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DP1, Chiba, Japan, Oct 14, 2018; photo: Kei Ono

Connecticut paper Republican-American has a review of the Deep Purple show at the Mohegan Sun Arena on October 9:

Deep Purple is on its “Long Goodbye” tour, wrapping up a career that has seen many personnel incarnations, spin-offs, and imitators over its five decades-plus career.

And the Purple will be missed by the rock music universe because it unintentionally provided a template that a generation of bands that followed. The group also provided a reminder of the creativity that can be harvested from crushing volume, crunching guitar riffs, pounding drums, and soaring vocals.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever see groups like Deep Purple again. With no disrespect to the new generation of rockers, in today’s music industry climate, most groups are lucky to get three albums out before the labels say farewell or the fans migrate onto another trend.

Continue reading on Republican-American.

Thanks to Yvonne for the info.

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