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For now particular reason. Just made me burst.

I remember my 14 year-old niece. She was wearing a t-shirt that said “The Beatles” as everyone in her school wore them.

I asked her if she ever listened to “The Beatles” and she replied “Who?” and I said “The Beatles, you know like your T-Shirt says.” and then she said “What kind of music do they play? Are they rappers or techno or heavy metal?” I said “No, they were Rock and Roll, classic Rock and Roll, like from the 1960’s.” and she said “What kind of songs did they play?” and I said “Yellow Submarine, Yesterday, A Hard Day’s Night, and a few others.” she said “They sound silly, are they still alive?” I said “No, two of them are dead.” and she said “Then how do they play their music, did they replace the two dead guys yet?” I said “They had like over 200 songs and they are trying to digitze them into new formats.” and she said “How can they digitize them when half the band is dead?” and I asked “How could you wear a Beatles logo T-shirt and not know who they are?” and she said “It is a fashion trend at our school, everyone is wearing them because our grandparents used to wear them. You know, Hippies and stuff like that. Retrofashion is so in now.”

As told by Orion Blastar.

28 Comments to “Retrofashions”:

  1. 1
    cpt.hook says:

    it’s like european children wearing a Kufiya (or: Kefije / Shemag / Pali /…), because it’s “in”. but most of them don’t know about its origins or political meanings.
    or all this camouflage clothings…
    fashion sucks.

  2. 2
    cpt.hook says:

    to be more precise:
    fashion industry sucks.

  3. 3
    rik says:

    i sometimes wear a deep purple t-shirt.

    anyone know them?


    actually, as a teen i wanted to own a very cool t-shirt that used to hang in the ‘our price’ window in chester. they never had my size and it seemed very expensive so i never did get it.

    a black shirt with the gillan logo on front in red, i guess promoting the double trouble album.


  4. 4
    Stefan says:

    To quote Alice Cooper:”Flush the fashion”!!!

    This truly pisses me off…..Unless you´re knowledgeable or a fan of said group,don´t wear the T-shirt! It´s an insult to real fans and musiclovers of classic rock acts!I wouldn´t be caught dead in a Madonna,Britney or Tupac t-shirt….why?? Beacuse I´m not a fan and detest their music!! I don´t care if it´s in or not….If they´re crap,they´re crap!!

    Bimbos in heat should be severly punished for such outrageous behaviour……line up girls,come to papa!!

  5. 5
    69 says:

    I don´t know, this story seems highly unlikely and is most possibly fabricated, so I wouldn´t worry really.

    There is lots of Beatles Fans that are in their 20 or younger now, I mean serious fans. And almost everyone even remotely into more than just one genre of music lists them as their favourites. Of all young people I know there is only two kinds. Those you don´t care for the Beatles or those who love them to death. There is hardly a second group that has split up almost 40 years ago that enjoys such a lasting popularity and still wins new fans with every comming generation.

    That girl, if it really exist is probably the laughing stock at the school she goes to.

  6. 6
    Roberto says:

    I am looking from years for a big photo of Gillan from the bootleg live in london with Black Sabbath but I can only find little pictures of that cover…Fashion or not who cares?

  7. 7
    purplepriest1965 says:

    To care or not to care……

    In 1990 I tried to get in front , after rushing into a stadium in Utrecht for the Monsters of Rock festival with amongst others Whitesnake and Aerosmith, of the stage.
    Whitesnake was very fashionable and some girls were standing were I wanted to go.
    They never heard of SLIDE IT IN, Come and get it, only the hits.

    Being there for the wrong reasons…..

  8. 8
    purpletemple says:

    The way I see it, is that some kids are gonna discover bands that way. It actually happened to a friend of mine whose kid bought “Beatles” buttons, because he liked the “yellow submarine” designs, then asked his father to see the movie, and is now listening to the cd’s all the time…That kid is 5. So I think it’s not all bad.

