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If Life Was Easy release dates

If Life Was Easy

The has been a bit of confusion as to the exact release dates of the new Roger Glover’s solo album If Life Was Easy in different countries. Here’s a complete breakdown:

  • Germany and Austria: released on July 8th
  • Russia: July 11
  • France: July 18 (although Amazon.fr is already shipping it)
  • Italy: July 26
  • Spain and Switzerland: July 29
  • Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and UK: August 1
  • USA: September 6

Thanks to RG for the info.

19 Comments to “If Life Was Easy release dates”:

  1. 1
    Mathieu says:

    It’s actually already out here in France! 😉

  2. 2
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    September for the US????? Russia gets it 2 months earlier??

    What the hell is that???

    Maybe the title of the record would better suited with “If Life was FAIR”.

    Last in line for tours and record releases. What has the world come to.


  3. 3
    Masse444 says:

    It’s already on iTunes though, bought it but will get the album as well. Still haven’t gotten through all 16 songs, but it sounds good! So far the opening track and the track with the guys from Nazareth stays on repeat in my mind..Great stuff Roger!

  4. 4
    Larry R. Toering says:

    All in all not a bad album or anything, but it lacks the creativity and the mood of the songs on Snapshot. I don’t see myself waring it out shortly, that’s for sure.

  5. 5
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 2

    Hold your horses.
    Last night I downloaded it.

    Gonna play it today and laugh my ass off.

    Nice throwaway album again.

    Would not buy or search for it if it wasnt a DP member.

    But it is a nice thing for now and then.

    During washing dishes or something. : )

    Dont worry, I ll buy a copy one day, cheap of course.

  6. 6
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @5 -I guess The Guilty Party after all is you… by your own published admission too… talk about ignorant. I’ve simply lost all hope for you. Bottom feeder! You’re the anti-fan, as what you do is exactly the opposite of support… you have a weak program, I suggest you work real hard on that one. If you don’t like something, especially before you’ve heard it… don’t buy it, but while you’re at it, don’t steal it either. Get a prip on reality!

  7. 7
    The Holy Chair says:

    Hey Tracy

    If you import things from Japan, do you think thats cheaper than if people would import from Japan?

    I refrain from Japanese since many years, it got me bankrupt.

    Is there a VINYL of the album as well?

    I d listen to a download from the cd, wait for the release(You buy everything, I think)but order a vinyl right away.

    There s alot of ” Dylan” in the album, isnt it? : )

  8. 8
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    So, I guess you don’t give any music a chance unless it is Purple related then? Seems a different thing than what you used to preach. Oh I forgot….. “If Ritchie ain’t on it, must be rubbish”.


  9. 9
    Larry R. Toering says:

    @7 – you must be hitting the drink! I’ll set mine down and correct my typo while I’m at it… ha ha ha. “Get A GRIP!”

  10. 10
    The Holy Chair says:

    Who s talking to who?

    Might be due to ” the moderation stop” but often it gets confusing as well.

    Never understood it.
    The real FORUM is dead and there you could post without too much intterruptions by in consistent moderating.
    The ” other one” was not meant to be a forum but still one was able to post comments on there.


    Where did I(???) say I m not interested in other music outside DP plus Blackers?

    Dylans voice sucks.
    For interesting words I READ instead of listening to one dimensional nasal vocals.

    Once in a while I like a song I must admit.
    In general the vocal parts are too painful to listen too.
    Remember that I, like may here must have been, were raised by high bars set by the Likes of Gillan, Dio and so on.

    Glovers MASK I truly loath, maybe more because of that trying to be modern in a shitty sense than his voice.

    Personally I kinda like to listen to personal statements like Snapshot and If Life Was Easy.
    Elements I always liked too.

    But I m just not taking it very seriously.
    I m too spoiled for that.

    And regarding that old shit that keeps crawling out of his grave, including tons of worms, ARE YOU GUYS DEAF or in ALZHEIMER STATE???!!!!!

    I ve said for years now that I m intersting in a wide variety of stuff, incl music in a broad sense.
    But this is a Deep Purple and RELATED page.
    What brings me that other stupid worm that keeps coming back :


    Write it down if you cant remember things,guys. : )

    About buying stuff or not :

    I DID say I ll buy it in the end if its worthy enough.

    Mind you, since the beginning of the CD era I bought myself poor on TOO EXPENSIVE products for too often bad products.

    They(And I think I should include both DP members and management?)did not veto bad products.

    Shelves full of product with the underlying message :
    ” We despise you, but please go on buying our shitty products.Please endorse us so that we be rich and lazy.”

    So later on, espescially when upgraded products were release, more and more CHEAPER than the earlier cd releases, I got the attitude of I m taking a lot of earlier expenses back into my own pocket.

    They(Industry, artists, managements, retail) might have selled a lot more some years ago if they had lowered those ridicilous prices.

    Dont sell me that crap the artist never had any influence to change something.
    Yeah, they might have been forced into it because they still had to support themselves.

    But one can always say no instead of ripping off your long term fans.

    Btw, I remember people telling that in the USA cd s were not that expensive.
    Well, here they were. : (
    About 20 E/Dollar, twenty years ago!!!!
    And for real fans the big treat : BONUSTRACKS on Japanese albums, so I bought several cds from over there.
    Around 2000 about 45 E!!!!!!.

    Yeah, I have a responsibility too.
    I could have said NO as well.
    But my love for the music got the best of me.

    But also the opinion of as friend did get lost on me as well.

    He appearantly said that CD s around 1987 and after (And we re mainly talking about OLD material)were still an inferior product and that he expexted(Dont not remember that he said that, but still)that later on it would get better.

