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Böblingen’72 on German TV

JL, RG and IG on stage at the Böblingen Sporthalle Feb 10, 1972

On June 8 German TV station SWR Baden-Württemberg aired an interview with a local photographer Harald Kümmel. Harald was an enthusiastic concert goer back in the seventies and took a lot of pictures from the concerts which he attended. He showed his photo album to the host and talked about some backstage memories from that days, including a story about Jon Lord — when Jon invited Harald into his old VW Beetle, rolled a joint and chatted with Harald about music and other things for 20 minutes.

The highlight of the interview was a historic report of the February 10th, 1972 Deep Purple concert at the Stuttgart Böblingen Sporthalle from the local TV channel, including footage of the audience, band performing Fireball and Highway Star and hanging out backstage.

IG and RG on stage at Böblingen Sporthalle, Feb 10 1972
RB on stage at Böblingen Sporthalle, Feb 10 1972
RG and IG backstage at Böblingen Sporthalle, Feb 10 1972

The interview can be viewed online at SWR.de, with the 1972 report starting at approximately 4:20 into the clip.

Thanks to Claus Dornhard for the info.

17 Comments to “Böblingen’72 on German TV”:

  1. 1
    Juan says:

    Great Material. Thank you very much 🙂

  2. 2
    T says:

    Wow. This brought back memories. In 1972 I lived in Germany and my grandmother’s house was in Holzgerlingen. My family used to drive through Böblingen all the time. In those days the Autobahn ended at Sindelfingen and we had to drive through the city. As I recall, we used to go by the Sporthalle. Just out of the city was a gingerbread-looking house we used to call the “Witch’s House”. I was only seven at the time and only heard Deep Purple for the first time on the radio around then. It wouldn’t be until a few years later when my brother introduced me to When We Rock, We Rock that I was hooked.

    I got chills seeing that video. The sound was very reminiscent of the historic Japanese shows. THAT is Deep Purple. Raw. Loud. Energetic. Distorted. A skyline of old amps, and the guts of the Hammond exposed.

    Funny how these pot-smoking 16 year old long haired stinking hippies like Kümmel ended up looking like someone’s dad!

  3. 3
    HZ says:

    This is The Band!

  4. 4
    purpledaniel says:

    The video doesn´t work.

  5. 5
    Ray says:

    One word that I can think of about the purple footage. AWESOME!!!

  6. 6
    Moreblack says:

    i need a time machine.I got to be there.1972.

  7. 7
    Made in England says:

    Awesome footage…. let there be more…… please.

  8. 8
    Masse says:

    So, where’s the rest of that footage? Looks amazing!

  9. 9
    Bo says:

    This IS Deep Purple, and I hope it’s crystal clear to all that Purple today is fine and better than most of the others around, but at the same time lightyears from this. #6: I can only agree. GET ME A TIME MACHINE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the rest of 2010 be the month where all Purple fans are looking for old films etc. and let us have it on a DVD. There must lots of it around the world.

  10. 10
    Roberto says:

    fantastic….how many joint glover smoked? ahahaha look at that eyes an smiles….

  11. 11
    ormandy says:

    The full show would be just what Deep Purple fans need right now.

  12. 12
    scott says:

    this is the sh**! i hope there is more! notice how ritchie and ian are chatting backstage and smiling at each other! right before the animosity started i guess.

  13. 13
    Matt Love says:

    man i hope there is more of that footage… imagine the whole of highway star?! I would LOVE to hear what blackmore and gillan were saying without the german chap talking over it!

    I think that is the only time i’ve ever seen blackmore and gillan talk offstage (without the perfect strangers video, but u couldn’t hear the dialog?)

    does anyone know anymore of the footage?

  14. 14
    Martin says:

    Great to see that –
    I lived in Böblingen at that time, and the parents of my school mate who run the local booking agency (#2: erinnerst du dich? Konzertbüro Engel) organized the concert. I was only 11 and wasn’t allowed to go to the concert, but my mate got me the concert poster showing the Fireball picture. It was my holy grale! I finally saw DP two years later in the Messehalle Sindelfingen, featuring Hughes and Coverdale. Unforgettable for sure, but still I’m sad I didn`t attend this 1972 Böblingen concert.

  15. 15
    purledaniel says:

    Can someone upload it in Youtube? The link doesn´t work for me

  16. 16
    Uwe says:

    Wow. Wow! This are really memories. In 1972 I lived in Ludwigsburg, Germany, a small town near Stuttgart and Böblingen. After I’ve seen smaller groups like “Matter of Taste” and “Hardin & York” or Steve Winwood it was the first pot-smoking gig in my life (18), I visited with my friend Jürgen E. and a bottle of red wine. After this show also Ten Years After and Pink Floyd came to Böblingen some months later. The sound was very raw and it was very loud. Great. Energetic. Unforgettable!

  17. 17
    Rock Voorne says:

    Any news on more footage since 2020?

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