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All Day and All Night Long

Graham Bonnet is currently touring UK with his band, and they are posting a tour documentary called All Day and All Night Long as they go along.

Part 1:

Part 2 (including Graham claiming that the infamous story of him sneaking out the fire escape to get a haircut during his Rainbow days is, ahem, slightly exaggerated):

Further installments will be posted to The Metal Voice Youtube channel.

Thanks to the film producer Jimmy Kay for the heads up.

6 Comments to “All Day and All Night Long”:

  1. 1
    Greg Furlong says:

    One of the great hard rock singers, Rainbow’s “Down to Earth” remains one of my favourite albums of all time.
    You have to laugh, Ritchie Cracks the sod’s for Graham cutting his hair and if you look at Rainbow’s new vocalist his hair is Shorter than Graham ever wore his.
    Typical typical Ritchie Blackmore …. consistently inconsistent!

    Grat pity was I would have loved another Rainbow Album featuring Graham Bonnet who was a far better vocalist than Joe Lyn Turner and better again than the current choice of vocal Ronnie Romero!
    All night Long Graham , looking forward to the concerts in Australia!

  2. 2
    MacGregor says:

    At 6.30 the hair cut rave commences! I thought when Blackmore was telling his stories from the past, how good is his memory of these events? Funny to hear though either way! Classic. Let’s face it, Bonnet did look out of place in the 70’s as a rocker, especially in a band like Rainbow! Cheers.

  3. 3
    nupsi59 says:

    1979/1980 was not the time for rockmusic. Yes, there were Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Priest and AC/DC recorded “Back in Black”, but this years belonged to bands like Supertramp, The Police and Dire Straits…

    A short haired singer in a rockband doesn’t really matter, even Bruce Dickinson has short hair for a while…

    By the way, you can watch (and download) the Ritchie Blackmore Story from this page: http://zumvo.so/movies/the-ritchie-blackmore-story-2015-full-movie-putlocker.html

    Have a nice Day!

  4. 4
    MacGregor says:

    nupsi59 @ 3- thanks for the Blackmore link. A disappointing history documentary in many ways. Predictably too much filler material & some woeful editing. Why have current day rockers talking at the beginning of Blackmore’s life???????? All that should have been left till later when the story is unfolding & has been told etc. Also the way it jumps from ‘Shades’ to MK2 then back to the orchestral era, then back to MK1’s second & third album briefly, then back to Mk2. Something like that anyway & it is madness & it makes me wonder who did the editing. I would be confident in providing Blackmore’s history to a small child & after they read it etc, they could place everything in the correct historical order. Still good to see for other pieces though. Cheers.

  5. 5
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it…. sorry, got carried away there for a moment. Truth is that I don’t give a damn about haircuts or fancy clothes, I just love Graham’s excellent vocal stylings. I suppose that all of those 70’s singers are getting a bit worn out now (I’m no spring chicken myself), but bless their little hearts, don’t we still just love them?. Enjoy ’em while you still can!.

  6. 6
    nupsi59 says:

    @4 MacGregor, thanks for your statements.

    Yes, compared to the wonderful “Highway Star – A Journey in Rock”, this one is disoriented in many ways, a loveless thrown-together.

    No words for Jon Lord’s passing, I remember reading somewhere that Jon Lord visited him at his home in Long Island a few months before his death.

    A really dissapointing “story of ritchie blackmore”!

    Let’s forget it and wait for the summer gigs!

    Have a nice Day!

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