    But hey, it was 1990 or 1995 and no other way than doing a budget approach through taping and ,later on, copying them after hiring them from a library.
    For years I actually bought the product in 2nd hand shops, still 7 to 10 Euros btw.

    I often thought about buying vinyl instead.

    There were periods(completely opposite to now)that by the shitloads people sold or threw them away for about nothing.
    But still I d have to buy tapes because I never liked to, still dont, to let them go to terrible states by plaing them(too often).

    I still LOVE vinyl.

    Compared to the lovingly wonderful approach of re leased vinyl, often now with better sound and material, the selling of digital music through Internet is a true insult.
    Those prices are insane considering that you dont get something in your hands, just a file that must be very cheap to nothing for them.

    I see downloads as a teaser.
    I ll buy If Life Was Easy on cd when its around 5 or 7 Euro.

    I dont have to endorse a lot of artists.

    1. I endorsed them for years while I was poor.
    2. Too often they are filthy rich.
    3. They nail me again by charging extreme prices for gigs.
    I did cut down a lot of gigs due to that.
    Well, as long as THEY are happy, whats the problem?!

    No teasers :

    Bootlegs made from radioshows and Soundboarddiscs.
    Is that stealing?
    Not for the complainers.
    They NEVER invested in that stuff.
    Hell, they could have made money by selling SBDS themselves.
    I m not sure about the sale of it but it is still done by some.

    Dont tell me nonsense like you dont want to be captured with your art on any recording outside of the studio.
    You should feel honoured that people wants something like that!!!

    ” If Ritchie aint on it” ?????

    You have gone to that BN show and coverd yourself in slime to get close to the band after spitting on them.

    I dont like verything does, on the contrary.
    But if you make a sampler of the BN cd s you still get a wonderful experience.

    Ok, its not really my cup of tea but hey….
    Hhe still plays very well,in his playing there s a lot to enjoy from because its not that duifferent from when he played rock, she CAN sing, they try to release product, they dont play too many gigs which keeps them in a good condition which shows integrity towards fans, and so on.

    When he plays electric, he still floors many others.

    Yeah, I m complaining a lot about BN but I have to admit there s still a lot of QUALITY to be found in it.

    So, not taking it really seriously and listening to that sampler once in a while, maybe even attending a show(its been long they were here).

    But yes…..

    This weekend I downloaded the AFTERNOON SHOW by Rainbow in Tokyo, 1976.
    Wow, great quality again.

    Through the bootlegs I get in touch in a quick and cheap way into stuff I never heard, ranging from sixties psychedelics to unknown songwriters, many great radio and sbd shows by Sammy Hagar, Uncle Ted, Pink Floyd, John Wetton, Heart, BIRTHA!!!! and so on.

    I have a mini library of Classical music from Bach and co.
    I kinda lost touch on it but once in a while I put one on, set candles on fire, burn incense.

    I m a happy man : )

    Why are you so negative ? : )

  11. 11
    max says:

    It is a very good album in my book. Of course it doesn`t sound like DP and why should it? Roger Glover is an artist and musician in his own right (and a very friendly and humbvle person as far as I can tell) and what you do in your free time might not be the same that you do working for your company I guess. It is a shame that so many people just cannot relate to anyything different. So there will be another gem that stays hidden in the stacks I`m afraid just because they want to hear another Smoke on the water for the empteenth time over and over again…

    The songs like the ones Roger did with his daughter Gillian on If Life Was Easy alone are something he can really be very proud of and I hope he is. I still go back to Snapshot time and again and this new offering will surely be played lotsa times too.

  12. 12
    Ralle says:

    @11: well spoken !
    It’s good to have a new album by Rog !

  13. 13
    The Holy Chair says:

    @ 2

    Couldnt old Rog sent you a copy?

    Maybe you were thinking of a snitch when you wrote nitch? : )

    Btw, I just visited THE Forum and in the thread weekly discussion DP albums there s now SPAM about someone trying to promote his music instead of the intended topic.

  14. 14
    Solaic says:

    Irrespective of all this word battle that rages on in this section, lets faith the truth – weak non-inventive album with lousy vocals……hope Airey will manage things better later this year.

  15. 15
    james jay says:

    That is why I enjoy all non Purple albums by these guys. Why make a solo album if it sounds like your home band? In my opinion it sets these guys apart from the rest.

  16. 16
    Larry R. Toering says:

    Took some absorbing to find it’s beauty…. there is some pretty good stuff including the Mickey Lee Soule number which is either brilliant or garbage, either way very interesting tune that one. All in all I like the album.

    You’re very confused… and even funny in a sick way.

  17. 17
    Michiel says:

    What record company is it on?

  18. 18
    Nick Soveiko says:

    it’s on edel/earmusic

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Holy Crap @10 and 13,

    I guess your rant @10 is towards me. I don’t intend to respond to it all, due to not having a clue nor the interest to dissect it. But your reference to my BN outings is hogwash. I have never spat on them. I have given criticism where I thought due..Period. I have also raved positively about their music. I have purchased All of their record and been to 2 live shows. I am an avid Blackmore fan. That was my draw to BN. I don’t concern myself with the BN line-up. They can All change except for Blackmore and I would still be a fan. The style of music they play I thoroughly enjoy also….Period. I am not mad that he left Purple as you are. I am satisfied with Purple’s music without him and I like what he is doing without them…..

    @13…I don’t expect a Freebee from Roger. He has been gratious enough inviting me and my wife back stage after many shows along with some descent Comp Tickets. That is more than enough for little ole me. Don’t get your ‘Spam’ reference.

    Get your story straight. Get out of that chair. Get some fresh air, or at least clean your Cat Litter box. I think the fumes are taking effect on you….


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