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Perfect Strangers Live in the charts

Perfect Strangers Live cover art; image courtesy of Eagle VisionSince its release earlier this month, Perfect Strangers Live enjoyed success in the charts. As the album was released on both video and audio, it had a chance to enter charts in both categories (where available):

If you have any confirmed chart positions, please post in the comments, preferably with a prooflink.

Thanks to Nigel Young and joroz for continuing updates.

28 Comments to “Perfect Strangers Live in the charts”:

  1. 1
    Andi Semper says:

    greetings from germany 🙂

  2. 2
    Andi Semper says:

    here is your ranking at the SWR1BW-Hitparade 2013 with 1050 songs from 21.10.13-25.10.13.

  3. 3
    Philippe Joseph says:

    Best band in the world. Period.

  4. 4
    cyclone says:

    @3…Yep. and the most under-rated too.

  5. 5
    Nigel Young says:

    According to Flying Colors:
    “Live in Europe hits the DVD/Blu-ray charts!
    #6 in Holland
    #10 in Switzerland
    #14 in the UK
    …more Euro countries coming in!
    USA has no music DVD charts. #afraidofus”

    What?! USA has no music DVD charts?!

  6. 6
    oz says:

    Wow!!!been listening to bits and pieces and Ian sounds amazing. In fact this is the best
    I think Ian Gillan has sounded post reunion. much better than the live in paris 85.

  7. 7
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    2013. The Year of the Purple….

    Classic Rock Magazine is taking votes on 6 catagories regarding Rock Bands. Purple is slated for ‘Album of the Year’ with NOW WHAT and Best ReIssue with Machine Head 40th Anniversary. VOTE!!!!!!



  8. 8
    George says:

    The official Deep Purple (Overseas) facebook page (Deep Purple 1968-1976) claims that the DVD reached #1 and #3 positions in Canada and USA, respectively.

  9. 9
    joroz says:

    USA Music video sales #5 week 1


    After following the link click on Submit new search

  10. 10
    HardRockPete says:

    Damn, they were really, really good at the time! Much better than I thought back in the days since the only concert I ever saw was the Paris gig (poor sound, Gillan had a cold and so on). This concert is plain amazing even if Blackers is a little “all over the place” in some songs (IMO he had lost his way a bit, but found it again for the S&M and TBRO tours). The rest of the band is fantastic! What about Ian Paice? My God, what a drummer!!!

  11. 11
    Kidd Purple says:

    We the fans know where they rate!

  12. 12
    Louis says:

    A dozen or so folks in the US love the DVD as well. What is wrong with my country? On second thought, PLEASE do not answer that!!!!

  13. 13
    micke says:

    Sweden music dvd top ten: #5 first week, #7 second week.

  14. 14
    micke says:

    Germany music dvd chart: #17 first week, #12 second week.

  15. 15
    Drdp says:

    Awesome that Purple Charted in the States.
    I’m predicting “Gathered In Their Masses” debuts as #1 in the US

  16. 16
    Nick Soveiko says:

    micke @ 13&14:


  17. 17
    joroz says:

    about Sweden music dvd top ten


    then choose VECKANS DVD-LISTA on the left

    and by the way in week 3 is also on #7 🙂

  18. 18
    joroz says:

    German album chart week 2 #49


  19. 19
    Micke says:

    @ 16 lanet.lv world charts or charts all over the world. Official swedish charts and (official?) german charts.

  20. 20
    Micke says:

    Ritchie have two entries on the swedish dvd top 20, one with purple and one with rainbow.

  21. 21
    Nigel Young says:

    Australia Music DVD chart: Down from #6 on 28 October to #23 on 4 November. http://www.ariacharts.com.au/chart/music-dvds

    Austria Ö3 Musik-DVD Charts Woche 43/2013: Remains at #5. http://oe3.orf.at/charts/stories/2602620/

    Austria Top 40 – Musik-DVD 01.11.2013: Remains at #5. [You had it at 6, Nick] http://www.austriancharts.at/weekchart.asp?cat=d&year=2013&date=20131101

    Denmark Musik DVD Top-10 01.11.2013 (43/2013): Remains at #5. http://www.hitlisterne.dk/default.asp?list=v10

  22. 22
    Nigel Young says:

    Last week down from 1 to 8, now down to 15.

    UK Music Video Top 40 – 9th November 2013

  23. 23
    Nigel Young says:

    Now down to 31.
    Music Video Top 40 – 16th November 2013

    Australia Music DVD chart: From #23 on 4 November, now out of the top 40. http://www.ariacharts.com.au/chart/music-dvds

    Austria Ö3 Musik-DVD Charts Woche 44/2013: Down to #6. http://oe3.orf.at/charts/stories/2602620/ and

    Denmark Musik DVD Top-10 08.11.2013 (44/2013): Down to #7. http://www.hitlisterne.dk/default.asp?list=v10

  24. 24
    joroz says:

    Some clarification about Swedish DVD chart
    18.10 #5
    25.10 #7
    01.11 #7
    08.11 #13

    You can check this by going in the DVD chart (http://www.sverigetopplistan.se/ the choose VECKANS DVD-LISTA) and click on the “visa” button on DEEP PURPLE PERFECT STRANGERS – LIVE

  25. 25
    Nigel Young says:

    Austria Ö3 Musik-DVD Charts Woche 45/2013: Down from #6 to #9.

    Denmark Musik DVD Top-10 15.11.2013 (45/2013): Out of the top 10.

  26. 26
    Nigel Young says:

    From last week’s 31, now out of the top 40.
    UK Music Video Top 40 – 23rd November 2013

  27. 27
    Nigel Young says:

    Now out of the Austrian top 10 as well.

  28. 28
    MacGregor says:

    An interesting note with the release of the dvd here in Oz, I was looking at it today in a shop & on the front cover there is a sticker that says ‘Filmed in Sydney’! There isn’t any other info in regards to where it was filmed on the back cover, which surprises me in a way. Maybe inside the cover there may be more info, has anyone who has purchased it read any other info on the actual inside cover or on the disc itself? Sydney or Melbourne or both? Cheers.

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