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In the eyes of the world

Rainbow performing Eyes of the World at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ, on December 1, 1979. The sound is rough around the edges as the mix is still being “finalized”, but the performance is smokin’:

Thanks to anastasisK1982gr for uploading the video and to Kostya for the heads up.

47 Comments to “In the eyes of the world”:

  1. 1
    DaBoss Robert says:


  2. 2
    Larry Toering says:

    Definitely piece-worthy!

  3. 3
    Corey Schmid says:

    great local venue back in the day here in northern nj

  4. 4
    IKEN says:

    🙂 Wow!! this makes me remeber isstadion here in Stockholm,january 1980….<3

  5. 5
    Matt Love says:


  6. 6
    Patrick Michels says:

    Nice Ritchie solo

  7. 7
    Michele Mick Ritchie Teso says:

    Only guitarrrrr

  8. 8
    Anthony says:

    Thanks for the upload! Oh so much I wish for a ‘proper’ live album from the Graham Bonnet era Rainbow..any bootlegs I have heard have been amazing.

  9. 9
    Janet Smith says:


  10. 10
    Ivica says:

    Great Rainbow album “Down To The Earth, “and the best instrumetalna setup with Glover and Airey, Ritchie still had the will, anger in itself to prove ,”Eyes of the World” concert powerfully played, as well as what is on the album, Bonnet worthy replacement for Ronnie, powerful voice, too bad he did not stay long
    real rock, pure hard rock

  11. 11
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I want the COMPLETE DVD!!!!!

    Lets do crowdfunding or something, whatever 🙂

  12. 12
    Rock Voorne says:

    Wonderful to see and brings back a lot memories. Hopefully the complete show can be released, maybe bef the sound up with a soundboard recording ?

  13. 13
    Rock Voorne says:

    What was Don thinking? I am in a disco band so I can move my ass around like that?

  14. 14
    roman kovalev says:

    Amazing! Bonnet-beautiful singer and good showman. Ritchie – great as usual…

  15. 15
    Ted The Mechanic says:

    Wow, never thought I would see any live footage from this tour let alone this venue. I was at this gig. The Capitol Theater was a small movie house, not a bad seat in the house. But a real bad neighborhood.

    They were tight, oh were they tight. And the bonus? Scorpions opening up (Lovedrive tour) and found out Schenker had left mid tour and Matthias Jabs back in announced over the radio waves prior to the gig. Scorpions were also tight and, although being a huge Schenker admirer, was duly impressed with Matthias.

    And memory of the night was Ritchie pulling the strings off of his Strat, not waxing it on the stage floor, and handing it out to the audience. A free for all ensued and to this day would love to know who was able to walk out with the banjo, bruises and all!

    Ah, the good ole days. The list of bands who appeared there including The Stones & The Who are endless. Long live John Scher and Monarch Entertainment! :>


  16. 16
    Shmuel Chaim says:

    i live in Passaic now

  17. 17
    cyclone says:

    R-bow helped me get through the down times while serving in the military. Is was said more than once the Bonnet was my look-alike : )

  18. 18
    Oleg Sokolov says:

    Это что за херня????

  19. 19
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    This was a pro-vid. Hopefully more to come and with proper mixing. Great version and right at the beginning of this lineup. Too bad there is no camera on Cozy. Ritchie was in his prime then. One also forgets Roger used to do some back-up vocals too. Something that should have carried over into Purple after the reunion and today. Great vid though and sure does make one crave for more. Fingers crossed!


  20. 20
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Here is a nice piece from Monsters of Rock 1980 along with an interview with Cozy Powell….


  21. 21
    Wiktor says:

    “Down to Earth” was a great Rainbow album. It had one leg in the hard rock lane and the other in the more soft Foreigner lane. My favourite songs was and still is Eyes of the World, Danger zone and Lost in Hollywood great riffs from Ritchie. He will Always be “the Man” I dont care what anybody says… Long Live Rock´Roll!!

  22. 22
    Scott W. says:

    What a nice surprise! This is why i am still a Fan! I could watch Ritchie play Rock all day! Just like Hwy Star from Copengagen 1972 where you can barely hear RB’s guitar at first. Here, all you can hear at first is the guitar. At 1:50 Ritchie motions to turn Cozy up. Wonder why at some early shows the soundcheck was’nt used or effective? Really raw playing and at least 4 camera’s are used. I wonder who professionally filmed this? Where has it been? Man on the Silver Mtn. is even better. Click the YT link. Some great Uli Jon Roth (another fave) era Scorpions on this guy’s channel as well. Wonder if the whole Rainbow Show exists?

  23. 23
    Mark Gowans says:

    Not sure the sight of a young Don Airey wiggling his backside was worth showing 😉 great playing from tmib though.

  24. 24
    George Martin says:

    I was at that show, man does that video bring back memories. I can’t believe how fast the last 34 years have gone by. Is there any chance there’s more of this show and will it be released? It looks like an official recording to me. Please someone find out and let us know. I was in the 10th row so I’ll keep watching and see if I can find myself. Thanks for posting this!

  25. 25
    Dave Smale says:

    Brilliant to see this – it’s probably my favourite track on Down To Earth. Amazing stuff from Ritchie. I know he is happy doing what he does now, and good luck to him, but I wonder if he ever looks back at old clips like this, grabs his Strat and thinks, “Let me see how that solo went again…….”

  26. 26
    al says:

    what is so is about this guys ?? the audio and the visual is horrible !