  9. 9
    Dennis Hanna says:

    When I was 14 I’d where any T-shirt that annoyed old farts. The trouble is I’m an old fart myself now. The fashion industry/media completely control the minds of young people who buy and wear anything they are told is trendy. The corporate conspiracy has won and the days when I was young and my entire ensemble cost about £5 have long gone. Come to think of it, being an old fart aint so bad.

  10. 10
    Tracy Heyder aka Zero the Hero says:

    ‘Flush the Fashion’…..


  11. 11
    Rascal says:

    I have a batch of ‘George Formby’ T-Shirts…..


  12. 12
    Michiel says:


  13. 13
    Bobby D says:

    I remember last year, there was a trend among the intellectually impaired teenaged fashion slaves to wear t-shirts featuring the likeness of Che Guevara – the Communist revolutionary. None of them knew who he was or what he stood for. The image was just a cool “fashion trend.”

    So, it’s possible this “Beatles” girl exists. Though the line of questioning the poster recalls is weird. For song examples, he offers “Yellow Submarine” and “Hards Day Night” instead of more accessbile songs like “Let it Be,” “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” or “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.” He never explains tto her hat the Beatles are the most famous R&R band in the world and that without them, rock music wouldn’t be what it is today. He never mentions Paul McCartney or John Lennon — iconic names that may have clicked with the young girl.

    If it had been me, I would have said, “Come with me,” and dragged into the music room and put on some Beatles and not let her out until she knew all the words to at least 10 songs.

    Then I would let her wear the shirt.

  14. 14
    Roberto says:

    Bobby D
    I would do the same for Deep purple
    not for the Beatles, I don’t like them so much…

  15. 15
    AndreA says:




    I used it in the past because it was the easiest of a wool scarf, do not bite me on the skin and my neck was well covered under his coat …

    is it fashion?

    I think if I find it I roll out of the drawer..

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Dont think Kuifje has anything to do with Kefiah
    Well not with the image you showed us
    I think its got something to do with the Palestinian case?

  17. 17
    AndreA says:


    alternative names: Kufiya, Kafiya, Kefije, Kaffiyeh, Shmagh, Shemagh, Yashmag, Ghutra or Hatta

    I met Gillan after a concert,in front of the little place he played,on the street,during the Naked Thunder Tour,he weared one of these Kuifje,of course his colour was purple…
    I keep a photo with him on that day ..


  18. 18
    Ricardo says:

    There is lots of teenagers world wide who never heard about of Queen or Iron Maiden.What to say about Beatles and The Who?!!

  19. 19
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe I should avoid political issues but……
    Do you imply Gillan endorsed the Palestinian case?

  20. 20
    AndreA says:

    No,I don’t…
    and me too I don’t like to speak about politic anymore,this world is going into the S++t more and more..

    I can say surely that I read a lot of interviews with Gillan on muic-magazine and he is a a good man of great culture with social vision and great sensitivity to ethnic minorities.
    I always thought of him looking at the pictures in DP’s biographyies .. he traveled a lot in his life for music ..

    since the Gillan Band he was one of the first musicians (in later seventies) to discover places of Asia in which to play ..I think he has enjoyed many cultures in his life … and perhaps as many “beauties” ..

    blessed him ..

  21. 21
    Rascal says:

    Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber

  22. 22
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Cryptical again, Rascal

    Time is precious, to who are you referring exactly?

  23. 23
    purpletemple says:

    Kuifje is the dutch name for Tintin, you know the comic strip…

  24. 24
    james jay says:

    i would rather see the beatles shirt on a kid then low baggy pants on a punk.

  25. 25
    Sami says:

    Spot on, James Jay! Played DP to my son the other day(WDWTWA cd,

    I think it was), and he started to cry….heh, well, after

    calming him down and putting on some Thin Lizzy he nodded

    his head & shaked a leg so all the hope’s not gone, eh 😉

  26. 26
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Maybe people like me now should say WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE is one of my favourites and get lots of approval or……………..scorn?

    I like THIN LIZZY as well, so…………pfoehhhhhhhhh
    Maybe your analysis of sane minds does not completely fit the bill?

  27. 27
    Rascal says:

    I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me

  28. 28
    Michiel says:

    In some books Kuifje is wearing a kefiah.

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