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JLT’s take on American Idol

Joe Lynn Turner

If you ever wondered what does Joe Lynn Turner think about American Idol, here’s your big chance.

Thanks to Blabbermouth.net for the info.

6 Comments to “JLT’s take on American Idol”:

  1. 1
    Mark Bee says:

    As a singer, I once farted while belting out a high note. Has Joe ever done the same?

  2. 2
    Strangeman says:

    I was sang while trying to fart.

    Go figure…


  3. 3
    Rasmus Heide says:

    To Mark: With Joe it’s the other way around. *snigger*

  4. 4
    Julie Mills says:

    Hello Everyone.

    I just want to let you know that what I wrote last night, into early morning is much tamer than some of the comments I REALLY wanted to say about this. However, once my emotions from the comments calmed down in my system, I hope that I was able to bring some sense to some of the ones whose personal attack on Turner was unwarranted, period.

    Somehow I knew the Clay Aiken reference was going to start a little “war”, so to speak with those “sensitive fans” and luckily Joe has his fan base as well to help him out. Heck, he said his voice was “nice”. Geez.

    I definitely want to hear from Chris (thejasoomian), SXG, Deborah, and those like Mike G (across the pond) etc. – Claudia, etc. I mean, talk about a “Headline” based on just one comment! But like I said below – this is definitely (one) comment that was said by Joe, when placed in the context that it was, not only sells the “dirt”, but it breeds the negative connotations as well. I bet you money though, if all Joe did was say nice, sappy things then this probably would not have been published. But Joe is honest, as we as fans have known that about him all these years! Besides, he is just one voice and has the RIGHT to say it.

    I guess, though, you can say I am as biased as well. But in writing my comments below – I realized that in reading some of the “hateful” comments that one of the readers blasted against Joe – “hate”, my friends, is truly not where it’s at. It may satisfy the weak, but it also shows their shortcomings as well. Let’s not get trapped in that. That’s all I am saying.

    My post on phillyBurbs.com on May 20th, 2007

    I live in the one of the two cities here in the U.S -Glendale, Arizona – that will have, perhaps, after Wednesday night, lay claim to having the next American Idol be from their hometown! And this is coming from someone who originally once hailed from central California about 23 years ago! Like you, I am a fan of American Idol, so the excitement is truly building for Wednesday night’s finale, and of course, for Glendale, Arizona residents who are very proud to have Jordin Sparks hail from this growing city.

    Glendale, Arizona – as you may or may not know, was also the birthplace and home to the late Country Singer, Marty Robbins (“El Paso”). With that said, I just re-read the article just like you did the other day, and would like to comment on the statements that Joe Lynn Turner made in respect to the “Idol” talent.

    From the way I see it – it seems some of you are villifying Turner for comments he made based on a “HEADLINE” that was essentially negative in the first place! I guess you were just trying to “fight fire with fire”, but all I have to say about that is this: That’s what GETS you to read these articles in the first place -“Dirt”, “Sensationalism”, and above all – “Negativity”.

    Unfortunately, Turner is now the target of this negativity and this is really quite unfair to him. He just answered the interviewer’s questions about the “Idol” hopefuls. Isn’t he entitled to his opinion AS WELL! Only the headline was negative and many of you decided then to transpose that negativity to a personal attack on Turner. I suppose that if the comments had been made by a Bono, Bruce Springsteen, or Sting (who are classic artists like Turner) or current popular artists (who were not “Idol” contestants) like Christina Aguilera, Nellie Furtado, or Josh Grobin – You probably wouldn’t have made a similar assessment about their comments as you have done so with Turner.

    Why are you not willing to accept one artist’s opinion about a subject he was asked about and answering honestly and very candidly? – good or bad. I will say this that I agree with Turner that this “Idol” competition, since it’s inception in 2002, has truly become “A popularity contest” of sorts. And with “popularity contests” come drama.

    Remember, Idol hopeful Chris Daughtry last season? Of course, Taylor Hicks was the one who won the competition, but Daughtry, in spite of the ouster, is doing quite well in his own right – in spite of the controversy that surrounded this artist and the eventual winner of the competition.

    I’m glad to see that the “Clay Aiken Fan club” is truly well represented here. But in all honesty, did you really think that the “nice” comment that Turner made was negative? I guess the answer is yes! based on your comments. I will say this about Clay – I am sure that he really appreciates your loyalty. And while you defend your “idol”; I’ll defend mine – Turner, that is!

    I consider talent like Clay, Kelly, and Carrie to be “Diamonds in the Rough’ that until five years ago, there was no other way that these “Idol” artists would have got them noticed otherwise through the conventional music business politics that was in existence before “Idol”. And it was through the medium of television that created the buzz, not the hard work, dedication and in general, the “dues” my favorite artist like Turner did. Turner is right in saying, Not EVERYONE, including him, began this way. He’s entitled! He’s earned that right.

    Just do me a favor, if you get a chance. Just step back and re-read this again. Turner is just one artist with a “voice” conveying his thoughts on this matter. What Turner said was honest and candid, not spiteful and negative.

    And for those who made comments in reference to not knowinghim, by all means if you are on the computer, then look his name up and try to learn something rather than believe only what the “mainstream” media of television or radio is telling about who “should” or “should not be popular” in the eyes and ears of music fans these days.

    It is my feeling that the “Idol” competition will suffer from what’s called the “law of diminishing returns”as it continues to air on a yearly basis.

    Please remember that this competition, as popular as it is currently, is just ONE source of discovery of talent in the Music business: it’s not the “ONLY” source.

  5. 5
    Paul says:

    American Idol………..X Faxtor………..Search the entire world for talent……and what do we get everytime? Via the medium of TV and over hyped sensationalism we end up winners and losers. The winners are of course the over paid TV and record producers, and the losers are the ‘Hopefulls’ who have 60 seconds of fame, and a peek at fortune.

    JLT on the other hand has had 2 minutes of fame, and a sip at the fountain of fortune, and is therefore entitled to his ‘nice’ opinion. But all things considered, do we really care what JLT thinks?

    JLT or American Idol? Stick with AI…………………It provides drama, senationalism, and maybe one day someone with talent. Its been many years since JLT can be accused of providing any of these ingredients.

  6. 6
    ianzinnk says:

    just another reason why I don’t watch HDGTV… (HD Garbage TV)

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