds moving!! Cheers

  8. 8
    stefan says:

    I don´t know….The king of cheese, Robert Wells! If I´d keep the integrity intact, I´d stay away from this kind of grand prix sugarcoated cheesorama!

    This is pointless entertainment for the musically impared, and has nothing to do with rock music at all! The exposure in TV just isn´t worth it…..it´s viewers are not gonna stampede the local CD store for the latest GH album anyway, so what´s the point? For heavens sake, my mum likes this show and that just about says it all!!! CHEESY!

  9. 9
    james jay says:

    kind of corny cool. i enjoyed this version of SOTW. It was respectfully pulled off.

  10. 10
    sammy says:

    i agree, theré is only verson of the world most classic guitarr riff, mark 2 line up, gillan, paice, blackmore, lord, glover g man they are fucking legends…..

    LOL SMTW can only play as the was played at the Machine Head album…

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