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2008-09-18 – Deep Purple – Caesarea

Deep Purple
Thursday, September 18, 2008
20:00 - - All Ages
Amphitheatre (map)
Caesarea, Israel

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Comment to “2008-09-18 – Deep Purple – Caesarea”:

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    mei says:

    Middle of the night thoughts…

    I have seen them a few days ago in Tel-aviv and almost didn’t get any sleep since. It is almost as if I’m under a spell… The music and this voice of his are still pounding in my head. I can’t get over it. The highlight of the night (and probably of my life) was when the backstage door opened and a tall, handsome, 63 year old god came out and stood right in front of me. I have imagined this moment since I can remember music. so many things i wanted to say… I wanted to say his voice changed me and many events in my life. I wanted to sing for him and move him just as he moved me so many times in my life. I wanted him to sing with me, I wanted him to know I am alive too… all these years of imagining what I would say to him if I will ever see him and when I unbelievably did, all that came out of my lips was: “Cool shades, man…”. Unbelievable… I want to do it all over again, hoping this time I will do things right. Trying fanatically to get a backstage pass for 18.9 show just to correct my stupidity, knowing it wont happen anyway… Until than, I can’t sleep. So I’m writing oblivious letters to no one on the net. Maybe some day he will hear of me and my voice… a girl can dream awake, can’t she?

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