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Gillan’s interview in Herald Sun

Sao Paulo 2009 by Pedro Abib Cristales 1

Australian newspaper Herald Sun has published an interview with Ian Gillan. No groundbreaking revelations there, just the same war stories most THS visitors have already heard and read. But it’s good to see the band getting media attention during the tour.

We have the freedom. It’s exciting. It’s like you going to the office every day, and then outside you’ve got your motorbike waiting and you jump on and roar off into the night and feel the wind blow through your hair. It’s like sport, you know your teammates but you never quite know what’s going to happen on the day.

Which is your most precious memory with the band?
You always remember the first time. I’ve been in music all my life. My grandad was an opera singer, my uncle a jazz musician, I was a boy soprano in the church choir. But the first performance with Deep Purple was something I’ll never forget. All elements were working brilliantly.

Read more in Herald Sun.

Thanks to Daniel Bengtsson for the info.

29 Comments to “Gillan’s interview in Herald Sun”:

  1. 1
    George says:

    In a recent interview with Singaporean newspaper, he told that Deep Purple would be recording new studio album during the gaps of the tour.
    They have some free weeks during June, July, August and September. maybe new album for the end of 2010?

  2. 2
    dave_wallis says:

    You really still believe they will be recording a new album. It’s clearly evident they struggle in studio as a unit. They only feel comfortable on stage, but they seem to have lost all creativity as a band.

  3. 3
    marcinn says:

    Hi George,

    Is it possible to have a link to this interview?


    No kidding?

  4. 4
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Enough with the petty stuff, BOY WAS THAT PROFOUND!

    Paul Hogan in Sydney reported this interview as the same old questions but some different answers… maybe he just shouldn’t do interviews, people use every interview they can to cheap shot him so I don’t see why he bothers either way. Call him the wind-up King? (spelled H_Y_P_E!) Dave, if I felt the way you do about it I sure as hell wouldn’t waste my time even thinking about it, let alone complain here, isn’t there better things to do? I can’t understand how some can love a band and act like they hate them as if their time values such nonsense. Rather than argue about it, wouldn’t it be the healthiest choice to bag it altogether? What is it with you whiners who half the time aren’t following close enough to opine in the first place? Can’t you find a positive way of discussing Purple? Its so much better to just say nothing at all, especially before the fact if its negative.

  5. 5
    Crimson Ghost says:

    No personal disrespect, but crimeny!

  6. 6
    John Smith says:



    What kind of interviewer is that? The guy asks the VOCALIST, about a riff created by the GUITARIST.

    is this some sort of late april’s fools?

  7. 7
    Phil says:

    I read years ago they chose Deep Purple as the band name as this was the name of a 1930’s song that was the favourite of Ritchie Blackmore’s grandmother. It was redone during the 1970’s by Donny and Marie Osmond. (not that I listened to it)

  8. 8
    George says:

    btw, since 1985 DP hasn’t recorded more than 2 albums with the same line-up.
    Reunion albums 2
    JLT era- 1
    Reunion#2 – 1
    MKVII – 2
    MKVIII – 2

    Time for the yet another line-up change?
    Omg can’t believe that Deep Purple’s current incarnation hasn’t left ability to write new material.

    In 2009 interviews Gillan said, that they’d be recording when the chemistry is right in the band. Is there anything wrong with Purple guys? 🙁

  9. 9
    T says:

    It is interesting that what at first appears to be a very benign interview can be quite telling once examined below the surface. The interviewer asks Gillan, “How did you [sic] come up with that riff [to “Smoke on the Water”]?” Gillan says it was just a jam session and later, “we put that together with the story of the events that happened during the recording.” Not only does this not answer the question, the author of the famous riff–one Ritchie Blackmore–is neither mentioned nor implied.

    Another example was the question, “How did the name Deep Purple come about?” Gillan’s reponse was: “No one can quite remember. Colour was a very popular theme for bands at the time – Blue Mink, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, etc.”

    Of course, Ian Gillan was not present during the naming process. Neither were Roger Glover, Don Airey, or Steve Morse. The only current member who was a witness to that event would have been Ian Paice, who certainly would remember the circumstances. Again, Ritchie Blackmore is not mentioned, but it was an idea presented in his handwriting–reputedly to be a reference to Edith Blackmore’s favorite song. “When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls and the stars begin to twinkle in the sky.”

