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Phoenix Rising in Houston Press

Phoenix Rising cover artHouston Press has a rather favourable review of the recently released Phoenix Rising:

Phoenix Rising details the “untold story” of DP Mk IV, first with Deep Purple Rises Over Japan. The 30-minute concert film, originally shot for movie theaters but not released until 1985 – this was before MTV and YouTube, kiddies – has the band blasting through “Burn,” “Love Child,” “You Keep on Moving” as well as earlier lineup hits “Highway Star” and (of course), “Smoke on the Water.”

The performance is fully restored and remixed, and it’s fascinating to watch how commanding the pre-Whitesnake Coverdale, all of 24 at the time, is as a front man.

Read more in Houston Press.

Thanks to Bob Ruggiero for the info.

3 Comments to “Phoenix Rising in Houston Press”:

  1. 1
    Victor says:

    Does anyone know when is “Phoenix Rising” being released in South America?

  2. 2
    The Holy Chair says:

    Just one quote from the article.
    EAGLE is said to be interested in doing something alike for MK 1.

    I would be so happy if that could be so.
    But good video is lacking and we already had the 3 remastered albums with the bonustracks so long ago.

    ” 1968 debut Shades of Deep Purple is also the weakest, with an emphasis on thudding bombast, meandering noodling, and a plethora of covers of the Beatles’ “Help” and older songs rediscovered by Cream, and Jimi Hendrix. But it did give the band it’s first hit in a cover of Joe South’s “Hush.”

    Thudding Bombast? Meandering noodling?!

    That are the traits that made me fall in love with the band.
    Ofcourse I started with Live In Japan and later on I worked my way back but….

    I dont think you re listening very well, if you dismiss the DEEP PURPLE sound and qualities already in that first album.

  3. 3
    CP says:

    You know,the Tokyo footage was shot for Japanese TV much like bands of the time were filmed/taped for In Concert and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert in the US.I have the soundtrack from the broadcast the next year in Japan,along with the crowd “sweetening” that was a staple of those shows back then.I don’t know what the big mystery is on that.Japan was a HUGE market for Purple,and having changed three members,I suspect trying to keep the band viable there was vanguard at that time.

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