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tHis is the tHing#1

The renowned Purple tribute band Purpendicular is releasing an album of original material titled tHis is the tHing#1 on March 6. It is an 11-track concept album featuring guest appearances by Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Don Airey, Steve Morse, and Neil Murray, among others. The release party will be held in Paderborn, Germany, also on March 6. After that the band will embark on an extensive European tour with Ian Paice taking the seat behind the drums on 5 dates.

Track listing:

  1. Somebody Done It
  2. Dancing In A Cage
  3. Only To Laugh At
  4. The Rain Is Gone
  5. If It’s Possible
  6. Business Is Business
  7. Off My Trolley
  8. Broken Bones
  9. Crazy
  10. Keep Me Away
  11. Samara

Purpendicular tHis is the tHing#1

The album will be sold at the shows or can be ordered by contacting the band at purpend.icular@gmx.net

Thanks to Classic Rock for the info.

14 Comments to “tHis is the tHing#1”:

  1. 1
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Sort of like ‘Demon’s Eye’ with Doogie White I presume? Good for them. I look forward to it. The Demon’s Eye offering was exceptional. I have a feeling this will be good too. Great musicians. Song writing is a different story though. I hope they make it their own and pave the way for a future, outside their TRIBUTEVILLE existence. I had high hopes for ‘Demon’s Eye’ to continue on with more stuff. Thus far, it hasn’t happened. Question…. Why Not? What a great album “The Stranger Within” was. The next should have followed suite with some stretching out. Doogie brought it. The Band played it. Surely there will be a follow-up to this great album. Hopefully this offering from Purpendicular will follow suite. Hey, Ian Paice is involved…. it’s a no-brainer. Will be awesome for sure! Looking forward to it.



  2. 2
    igor says:

    saw them with paice live.the Boys are good.but the Drummer left the band.however.good stuff

  3. 3
    al says:

    I came across only last night about e band,Danish rock band,Cornerstone and Dougie was in three of the their albums,I was shocked how good the music was and much passion and big input Dougie had.I am very harsh and I don’t really like a lot of things,But this albums blew me away especially the last one on 2003 with Dougie.I don’t like Dougie last album with Michael Schenker and his involvement with Yngwie Malmsteen but he is a good musician/singer.I hope his last one with MSG is better.

  4. 4
    LRT says:

    You look forward to that voice? Members guesting, true artists paying tribute to tributes, it really is a new world full of headliners for openers.

  5. 5
    Claudius says:

    I went to a Demon’s Eye show last weekend. At the end of a brilliant evening the Drummer announced the release of a new album and a tour with Doogie White in autumn! I am really looking forward to this as the first album was great!

  6. 6
    Svante Axbacke says:

    I agree about Cornerstone! I had the good fortune of seeing them live in a small club in Copenhagen a bunch of years ago and it was very good indeed!

  7. 7
    al says:


    I cannot stop listening their last one with Dougie “once upon our yesterday” great album! One of the best DW has been involve with,after Rainbow reunion.Just,great music,great musicians and the songwriting and the production are just amazing.I hope he goes back for another one at some point,since Dougie is very busy singer lately and on high demand.

  8. 8
    Theo says:

    Saw Cornerstone live with Doogie in Belgium and saw Demon’s Eye with Doogie 6 times (Belgium,Holland and Germany).
    Doogie is the perfect singer for this kind of bands.

  9. 9
    al says:

    @ 1

    I was Listening to Demon’s eye Stranger within…very Rainbowish i should say,but it makes since the band covered Purple and Rainbow songs if i’m not mistaken.not bad even though I am not very enthusiastic about taking some template and putting your own lyrics and music,first song Unknown Stranger is nothing but Gates of Babylon,(not even subtle) second similar to Hot Line of Back sabbath with Gillan and heaven again at first i thought was Not Responsible and the delivery of Dougie is very much Gillanesque lol Anyway it is very pleasant album….Tracy I think Dougie is involve with Schenker and that is why their plans for a second album are on hold,anyway it will be nice to see this band evolve and see some more music.

    Guys please if you have some bands that you think is worth listening to,keep me posted.I am trying to discover all the good rock n roll bands around. cheers

  10. 10
    Dora says:

    Chapeau bas Purpendicular! Amazing album, pure pleasure to listen to it! Looking forward to see you live guys, cheers.

  11. 11
    Hristo says:

    Just got a chance to listen to it… and i should say the album is A Monster. Very high levels and standards of songwriting, playing and production. Plenty original ideas and song constructions. A must have for every rock music lover.

  12. 12
    al says:


    where can i purchase the album,do they have any websites? cannot seem to find one.

  13. 13
    Hristo says:

    @12: The album will be sold at the shows or can be ordered by contacting the band at purpend.icular@gmx.net

  14. 14
    marcin says:

    Got the Album, a Monster is correct Hristo….great Production with many surprises in it. I expected something totally different.
    I agree here with Al when he says that German Band Demonds Eye copied everything from Rainbow. Anyone can take templates and rework them. Thank god here was not the case.
    Looking forward to see them in October! Rock on!

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