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Århus: In the absence of pink

As Gillan put it, we got to hear some songs not played too often. Tonight it was Bloodsucker, or rather closer to the Bludsucker version from Abandon, where Gillan doesn’t take the easy way to try to protect his voice, so lots of screaming. And it worked.

We also got Wasted Sunsets which is a perfect tune for Steve who really gets into it. Nice surprise and please keep it in the show.

The rumour said that the whole band was present and actually rehearsed during the soundcheck (true) and played bits of Hard lovin’ Man (time will tell). Over to Oslo tonight!

Roger Glover played a mean slow bass line in No One Came and Gillan put a lot of passion, humour and dynamics into it. Clearly a favourite of the band. We still get quite a selection of Made In Japan stuff, and thanks to Paicey and Glover the tracks sound fresh and interesting. People were rocking.

Don Airey really contributes nowadays with extended solos and delivering with refreshing energy. Fireball proved it and Wring that Neck is now luckily arranged with a call-and-answer section where Steve and Don get to trade licks.

I think I have mentioned most of the songs and that should tell you that the intensity was there all the way through the sold-out show. Gillan was chatting and making fun in-between songs. So highly recommended if you happen to live close to the next venues.

Intro: Dance of the Knights from Romeo and Juliet (Prokoviev). Sounds good at max. volume.

The new “LP” as it it called should be recorded early 2010, according to a normally reliable source close to the microphone.

Per Sorensen

2 Comments to “Århus: In the absence of pink”:

  1. 1
    AndreA says:

    Well..nowdays HARD LOVIN’MAN could be compared to the best rock metal modern pieces..IT is a destroyer piece! I like to read that They remember this great song. they should play it on stage: it rules! other band s**Ks these “old” pioners! About wasted years i think that his melodies are very cool for Morse’s sound…


  2. 2
    Purple Tickler says:

    Great show, nice to see quite a few “youngsters” in the audience.

    The band were in great form, and I was lucky enough to have my pic taken with Paicy after the show.

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