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Drumming is mathematics

And to spare you trying to click the unclickable link, here it is…

Music: Yukihide YT Takiyama and YOYOKA
Arrangement: Yukihide YT Takiyama

YOYOKA – Drums
Yukihide YT Takiyama – Guitar
Rhonda Smith – Bass
Derek Sherinian – Keys

6 Comments to “Drumming is mathematics”:

  1. 1
    James Steven Gemmell says:

    Yoyoka is learning to play with more control as she gets older. An amazing talent and now she’s refining her skills.

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Not sure whether I subscribe to that “drumming is mathematics”-theory. Mathematics can help you explain and describe drum patterns, yes, but the human urge to drum also exists/existed among the most archaic civilizations/tribes – those that knew/know no numerical system at all and which are/were even oblivious of basic counting. Drumming is more primal, it cameand comes before math. African poly- and cross-rhythms are numerically intricate, yet in all their complexity they do without any culturally conscious math background. You can be in time and not count. And you can be a math genius and mot be able to keep time.

    Unless, of course, you say that math is a so fundamental basis/law of nature and human existence that it is always there and defining us and the world around us, irrespective of whether we are aware of it or not.

    End of philosophy class. Yoyoka of course plays excellently. It can’t be long until she shows up on a Jeff Beck album! I have a title for it already: “You Do The Math!”

    : – )

  3. 3
    nupsi59 says:

    …and don’t forget: Derek Sherinian on keyboards…
    Have a nice Day!

  4. 4
    Peter says:

    It would be great deciding by Mr. Paicey
    doing a record like “Superdrumming”
    with most talented young Drummers with
    Senior musicians like Beck , Bonamassa,
    Sheridan, Airey , Ronda Smith , Tal Wilkenfeld etc. -. as an idea….

  5. 5
    Dr. Bob says:

    There is a link between learning instrumental music and learning math where studying one helps students learn the other. It’s been theorized that both use the same cognitive function, but the question about cause and effect has yet to be discovered.

  6. 6
    Uwe Hornung says:

    Yes, math very possibly is a fundamental law of nature/existence that lies at the core of all things, whether always apparent to us or not. We’re all born with a heartbeat and a breathing rhythm of life.

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