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Celebrating The Battle Rages On live

We’ve mentioned this band before, when Ian Paice played with them, Purpendicular, one of the greatest Deep Purple tribute bands around (and competition is fierce).

Purpendicular with Paice and Glover

Purpendicular consist of UK and European musicians with the ability and determination to perform Deep Purple’s music.

Purpendicular tour poster 2013In 2012, Purpendicular criss-crossed the European continent with their 40th anniversary Machine Head show. For 2013 they’ve prepared something slightly more exotic – a 20th anniversary The Battle Rages On tour.

Since 1993, this tour has remained a favourite of mine, so naturally I have high hopes for Purpendicular’s version. They usually come well prepared and always try to add something different to their set.

Celebrating Deep Purple’s 1993 set – Come Hell Or High Water if you like – they promise to include The Battle Rages On tracks such as Anya, the title track, A Twist in the Tale and Talk About Love. But also older and newer tracks like Highway Star, Walk On, Mistreated, Child in Time, Fools, When a Blind Man Cries and a bit of Jon Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra to honour the late great Maestro.

I saw two of Purpendicular’s shows in 2012, and even with a last-minute stand-in guitarist, they were spot on and showed both an excellent time for the audience and great respect for the music in a two-set evening of Purple tinted fun.

Further down this page, you’ll see Purpendicular’s elaborate tour schedule for 2013, but do check out also this clip from their tour last year. Beyond the shameless endorsement in the beginning, you’ll see examples of both Purpendicular’s music and and their tour antics… 🙂

Highly recommended.


Purpendicular live in 2013

04.01.2013 Germany Straubing Raven
11.01.2013 Germany Berlin JWD
12.01.2013 Germany Dresden Tante Ju
28.01.2013 Russian Federation Moscow Svetlanov Hall
30.01.2013 Russian Federation Samara Maximilians
31.01.2013 Russian Federation Kazan Maximilians
08.02.2013 Germany Bremen Meisenfrei
09.02.2013 Germany Hamburg Downtown Blues Club
14.02.2013 Poland Wroclaw Firlej
15.02.2013 Poland Krakow Rotunda
16.02.2013 Poland Katowice Katofonia
22.02.2013 Germany Fulda Alte Piesel
23.02.2013 Germany Düsseldorf (Neuss) Hamtorkrug
01.03.2013 Switzerland Montreux NED Music Club
02.03.2013 France Samoens Le Bois aux Dames France
22.03.2013 Germany Maulbronn Live Music Park
30.03.2013 Netherlands Kerkrade Rock Temple
04.04.2013 Germany Hamburg Marias Ballroom
05.04.2013 Denmark Randers Tante Olga
26.04.2013 Germany Freiberg Tivoli
27.04.2013 Germany Plauen The Ranch
03.05.2013 Germany Köln Kantine
04.05.2013 Netherlands Sint-Michielsgestel Cafe Zaal Overberg
19.05.2013 UAE Dubai City Hall
06.07.2013 Germany Affalterbach 7 Eichen Open Air
06.09.2013 Netherlands Weert De Bosuil
05.10.2013 Germany Schortens Fair Cafe
06.10.2013 Germany Rheda Blues Club
18.10.2013 Germany Ebesbach OKV
19.10.2013 Germany Torgau Kulturbastion
27.11.2013 Belarus Minsk TBC

More info at www.purpendicular.eu

Also, drummer Bernhard Welz previously did a couple of Concerto concerts with Jon Lord, and also released a solo CD with several Purple members guesting.

18 Comments to “Celebrating The Battle Rages On live”:

  1. 1
    Sal says:

    Why don’t these cool tours ever come to the USA? Boo Hoo.

  2. 2
    Kåre B says:

    I’am not a fan of this. I’am a huge fan of DP, and i have seen far better than this from bands like wanna bee DP. Sorry Rasmus Heide. Thumb down from me!

  3. 3
    Wildtrooper says:

    Nice playing Rasmus 🙂

  4. 4
    micke says:

    Thanks Rasmus. Great info about this, as it seems very, very qualified dp cover band!

  5. 5
    Christoph says:

    i saw them recently. to be honest the singers voice is NOT made for the purple songs. he struggled through the whole show. only the drummer is very good. but that’s it.
    i wonder why THS is doing promotion for such an average tribute band!?!?!? ‘cronyism’ come to my mind…

  6. 6
    Pete says:

    I totally agree with Christoph !!!

