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Deep Purple sign for new official site

Deep Purple’s managements has contracted Paid Inc. to run an official fan club at a new website, as well as handle online merchandising, sell ‘VIP experience ticket packages’ and ‘develop and direct its official fan community.’

Paid Inc. is currently running Aerosmith’s official fan club among a few other things.

A few days ago Rockit Factory emailed it’s customers that they are closing the store at official band’s web site. They are encouraging anybody who have not received their orders to contact them by email.

From what we understand, Rockit Factory will continue to run deep-purple.com. We wish them and Paid Inc. the best of luck.

The Highway Star will remain the Deep Purple website run by the fans for the fans.

Thanks to Tatti Oscarsson, Daniel Bengtsson and Blabbermouth.net for the info.

36 Comments to “Deep Purple sign for new official site”:

  1. 1
    Chrissy says:

    No DP webbie will be better than THEHIGHWAYSTAR.Keep up the great work we all relly appreciate it.

  2. 2
    Daniel says:

    again, in front to the wrong direction, sorry purple not enough bananas [for adults only] sold yet ?

  3. 3
    Max says:

    The Highway will always be the best purple web site because it is run by purple fans !

  4. 4
    John Bartone says:

    I agree Max…

  5. 5
    Tom Green says:

    Deep-Purple.com is an embarrassment. never updated and shit content. I hope this new website will be good. But does this mean an end to free access to after show parties?

  6. 6
    Paul Sansom says:

    I placed an ordered for a polo shirt from Deep-Purple.com (Rockit Factory) in July 2006 and have never received it, I for one will be glad to see the back of them.

  7. 7
    Emily says:

    “direct its official fan community” – sounds a bit drill-seargeanty. By the left, forward march! I know what they mean but I have misgivings about it.

  8. 8
    Carl says:

    Hope it doesn’t have the look and feel of the Aerosmith site. I just checked it out and it looks awful – targeted to 12 year olds perhaps? Either The Highway Star or DPAS (I love them both) should be the “official” site for the band.

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    And what about the DPAS, the Deep Purple Appreciation Society run by Simon Robinson????!!!
    This is BAD…………..

  10. 10
    69 says:

    If the membership of said “Fan Club” requires credit card payment, they probably should call them Deep Throat Community…

  11. 11
    T says:

    The Highway Star is by far one of the best fan sites and something that I checked almost constantly. I have always found the news to be on the cutting edge and an excellent source of information.

    The DPAS site is also excellent. I cannot imagine anyone doing as good a job as THS and DPAS.

  12. 12
    Charles Hili says:

    As far as Im concerned, The Highway Star is the official site. No other site matches it for content and being up to date. Purple should funnel their money here where it belongs. Keep up the great work guys.

  13. 13
    AndreA says:

    I think like Tom Green says upstair…TheHighwaystar.com is enough to be satified by news and other things…sometime I take something from deep-purple.it,a italian site,just to change…

  14. 14
    dr.robert says:

    DPAS site is good.
    Mark 2 is Deep Purple.

  15. 15
    Anthony Emery says:

    For about 2 years I thought that THS WAS the official DP site!!!
    It’s so good I never even questioned it!!

    Well done to all involved, I check it daily!

  16. 16
    MEGO says:


    no substitute or imitation accepted!!!

    The original.

    I’ll still stay tuned on THS.

  17. 17
    T says:

    Good idea, Charles… You are right. DP would get a heck of a lot more for their money if they channeled their effort into THIS website. I can’t see anything corporate being as good as TheHighwayStar.

  18. 18
    Wolf Schneider says:

    On behalf of the staff here at THS, thanks for the kind words and votes of confidence — it’s nice to be appreciated. We’ll try to continue to be the people’s DP website for as long as we can.

  19. 19
    Jim says:

    THS and DPAS have nothing to worry about, they are the best sites (THS being the best). As far as MK 2 being Deep Purple, if that was so we would not be having these conversations or going to any shows. We would have some vinyls and 8 tracks and only a few memories. You have to change with the times just like our favorite band.

  20. 20
    dr.robert says:

    Ritchie Blackmore
    Jon Lord
    Ian Gillan
    Roger Glover
    Ian Paice


  21. 21
    Mike Quinlan says:

    I agree with Paul Sansom.
    GOOD RIDDENCE to Deep-Purple.com (Rockit Factory).
    I paid for a shirt from them and never got it. I got a lot of bollox from Tatti but no shirt even though they supposedly mailed it three times.
    The Highway Star is the best with Simons a very close second. They should invest here.
    Deep Purple is more than the sum of its parts. Its an evolution in a Roundabout kind of way. I for one am truly glad of this evolution. I get to see them in a few weeks.

  22. 22
    dr.robert says:

    Joe Lynn Turner/David Coverdale
    Steve Morse/Tommy Bolin
    Glenn Hughes/Nick Simper
    Don Airey
    Ian Paice

    This is not Deep Purple. And MK 8 is not Deep Purple.
    These members /without Ian Paice/ are part of history of the name Deep Purple.
    Evolution? No. This is just job now. Good job, but job.

    Deep Purple is:

    Ritchie Blackmore
    Jon Lord
    Ian Gillan
    Roger Glover
    Ian Paice

    Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest!

  23. 23
    cranberry says:

    Deep Purple WERE:-


    Deep Purple ARE:-


    If you dont like what Deep Purple ARE then I guess its ‘TOUGH SHIT’

  24. 24
    Victor says:

    I, too, like many above come to this site – cause it’s the best! I do on occasion visit DPAS. I never visit their “official” site because it is horrible. Wolf & staff are second to none. The lads should reconsider their move to the “corporate” side. Just checking their site reeks of something “smelly”.