    It is obvious that great care is taken to avoid any connection to the former Purple banjo player–despite the inestimable importance the man played in the success of Deep Purple.

    Whether this is an intentional attempt to distance the current band from whom most would regard to be the singular key member or a subconscious act of avoidance is unclear and subject to debate–but the former appears more likely.

  10. 10
    grannypants says:

    This MK has run its course if they cant get it together to record.

  11. 11
    Jeff Summers says:

    Maybe they should change the approach to the writing process just for a change. How can a scenario where you have no fixed ideas and completed songs work time and time again? I think the band feel that this way is their “formulae” or lack of it. It worked in the early days because they were the perfect unit. If Purple actually release a new record, I would emplore them to re-think the writing strategy – Even the most ardent fan must be able to see that a great album is very much overdue….

  12. 12
    HardRockPete says:

    Just a little sidenote for Mr. Gillan. The name Deep Purple came from Ritchie Blackmore. His grandma had a single with the song Deep Purple, it was her favourite song, and Blackmore suggested it as a name for the band. I think Gillan knows this very well, but didn’t want to credit Blackmore during the interview. Just like with the riff to SOTW. Blackmore came up with it, it was the first song recorded for the MH album and the only one not recorded at the famous hotel. It wasn’t finished, but the music was recorded.

    I say credits where credits due, but offcourse it wasn’t all Blackmore. Smoke wouldn’t be the same without the heavy input from the rest of the band, like with most of their songs.

    Other than that, good interview. Gillan seem to be an easy going guy, a true warrior of the road. And yeah, he still is a very good singer!

    Now, please give us a new album guys!

  13. 13
    fra says:

    first 2010 gig review: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/entertainment/your-brisbane/deep-purple-20100428-tr1o.html

  14. 14
    George Fotis says:

    Who cares about a new album as Rapture of the Deep was nothing special, they sound much more solid , heavier & modern live. I do agree they struggle in the studio. How about the concert’s in Brisbane & Sydney , any feedback would be good. Were they good ? Any suprise songs or just the same songs again . What’s the setlist this time around?

  15. 15
    BIG AL says:


  16. 16
    Sami says:

    @ 2 It certainly seems like it, dave! After ROTD they better come up with something
    worthy the name DP!! Now fire away, ladies & playboys 🙂


  17. 17
    evil louie says:

    I don’t believe we’ll see a new CD this year. Maybe one day, but who knows.

    Let’s see…Coverdale is working on a new one, and so is Glenn. Ritchie is too, and Jon just came out with one. Even Simper comes out with something once in a great while.

    At this point I think we’re more likely to see a new CD from Rod Evans before we ever see a new one from Purple!

  18. 18
    joe says:

    Hey dave, you made a joke – don’t you ? Just listen to the “Rapture Of The Deep” recording and you’ll find out what creativity means… cheers

  19. 19
    grannypants says:

    New mojo required or kiss anything good coming out of DP except the same old songs at the hall. They need some young blood.

    New banjo player needed,,,,someone with passion. Steve is technically brilliant but its not the same as being passionate and inspiring. We need a new kid that is creative and willing to smash a few ukulele’s in the process!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d still pay to see the current line-up but its almost becoming tedious.

    If Gillan doesn’t like the studio then maybe he should move on.

  20. 20
    fra says:

    come on guys, don’t try to read between the lines.

    the interview was uber-boring, same old questions about smoke on the water, it’s obvious that ian didn’t answer with extra care. why should he mention ritchie or the fact that he wasn’t in the band when they chose the name.. he just gave the quickest answers possible and bye!

  21. 21
    micke says:

    @ 4 You are dead right CG. @ 15 You don’t have to SCREAM we hear you loud and clear anyway… Al. Big or little don’t count much around here.

  22. 22
    HZ says:

    Guys, don’t take on Ian not crediting Blackmore for things even we know, or avoiding to mention who came with riff – they are all together crediting him every night they play. Just look at the set-list. Blackers still rules, even when he’s so hated.

