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From the desk of Mr. Glover: Seijiro Udo R.I.P

Sadly, one of the greatest promoters has passed on. Mr. Udo was not
only a superb businessman but a deeply passionate advocate for music in
Japan. He could always be counted on as a dignified and sincere
presence in our lives. He and his remarkable team supported Deep Purple
and many others with professional courtesy and generosity over decades
of touring in Japan. As a giant of the music business, he was a disarmingly
humble man who unfailingly gained respect from all who knew him. He
became a friend, whose warm smile of welcome will be sorely missed.
Profound commiserations to his family.
Roger Glover

4 Comments to “From the desk of Mr. Glover: Seijiro Udo R.I.P”:

  1. 1
    Uwe Hornung says:

    May the Kami welcome him,


    Tommy and Jon could make quite a reception racket together!

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    I do vaguely remember Mr Udo from older rock magazine articles. No doubt a nice man & pleasant to work with by the sound of it. That is a life well lived. RIP

  3. 3
    Ivica says:

    The most important album of DP’s career was recorded in Japan ..MIJ (1972), also two concert albums (Last… and “To the Rising Sun”) also the DP family live albums had a (Japan-Tokyo) trademark: Ian Gillan Band “Live in Budokan”,Glenn Hughes”Burning Japan Live”,Whitesnake “Made in Japan”,Rainbow “On Stage” (large parts, deft hands of Martin Birch) and “Live in Japan (1984)
    Hard and Heavy sound, important bands recorded and published concert albums: Ozzy O “Live at Budokan” (2002) MSG
    “One Night at Budokan” (1981), “The 30th Anniversary Concert – Live in Tokyo 2010” , and “The Michael Schenker Story Live” (1997), Scorpions “Tokyo Tapes “(1978), Cheap Trick “At Budokan” ( 1978),Judas Priest “Unleashedu In the East” (1979)Alcatrazz “Live Sentence” (1984),Dream Theater “Tokyo, Japan (1995),”Images and Words – Live in Japan “(2017), and “Beyond – Live In Japan “(2017)
    Mr Big had a whole series… Raw Like Sushi (1990),Raw Like Sushi II (1992),Japandemonium (1994),Live at the Budokan (1997),”In Japan”(2002),”Return to the Budokan”(2009 )..
    They also have live (Japanese-Tokyo) albums: Bob Dylan, Clapton, Chicago, Blur, RHCP, Brayan Adams, Chic, PIL…
    Rock promoter Mr. Udo probably has a lot of credit.
    The Japanese traditionally believe that the body and soul of a person are different parts. When someone dies, it does not necessarily mean that it is the end of their existence, because a person’s soul can live on.
    Mr. Udo will live

  4. 4
    janbl says:

    Happy 78th birthday Roger.


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