  27. 27
    al says:

    cancel that,once you re past the first sequences it gets better ,wow !!! I can see why the old timers are so nostalagic about Blackmore’s playing back in the 70’s

  28. 28
    Jerry says:

    Currently compiling a book on all official Rainbow recordings so this was a welcomed surprise. Would like to know if the record company or management recorded this. Can the person who uploaded it shed further light? My guess is also that the original footage would have been in colour, but could be wrong on that account, but if not, then it is curious as to the reason behind filming it.

  29. 29
    Moreblack says:

    There is no super hero like Ritchie Blackmore in action in this world wich the eyes can see

  30. 30
    Moreblack says:

    Why they don’t release the Castle donnington 1980 concert both dvd and cd?

  31. 31
    Chip says:

    Too bad Ritchie couldn’t take Bonnet’s stage presence and short hair. His vocals really would have worked much better for the early 80’s Rainbow than JLT. It would have kept a rockier edge to the songs…with less squeeliness.

    I would love a proper live LP from this incarnation as well. Looking forward to more of this concert.

  32. 32
    Svante Axbacke says:

    If I remember correctly, back in the days of video tape, if you played a tape done in one format (say NTSC, as this is from the USA) on a player made for another format, one of the problems was that the color disappeared. Anyone remember if this was correct? Anyway, it seems weird that something like this should have been recorded in b/w.

  33. 33
    Svante Axbacke says:

    Is it true that in the Stockholm show, Bonnet said something like this:

    GB: Do you like rock ‘n’ roll?!
    Crowd: YeeeeeAaaaaah!
    GB: I said, do you like rock ‘n’ roll?!?!
    GB: I don’t.

  34. 34
    Anders Altzarfeldt says:

    Very good, look at this link and you will se more if you sign in. http://www.concertvault.com/rainbow/video/track-2_1010308.html

  35. 35
    Guntis says:

    Bonnet is artifical and un-natural, silly pretending being “aflame”. What a nonsense to have him, no wonder – fired shortly. Ritchie great.

  36. 36
    HardRockPete says:

    Priceless! Just priceless!!! Magic!!!!

  37. 37
    purrfect stranger says:

    Bonnet was a sensational STUDIO vocalist. Down to Earth was one of the greatest albums ever made. Bonnet was also incredible with Malmsteen in Alcatraz. Having said all of that he did seem a bit out of place as a live vocalist. Would had loved to hear a second studio album from this lineup.

  38. 38
    Hwy St*r says:

    Wow! Was at this show too! 2nd time seeing Rainbow at “the Cap”. First was June 1978 on LLRNR tour with Uriah Heep on the bill! What great shows and great memories! Thanx for video.

  39. 39
    Anthony says:

    I was reading about The Capitol Theatre and apparently they had ‘in-house’ video cameras which recorded bands who played there and it was always filmed in black and white

  40. 40
    Rob Hebenaar says:

    Complete release of this show on dvd and cd will do. And the Castle Donington show from 1980 as well.

  41. 41
    Jerry says:

    Anthony @39, can you supply the link where you read about the Capitol Theatre’s in house system. If that was the case, then it’s almost certain that it was mixed on the hoof. It certainly sounds like it, which is a shame as it makes it less likely that multi-tracks exist.

  42. 42
    Scott W. says:

    @32 Svante, Yes you are correct. As a big collector of any footage of RB, i remember when the 1970 DP Paris footage first surfaced it was in B&W. I remember hearing that it was a transfer from French Seacam VHS (or some sort) that lost the color when transferred to NTSC or PAL. Of course this turned out to be true, as a few years later we got that show in color and it is now officially released.
    The whole N.J. Rainbow show is also here thanks to purpleshade:


  43. 43
    Anthony says:

    Jerry @41 This is the link


  44. 44
    al says:

    I may be wrong,as much as I dislike JLT,I’m not a big fan of Graham Bonnet. either Isn’t he a little bit of bore singing the same way every song,over the top and in screaming way!

  45. 45
    MacGregor says:

    al@44- I agree al, he (Bonnet) is a ‘pop’ singer, remember the single Warm Ride! I couldn’t believe it when I read all those years ago that he was Rainbow’s new vocalist! From Dio to Bonnet, what a joke! He is not a rock vocalist & he struggles trying to sing hard rock!
    DTE has a fair bit of a mediocre soft commercial style to it & the songs are not of good quality. Rainbow’s weakest album by a long shot, Straight Between The Eyes is also a weak album, but compared to DTE, it is a strong album!
    Bonnet simply didn’t work in Rainbow, it is obvious, why wasn’t there a second album? They had to move on & JLT was a more positive move in the vocal department! I have always cringed at his (JLT) stage presence, but as long as I don’t have to look at him, that is ok by me! He knows how to sing melodically & that is the most important aspect to being a vocalist! Cheers.

  46. 46
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ronnie wasnt a rocksinger earlier on either so why should WARM RIDE be the proof that Graham could not deliver majestic vocals on a heavy rock album?

    Albums like DTE, Assault Attack and the first two Alcatraz show his versatility too.

    And he wasnt just a shouter.

    See the dvd with Vai in Japan.


  47. 47
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    PP @46;

    You are quite correct here, GB had/has a fine voice. His style of singing came across as strained, but it had lot’s of range and yes versatility. He put everything he had into it when hitting the highs. His neck vessels looked as though they were going to burst and his face was red as a beat, but he cranked it out. I don’t think that was his comfort zone, but he put in the effort and pulled it off. His obvious and admitted obsession with the late ‘James Dean’ was depicted in his attire and the way he carried himself. He usually sang about it during his live shows towards the end. That gave him a whole different look and was quite the contrast to the typical ‘poster boy’ hard rock front man. I found him delightful and his Rainbow era was top notch. Short lived unfortunately. A follow-up to ‘DTE’ I believe would have been a winner. Then came JLT……. : (


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