  23. 23
    mike says:

    I agree with Jeff….i think they need to look at the writing process and especially production…the Martin Birch production on those early albums is far superior to what they are pulling in the studio with the likes of ROTD.There are great moments on the newer albums but the band often sound lacking and too often sound( to coin a song title ) …LAZY…Gillan due to his lessening vocal ability i suppose but especially Ian Paice ..we used to be always a driving force pushing the envelope …he used to do more drum fills in one song than he plays on a whole album these days…and yes it wasn’t fashionable to do lots of fills in the 80’s but these days with so many diverse bands out there and it being his previous signature he should return to his explosive style …perhaps age has made that impossible ( although his hero Buddy Rich played flat out till his 70’s ).
    and is it just me or does Steve Morse guitar solos / style sound all to familiar song after song…? probably just personal preferance …?
    On the plus side Don Airey probably sounds more like Jon Lord than Jon ended up sounding …his Hammond sound is much more like early Purple with a heavier, dirtier sound …Jon’s organ sound was becoming thin and almost too pretty…
    Still the reason a lot of us are still hangin in there is we know what they are capble of ( or were ) and even on an off day they are still more interesting than half the bands out there…

  24. 24
    stephan says:

    hey guys! stop argueing about processes that you don’t know anything about. watching the guys still touring so much and having created 2 very creative rock albums in this line up makes me feel that the time is a good to be patient. it’s not only fun, often it’s hard work to keep that machine going. at the age of 65 things might be different don’t you think? a new album would be great, but there are so many songs written in the past 10 years that have never been played live. and perhaps they just want to do the gigs and not thinking about what to write next or what kind of expectation to fulfill. whenever they record something new, whatever it is and maybe they never tour again – i’m just satisfied that they brought us so much new material till now and so much fun on stage!

  25. 25
    Jeff Summers says:

    Hey Stephan, I do know a little about writing songs/whole albums etc. The truth is that they at least need to try and approach what will possibly be the last DP album differently:) Purpendicular was the last good DP album because some of the songs were written in advannce. Also the band had to prove that they were still relevant without Ritchie. I for one just want to hear a great album again one last time – are you telling me that you don’t? If we didn’t care we wouldn’t suggest? As I’ve mentioned before, Purple’s Peers are spending up to a year (on and off) writing and preparing for a recording…that is the usual process. not turning up and hoping something special happens!!

  26. 26
    Jeff Summers says:

    Cheers Mike:) Glad I’m not the only one on this train of thought!

  27. 27
    Crimson Ghost says:

    @9 Whats much more IMPORTANTLY OBVIOUS is that you’re bitter over spilled milk and its really beginning to spoil and your color (black) is shining through more than ever. Get over it already instead of always trying to disguise it through some sort of intelligent phasod factor. That and the MOST IMPORTANT thing to notice about the interview is that the knucklehead was asking the wrong guy about things on his mind that have nothing to do the person being interviewed whatsoever. Talk about ignorant, its not even worth commenting on without pointing that much out. Blackmore is playing folk music nd Deep Purple are criminals playing his old songs, bla bla bla!

    And btw, some of you don’t seem to know a wind up from Gillan when you see one, from interviewing him myself I learned its just how he’s going to be if you ask him something not only stupid, but non pertinent to his business, you will always get a sarcastic answer of some kind if you do that, keep the questions relevant and the rest will follow, duh!

  28. 28
    Dennis says:

    Saw DP in Adelaide 3-5-10 absolutly fanbloodytastic they have not lost anything Morse and Airy are brillant
    Let the Rock Roll

  29. 29
    Tracy Heyder (aka Zero the Hero) says:

    Seems to be a rather basic “Gillanistic” angle to the answers to me. It’s nothing new for him or Blackmore to skirt around questions regarding each other. Whereby Gillan has a more “Silver Tongue” than Blackmore (he is the lyricist in the band), he has very clear way to be ‘Clearly Quite Absurd’ in his ‘twist of the tale’.

    That being said, he answered some really Dumb Questions which by now if I were him, I would have just walked out on. Nothing relevant was asked regarding “Deep Purple Today”. That is where Gillan lives. He is a great Statesman regarding respecting where his allegiance is and also respecting where it was. He does so with great admiration when need be and maintains to this day, the properness and class one would expect of the frontman of one of the Greatest Bands Ever.

    Gillan took a very boring interview and made it less boring with his answers. Simple as that…..

    Rapture of the Deep not good? Says who? It was entirely different from any other Purple album EVER. No creativity? I guess you would rather another “Cookie Cut” album from the MK2 era. Sorry, but every album sounds different since TBRO. Maybe each one isn’t ones favorite style, but they are total Creative Masterpieces. All different and All Great. Would be great to get a couple more from these Masters of their Craft before it’s truly over. But hey, it has to end one day and that’s a fact.


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