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California Jam 2007

Steve Morse and Michael Bradford

During Deep Purple show on August 12 in Costa Mesa, California, Edgar Winter joined the band on stage to play saxophone on Smoke on the Water. The next day in Ventura Michael Bradford jumped on stage unannounced for the Highway Star and stayed for Smoke on the Water. Steve Morse gestured to Michael to take the solo during Smoke mere seconds before it was to start, catching him a bit off guard (and, reportedly, the FoH sound engineer too). Michael tore it up with a blazing solo.

Thanks to Rick Damigella for the info.

4 Comments to “California Jam 2007”:

  1. 1
    Mike Campbell says:

    Was @the Ventura, CA gig 8/13/07 and thought it was amazing.
    Back in 1980 I worked briefly was a sound co. called Tasco.
    Was privelaged to meet Ian Paice and Jon Lord after the “White Snake” Concert that had just taken place on the College campus-UCLA.
    I was just 21 and had been a die-hard fan of DPsince 70 or 71.
    I was 11in those days.
    I had asked Ian if he would like a beer. He said yes. It seemed like an eternity as I went scrambling off to find one. It must have taken me about 2 minutes( seemed like 20), when I discovered a large trash container with ice and beer in it.
    All that was in it was a beer brand called “Watney’s red barrel”.
    So I figured what the hell, seems drinkable.
    Hurried back with about 4 or 5 of them and proceeded to hand them out around me when I realized that I did’nt hand one to Ian and I did’nt have one either.
    I did go back and gave one to him,with my apologies for not getting it right in the first place.
    As I stood there with others around where Ian was standing, one of my friends, who was working with me popped off the questiondirectly to Ian,probably caught him off guard, “Hey Ian, so when is Deep Purple gonna get back together?”
    Ian Just rolled his eyes and said “No, that’s not going to happen.”
    My friend said back,”Well you should and it should be with Blackmore, Gillan, and Glover with you and Jon Lord.”
    What a thing to say,very bold don’t you think?
    Right after that,as we were winding things up with the stage equipment,I saw Jon leaving out the back door with 2 young ladies by the armS. He probably had some fun that Morning. Just thought I’d share my up-close DP moment. Thankyou gentlemen,thanks for the memories,Mike from Camarillo Ca.

  2. 2
    Bo says:

    Those where the days – now long gone. But I miss them.

  3. 3
    Eddie says:

    OK, If we’re going to have a meeting DP moment, then I’ll tell my tale – who’s that yawning???

    I was fortunate enough to shake hands with ig after a performance of his musical ‘Cherkazoo’ in Axminster Devon UK

    I thanked Ian (As you do) for all the hrs of pleasure received over the 25yrs or so that I have had him screaming through my speakers.

    Some weeks later, Ian’s friend ‘Steve Black’ was auditioning for the next musical production in Axminster, so I went along. ig was present for 3 consecutive weeks joining in with rehearsals & short drama sessions, giving one or two anecdotes along the way!

    As part of a group of four individuals ig & I participated in the writing & performing of a comedic scetch about a late night chat show where he had returned from his Honeymoon with the Landlady of the hotel instead of his wife! Well it was funny at the time!

    Seeing Cherkazoo & experiencing the warm Spirit that the ‘Up in ARMS’ crew created, inspired me to write my own musical called ‘The honey tree’ – Maybe ig will be in it one day????
    (Excuse me while I wipe the Corn flakes from my eyes)

    I also got to shook Jon lord’s hand at Plymouth after his last gig there & all I could think to say to the guy was ‘Respect’. He smiled, nodded & gripped my hand tighter, I think in appreciation that my comment was void of adulation.

    Nice blokes these Purpleonians!

    I would sorely love to have a friendly chat with the guys in the current line up!

    Cheers all

    Eddie (Backlash UK & ‘Electric Lady’ Guitars)

  4. 4
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Hey Eddie,
    When was this Cherkazoo show?

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