  25. 25
    Jim says:

    How many times did Blackmore quit???,he was great but he’s gone get over it. MK 8 is Deep Purple, would you like to see a ticket stub from 7 -24 -07 from an excellent show for proof? You forgot Rod Evans and Joe Satriani.

  26. 26
    Pedro Nunes says:


  27. 27
    dr.robert says:

    Band withhout Ritchie Backmore and Jon Lord is not Deep Purple.

    MK 8 is deep, but not Purple.

  28. 28
    Brent says:

    If the folks who claim that Deep Purple IS Blackmore, Lord, Gillan, Glover, and Paice are so adamant about long-past line-ups, then perhaps we should stick to their logic and say that Deep Purple IS Blackmore, Lord, Evans, Simper, and Paice…. there is no other TRUE Deep Purple.

    The argument is ridiculous, people. Somebody else had a good point that the original concept was that of a roundabout, where musicians would get on, play awhile, then get off. Ritchie came and went, and he’s gone now. His contributions are appreciated, but he’s still gone and he’s not coming back. Jon Lord had the good grace to leave without the narcissistic temper tantrums that attended Blackmore, but he, too, is gone. Now we have two other world-class musicians in the band and Deep Purple continues to make vital, wonderful rock and roll music.

    It never fails to amaze me how many supposedly Deep Purple “fans” do nothing to support the band, but only bitch and complain about anything they do and pine for the return of Blackmore. If I recall, they bitched and complained when Blackers was in the band as well, slagging releases like House of Blue Light, Slaves and Masters, and The Battle Rages On.


    If you’re a fan, please support them instead of dragging them down all the time.

  29. 29
    T says:

    Dang, Brent…well said!

    No two DP albums sound the same, so the argument as to what is the “real” Deep Purple is academic and a matter of taste. Obviously, in the literal sense, the “real” Deep Purple is the current one, and your point of the MkI being the “TRUE” DP since it was the first is also very well made.

    As I have said before on this website, Deep Purple is an attitude and a philosophy of music regardless of the line-up. Certainly the current version carry on with this standard–as well as continuing to evolve in order to remain relevant in the music world. I support them and will continue to support them. They are still one of the best bands in the world, and THE best band in the world for *me*.

    Blackmore left to do what he’s always wanted to do. Ditto Jon Lord. We wish them well, we wish they were back, but we wish the current band all success. As fans we can do that, and we’ll take what DP we can get–in any incarnation. And we can get over a change. It’s not like we haven’t been there before!

    By the way… Am I the only one who liked “Slaves & Masters”? Both my brother and I–longtime fans since 1972–thought it was the best reunion album up until that point (based on the musicianship and the production qualities).


  30. 30
    Charles Hili says:

    Well said guys. The current line up is Deep Purple. Back in 1997, I was fed up with music and the road it was heading. I went for a stroll threw my local record store trying to find something by Deep Purple that I didn’t already have when I came across an album CD called Purpendicular. Astonished, at first I checked the production date on the back and saw that it was current ,so I looked at the line up and saw that it was the the famous line up minus Blackmore. I stumbled to open the case and read more of the insert. Christ I was completely unaware Purple was back in business. I purchased it and hurried to my car faster than Ben Johnson covered the hundred meters.
    I was so nervous I stumbled with the packaging and took ages to get it into my CD player. First song, Ted The Mechanic, second then third Sometimes I feel like screaming. Purple was back in business and life was good again. I still play that album regularly including all the subsequent ones and never miss a concert when they are in Sydney. The rock gods have shone down on purple fans by giving us Steve Morse. Steve Morse and the rest of the guys ARE DEEP PURPLE. There is no doubt about it. Full stop.

  31. 31
    dr.robert says:

    Mk 1 is Deep Purple ofcourse.
    Mk 3 too.
    Mk 4 not.
    Mk 5 /Turner/ is Deep Purple.
    Mk Satriani is not.
    Mk 7 is not.
    Mk 8 is not.

    Band without Blackmore or/or both as mk 8/ Lord is not DP.

    MARK 2 is the real and definite DP. This is the best band ever.

  32. 32
    Cranberry says:

    dr.robert………………….you need to self medicate!!

    Deep Purple are what they are. Blackmore has gone, Lord has gone……….so what!!!

    The band live in the ‘here and now’………………maybe you ‘die hard’ MK2 fanatics should try and do the same

  33. 33
    dr.robert says:

    Yes I’m “die hard” Mk 2 fan.
    Mk 2 was reason to start listen DP, that’s way I can’t accept Blackmore and Lord missing.
    Mk 8 is great band. The best in the world. Gillan, Glover and Paice are still here, but I think the essence of this band was and still is Blackmore.

  34. 34
    Jim says:

    Lets all leave dr.robert to his own little world. Thank goodness that most of us are true DP fans and really enjoy the current group, or any other MK that we might have seen or heard in the past. You just cannot focus on MK 2 and say that is DP because it is simply NOT TRUE.

  35. 35
    dr.robert says:

    “Dr. robert” is true DP and all Mk’s fan. Also Rainbow, WS, BN, IGB, Gillan,PAL, HTP, Fandango, G &G, NS’s Fandango, CB, WH, solo stuff…
    But the biggest truth is MK 2 – Blackmore, Lord, Gillan, Glover and Paice.
    Everything else is variations on theme.

  36. 36
    Big Phil says:

    I like all of the incarnations of DP. I have told people for years that the
    Highwaystar IS the official website. Damn fine job guys.
    I just read the blurb on the Paid Inc. website. They talk about how DP
    got their start in UK in 1969??? Dumbasses.I can see the future of Deep Purple is in fine hands…..Phil

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