  7. 7
    Masse444 says:

    Listen to this band from Sweden (Mark III), only doing Mark III stuff of course. Ever heard anyone sound so much like Glenn Hughes ca: 1973?? Except for Glenn Hughes 🙂 This is the best Purple coverband I’ve heard, beats the shit out of most purple-coverbands

  8. 8
    Masse444 says:

    Here’s another one from Mark III, very good version!

  9. 9
    hobo says:

    i saw them with Ian Paice and with Bernhard Welz on drums.think is a good coverband.but not more.regards from austria

  10. 10
    Hartmut says:


    the only difference is, that THIS band played with all members of DP. Thats why they are related.

    So dont talk shit about “wannabe”… It is a TRIBUTE!
    do you know, what that means? seems not!

    Then dont waste your time in this section… Funny that you take time to post something then.


  11. 11
    Per S. says:

    If Rasmus recommends this, I would be going…

  12. 12
    marcinn says:

    I’m going to go and check them out when they come to Katowice in Poland. They sound rather good.

  13. 13
    T says:

    Like a lot of Deep Purple aficionados, I am not a fan of tribute bands per se and am not sure if I would go to see one.

    However, one should keep in mind that there will be a time when the only way to see Deep Purple’s music played live is via bands like these–and there is something to be said for the devotion these musicians have in studying the music and technique of our favorite band–and in keeping it alive. That some have played with actual members of Purple lends a degree of legitimacy, but I do not think this is necessarily required. Additionally, it could be argued that the playing on the part of these musicians constitutes a certain amount of historical research. It would be interesting to see if they could apply this knowledge and write original songs in the style of Deep Purple.

    It should also be noted that some tribute bands devote themselves to eras which Deep Purple unfortunately totally ignore. That being said, tribute bands have their place in the scheme of hard rock music and the specific context of Deep Purple.

  14. 14
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Great entry ‘T’. The fact that there are as many Purple Tribute bands in existence sends a message that Purple is a true iconic band which is obvious to the most casual observer. Once they call it quits they will escalate the attraction to see those bands play the music LIVE. Pink Floyd is a perfect example for this. There are Floyd Tribute bands that are quite the draw due to the fact that the actual band has called it quits. As for writing their own material in the vein of the original, ‘Demons Eye’ with Doogie White is very capable and has done just that. If you haven’t yet, check their CD “Stranger Within”. A truly great album of original tunes, all in the reflection of Purple and Purple Split Groups. We are blessed with the fact that Purple is still touring and even more important, putting out new music, but once they are gone, I personally would gladly go to a tribute gig to hear the music that has been a huge part of my life played LIVE as it meant to be heard.


  15. 15
    Christoph says:

    hartmut said:

    :::the only difference is, that THIS band played with all members of DP. Thats why they are related.:::

    this is not true, even if their official press release says they are “the only Tribute in the World to have played and Performed with all the Original members of Deep Purple”.

    they are stretching the truth. as far as I know the band purpendicular played with ian paice, with JLT and one song with roger glover.

    i think DP have had a few more original members 😉

  16. 16
    Bo says:

    Well Rasmus – I did NOT know that. Fun and great at the same time.
    see you soon 🙂

  17. 17
    Ivano Bosello says:

    Ok but it’s just a Tribute Band…

  18. 18
    Tracy(Zero the Hero)Heyder says:

    Speaking of “Thanks and Celebration”, I’d like to make mention to the fact that it is the 20th Anniversary of “The Highway Star” and to send my complete and total thanks in admiration of the folks who have successfully and quite professionally and passionately been responsible for first putting together and continuing to run the absolute best site, revolving around the absolute best Band on the planet. Thank you ‘THS’ for keeping it up and providing a place for all of us extremely weird folks from all over the world to gather and hash over and about these musical icons that we love and admire. We have become a part of each others extended family it seems over the years. Like bickering siblings who actually truly have each others back due to the nucleus of the relationship. DEEP PURPLE. Pretty cool if you ask me…….

    Icing on the cake is that there will be a New Purple album released this year also. 2013, a very good year for Purpleville.

    Hats off and a big giant CHEERZ to you all!!!! Happy 20th my Brothers and Sisters.

    From Tracy (Zero the Hero) Heyder

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