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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Here is a small collection of various odds and ends that accumulated in our mailbox over the past few weeks. They might be of interest, but probably each of them don’t warrant a separate post.

A German band called Santiano has been spotted recycling props from the inFinite photo shoot:

reduce, reuse, recycle

And now for something completely different… An Italian band Quintorigo did a cover of Highway Star. There are no guitars, basses, hammonds, or drums. The lineup includes a saxophone, an upright bass, a cello, and a violin. Might not be to everybody’s taste, but then again here’s something you don’t hear every day.

Kids are always cute, right? Especially when they try their teeth on Burn.

Thanks to Tobias Janaschke and andrea cavallo.

7 Comments to “Reduce, reuse, recycle”:

  1. 1
    MacGregor says:

    Well done to the young ones, good to see. I was then giving Quintorigo a listen hoping it would be an instrumental & yes I killed it as soon as that woeful vocal attempt commenced. Back to the children again, a wonderful effort indeed playing Burn. Cheers.

  2. 2
    Uwe Hornung says:

    The Italians have real instrumental energy with a nice anarchic touch (the vocalist sounds a bit like the guy from System of a Down) and the stern little drummer girl will go somewhere if she sticks (thinking about it now: yeah, pun intended!) to it.

  3. 3
    Gary Poronovich says:

    Wow – those kids!!… When I was that age I think I was tyrying build go carts out of scrap wood !
    That guitarist/keyboardist and that drummer!!..

  4. 4
    Buttockss says:

    The singer is the next Ian, lets hear Child in Time. Good to see the youths carrying Rock n Roll into the future. Shame though can’t be the same here in the states.

  5. 5
    Chris says:

    Reduce. That’s funny.

  6. 6
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Kudos to the youth keeping our generation’s music alive and kicking. At that age I was piecing spare mini-bike parts together putting 50 cents per gallon gas in the tank. But then inside to my Purple vinyl and all the other bands we give shout outs to on the board. And too damn bashful to sing with the high school R&R band when the bass player, who handled all of the vocals, asked me to come to a rehearsal and sing as my elder brother had done with him in an acoustic band.

    But dare I digress. :>


  7. 7
    Paulo Glover says:

    YEAH!! Traditional grip!! Just like Cozy 🙂 I think Ian Paice would like to see this one. And the guitar solo with hammers (eruption burns 🙂 ). Very nice band, kids like that will keep rock music alive.

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