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Special place in a Texan heart

San Antonio: The Majestic was about 3/4’s full but roudy and still amazed at the age spread to see the boys.

The show was fantastic! I have self-christened myself to be the number 1 fan from Texas (Austin – Houston) since 1968. This concert was the closest I have been to them.

As usual, the chops are still top notch. I am a fellow musician, and I can confidently say there is no better group of musicians on this planet. However, last night I noticed the mix was I little unbalanced. Steve was over-powering and Ian’s vocals were sometimes unintelligible.

Don could have been a little louder too. I am a keyboard player myself and Jon has always been my idol. Don’s technique is flawless and seems to be putting on a much better show than he did on the Bananas tour in 2001.

I am also concerned about Gillian [Who she? Gillan? – Know-It-All-Ed 😉]. He looks frail and skinny and at times was having difficulty reaching high notes. But otherwise still has that trademark special voice. I feel he might be arriving at the end of the line.

Paicey is still the smooth professional as always and Roger, well what can I say, is still ripping up those bass lines.

Of course Steve still blows me away, but put more ‘feeling’ in to his licks. I guess since it was the end of the tour, tiredness was setting in.

Great show guys and you guys always have a special place in my heart till I die.

Your number one Texas fan,
George Ives Hall

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