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Perfect Strangers from Montreux 2006

We have reported previously that Perfect Strangers is conspicuously missing from the Montreux’2006 release. One fan actually contacted the record company and that’s what they had to say:

Unfortunately the material for Perfect Strangers was not usable so a decision was made, in conjunction with the band, not to include it on either the DVD or CD. It does, however, appear on the second disc in the Hard Rock Cafe performance.

Perfect Strangers is also missing from the otherwise almost complete Japanese TV broadcast of the gig, which suggests there was some kind of technical glitch with the recording.

Thanks to Elinor for the info.

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9 Comments to “Perfect Strangers from Montreux 2006”:

  1. 1
    Karl-Heinz says:

    This seems to be pure nonsense fromt he record company.

    The DVD misses the second part of the Don Airey Solo and “Pefect Strangers”.
    Strangly the French, Swiss and Japanese TV boadcasted both in perfect quality.

    Either the record company thought it is not important for the fans to hae the complete concert, and one “Perfect Strangers” on the double DVD is enough.

    Or the hold it back for a later “collector”- or “tour-edition” or for another compilation, just to make more money from it.

    Sorry for my bad thoughts.

  2. 2
    Russ says:

    Yes. The usual bullsh*t from the record company.

  3. 3
    nsoveiko says:

    Karl-Heinz: i haven’t seen european broadcasts, but it’s definitely not on the japanese one i have.

  4. 4
    João Fernandes says:

    What if there was sutch a glitch in the recording and let´s say … the middle section is missing ? or suddenly the drums are missing during a lot of the song ? I think it´s important to keep the quality standars of the product high, and a glitched recording is not the way to do it ! I belive if they could have included PS , they would !

  5. 5
    Karl-Heinz says:

    Sorry, you’re right. It’s only on the French and Swiss TW-show.

    You can find it here in the video-section (only Perfect Strangers).


    I hope the link is allowed here.


  6. 6
    Apollo says:

    Il just chacked my version (the songs from the french broadcast on econcert and the swiss on TS2) and Perfect Strangers is as good as the rest of the footage. Maybe a little dark during the last part, including the keyboard solo at the end but nothing enough to make it unable to be used on the DVD…

  7. 7
    Russ says:

    How much you want to bet it will be on the HD DVD only?

  8. 8
    Joerg says:

    The title of the following Japanese import CD is a little bit irritating then when PS was too bad to use it on the CD too:

    Live at Montreux 2006: The Complete Version


    Unfortunately I didn’t find a website with a track list…

  9. 9
    Joey DeMaio says:

    Karl-Heinz you are a crazy German Deep Purple Fan. Leave the hall. Don’t you have work?

    Hail and Kill

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