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Smoke On The Water in commercial

Deep Purple’s song “Smoke On The Water” is being used at the end of a commercial in the USA for the automobile “Dodge Avenger“:

Thanks to Tracy Heyder and Gary Poronovich for the information.

16 Comments to “Smoke On The Water in commercial”:

  1. 1
    john says:

    boring song with only 4 easy chords

  2. 2
    Bo says:

    If Smoke is boring, the rest of the world must be wrong

  3. 3
    panos says:

    john you are wrong,you don’t know music..
    sorry,for this,but you must understand,that smoke the water is the power of deep purple!
    you think that,this song,which 4 chords is very easy to play,but i think that you can’t play smoke on the water correct!
    i advise you to look manchine head dvd,which ritchie blackmore explains how to play smoke on the water(because many people,believe that they play correct this song,but they play wrong..)!

  4. 4
    Phyllis Dodger says:

    As Blackmore himself said, Smoke may be the dead simplest of riffs but did anyone say that about Beethoven’s fifth?

  5. 5
    69 says:

    It´s easy to play, but just come up with it.

    What about Louie Louie? Dead easy, absolutly stupendous, but how do you come up with something that simple and yet so catchy and memorable?

  6. 6
    Mark says:

    Why does everything have to be complicated?
    When my 11 year old daughter came home one day after music class in school and played me Smoke on the ukulele it brought a smile to my face. Sometimes simple is good enough.

  7. 7
    rob dykes says:

    ill just say bring on the uk tour I CARNT WAIT

  8. 8
    rob dykes says:


  9. 9
    Eddie says:

    Write a 4 part twin note riff that is accompanied by an anthemic Chorus, (Let’s omit the commercial success of said ditty) have the tune cemented into a multi-generational stream of consciousness & then maybe, just maybe, you might be in a position to comment on this particular tune?

    I refused to play this song for years, but we get 17yr old kids moving convulsively to this tune at our gigs.

    It keeps me in a kind of Rapture that other songs often fail to achieve.

  10. 10
    Brent Baker says:

    When my 6 year old fist saw the commercial he ran screaming up stairs to get me to tell me our favourite song was on Tv. Young people are so smart and have such good taste !!!!!!!!

  11. 11
    denis cusumano says:

    my 5 old daughter sing me the tune as soon as i talk of deep purple . she know that singing it to me is my pleasure . how could it be boring ? there is so much subtility in that music , so much power too that i can’t be tired to re-listen that tune and the others !

  12. 12
    jimmy says:

    dan dan daaan dan dan dan daaan dan dan dan dan daaan ?

  13. 13
    Drdp says:

    The “RIFF” that launched a million guitarists.

  14. 14
    alf + says:

    The people that makes whit simple things -chords- brilliant things -music –
    are a people out of this world, and yes smoke in the water maybe is easy but is really out of this world, if this song is easy every musician in this world would make many smokes, but….
    Only someone easySTUPID say easy stupidities dear john

  15. 15
    Mike says:

    At the end of the commercial, the riff does not sound like Deep Purple’s version of “Smoke on the Water” Does anybody know who’s cover of that song is at the very end of the commercial?

  16. 16
    California Phil says:

    I’m listening to it right now. *The LIVE version off “Made in Japan” is the best. Rock on Deep Purple, rock on!

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