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All I Got Is You

inFinite cover artwork; image courtecy of earMUSIC/EdelA second single for the upcoming Deep Purple album inFinite has surfaced at German online retailers. It is called All I Got Is You and is scheduled for release on March 10. It will be available as a maxi-CD (presumably, that’s regular size 120 mm CD) and 12″ vinyl. There is no track list or cover art at this point.

Track listing:

  1. All I Got is You (Album Version)
  2. Steve’s Folk Tune
  3. Above And Beyond (Instrumental)
  4. Time For Bedlam (First Take)
  5. Highway Star (Live in Aalborg)

Last time the band played in Aalborg was on August 8, 2013.

Thanks to Lutz Reinert and Hristo Yankov for the info.

13 Comments to “All I Got Is You”:

  1. 1
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    Said the farmer to his sheep, “All I got is ewe”!….

  2. 2
    Blackwood Richmore says:

    MacGregor, I saw this brilliant clip on youtube & thought of you…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4aUPC0zMok I hope y’all like it!. Be happy.

  3. 3
    Adel says:

    Make no applogies for been pessimistic but if this song is a carbon copy of ‘all the time in the world’ from Now What then I wish those guys a happy retirement.
    When a song makes you reach out to cup of hot decaffinated green tea then it is time rest in peace.
    I hope I damn wrong and this song might turn out more dynamic than its title.

  4. 4
    Another Martin says:

    All I got right now is bedlam.

  5. 5
    Fernando Mattedi says:

    Can’t wait to listen to it !! Hope it keeps the high level of Time for Bedlam.

  6. 6
    Antonio Segura Lopes says:

    Long Goodbye Tour in Brasil? Estamos aguardando com muita ansiedade e expectativa. Dont forgeten Brasil!!!! Um grande abraço para esta banda que ė a maior de todos os tempos. Ian Gillan the best vocals of the world!!!!

  7. 7
    Hristo Yankov says:

    Tracklist for All I Got Is You:
    1. All I Got is You (Album Version)
    2. Steve’s Folk Tune
    3. Above And Beyond (Instrumental)
    4. Time For Bedlam (First Take)
    5. Highway Star (Live in Aalborg)

  8. 8
    MacGregor says:

    Blackwood, thanks, nothing like a highland fling to stir the bloodline! Love those kilts! Cheers.

  9. 9
    Lovely Lady Cakes says:

    No cups of decaf green tea here Love! Just smoking hot chocolate with whipped cream! Purple is the most beautiful rock and roll band in the universe!

  10. 10
    Another Martin says:

    On i-Tunes, I received last night:
    11 The Following
    12 Songs Are
    13 Bonus
    14 Tracks
    Might seem strange names until you string them all together.
    PS Having pre-ordered on iTunes will not stop me from buying the “real” album – so brilliant marketing by whomever, they get me to pay twice.

  11. 11
    John says:

    Adel, for me All the time in the world is an absolutely amazing song. With Steve, they have been including breathless pearls in each of the last albums: Walk on, Clearly quite absurd, All the time; song that fit perfect with the rest and let big Ian show what a wonderfull voice he still have when he sings like this. After the blues When a blind man cries, “All the time” is my prefered of all the the DP’s slow songs (don’t call it ballads, PLEASE).

    So, looking forward for this precious gem that I’m sure “All I got is you” will be, as wel as eagerly waiting for the rest of the album to be released on april.

    Can’t believe they still keep on at this high level. Hats off for the mighty Purple.


  12. 12
    Adel says:

    John @11
    Thanks for the flashback of the of soft side of deep purple and how Gillan voice is so diverse.
    There is a repeated pattern that the first single is soft and gentle on the ears. I remember when the related Haunted from Bananas and Gillan was taking about as a contender for no 1 spot in the chart only for it to flop. Having said that Haunted in my favourite soft song because it’s so powerful because of Gillan voice and Steve Morse amazing guitar intro but the production of the song and the album is rubbish.
    So I just can’t understand why they force the soft song on us commercialy. For example none of the other rock bands put their soft side first as they just inbed them in the album and they let it grow nicely with the heavy stuff.
    This is of course so hypothetical as it could be the heaviest track on the album.

  13. 13
    artemis says:

    I don’t like Haunted, I don’t like all the time in the world, I don’t like cleary quite abserd…if All I got is you is a slow one track , i’d rather listen a Wasted sunsets and Love conquers all…but i’m afraid those days are passed…I prefer the musical lines of Ritchie instead of the same same same lines of Steve…

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