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2024-06-15 – Deep Purple – Bilbao

Deep Purple
Saturday, June 15, 2024
20:00 - confirmed - Age restrictions unknown Buy Tickets
Bilbao Arena
Askatasuna Etorb., 13
Bilbao, Spain 48003

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7 Comments to “2024-06-15 – Deep Purple – Bilbao”:

  1. 1
    jose galvan says:

    hi everyone, please change the word Bilbo. it is not gramatically correct. the only accepted name for my hometown is Bilbao. for some years it was used the other word in our mother language, basque, but today, and for some 25 years now, the word, the name of the town, to be used is ONLY Bilbao. thanks a lot. jose

  2. 2
    Nick says:

    we follow Google for addresses, so you’ll have to convince them first: https://maps.app.goo.gl/dTasYLywNy5284LF9

    and probably, the city council too:

  3. 3
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The HS is presumably not the place to settle Castilian vs Euskara issues and I would normally say that both Bilbao AND Bilbo are equally valid, but Jose’s request is not without merit if you look at what has in fact been agreed in Spain between both sides:

    “The official name of the town is Bilbao, as known in most languages of the world. Euskaltzaindia, the official regulatory institution of the Basque language, has agreed that between the two possible names existing in Basque, Bilbao and Bilbo, the historical name is Bilbo, while Bilbao is the official name.“

    And if Jose, who as I understand identifies as Basque, prefers the Castilian origin name because that is now what both ethnicities have agreed on, then I wouldn’t let Google Maps decide, but follow his request. My two cents only, of course.

    Like a lot of other things in this world, it’s complicated … But whether Bilbao or Bilbo, I’d really like to see that city, it’s supposed to be lovely.

  4. 4
    jose galvan says:

    hi again, Nick,
    well, as you can see on the link you sent me the word is Bilbao (www.bilbaoekintza…..bilbaoarena….)
    more even, the place they will be playing at is Bilbao arena, also included on the link as you can see, and even you put it correctly on the info to the show above this same lines.
    people use to refer to the city as “bilbo” in colloquial language but have to insist it is Bilbao only. the first name of the population, god knows when, it was Bil-Bu, so you know.
    also I should know better than google, as I’m leaving here for 56 years now, and any neighbor of this little town is known for show off of being from here all along the country.
    i can understand you don’t like to change it, but things are what they are.
    best wishes and keep on the good (and hard) work on this web. thanks a lot for your time

    PS: all my life with a growing desire for the band to play Bilbao and as it seems they will never do, because they are gonna play in somewhere in fantasy land, in a place that doesn’t exist. life is extrange… 🙂

  5. 5
    Nick says:

    all right, guys — Bilbao it is.

  6. 6
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Graçias!/Eskerrik asko!

    Now if only everything was as easy.

    (And who says the HS isn‘t educational? I always knew that Basque/Euskara was different to Castilian, but I had no idea it was so VASTLY different from even its origins. I thought it was a bit like Catalan with still Latin roots. It’s not, it is not related to any other Mediterranean language. You live and learn.)

  7. 7
    jose galvan says:

    hi Uwe,
    thanks for helping a bit on this. yes, euskara is a totally different language to any other in Spain, or even in Europe or Eurasia. as it seems, there’s no connection with any other indoeuropean language at all. still an object of study for schollars today. got my degree some 23 years ago and can asure you it’s difficult to learn and use. but really beautiful, as any other language.
    euskaltzaindia, the institution who takes care of euskara’s health, at first used Bilbo, and when they changed opinion (something very common, unfortunately), they decided to still use bilbo to decline the word: bilbotik, bilbora, bilbokoa, etc so that way get an easiest transition from one position to the other. if you take a road around here, it is very common to find both languages on road info, and you’ll find Bilbo a lot, since they decided, or so it seems, not to change them. money? probably.
    best wishes, jose

    PS: I really enjoy your posts here on HS. always interesting, amusing and nice with much respect to everyone and everything.

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