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2008-11-01 – Deep Purple – Hannover

Deep Purple
Saturday, November 1, 2008
20:00 - - All Ages Buy Tickets
Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg 8
Hannover, Germany 30169

a.k.a. AWD Halle and Stadionsporthalle

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2 Comments to “2008-11-01 – Deep Purple – Hannover”:

  1. 1
    Georgia says:

    really tired of reading news only how Dp tours italy and france 5 times a year 😀

    I think that DP aren’s creative band anymore, they just tour tour tour and tour…

    Why doesn’t they work at solo projects or so? or why doesn’t they record another studio album?

    I don’t really know…
    DP will continue touring untill Gillan will not have a voice at all, untill Morse will forget Smoke riff and until Paice will not have any strength in his hands???


  2. 2
    Adrien says:

    I agree… I love DP! I saw them on stage twice… why don’t they record a new album… I know they can do it ! 🙂
    And why can’t they change their setlists a bit?
    They could play more rare songs…

    For example:
    1. Pictures Of Home
    2. Things I Never Said
    3. Into The Fire
    4. Rapture Of The Deep
    5. I Got Your Number
    6. Ted The Mechanic
    7. Doing It Tonight
    8. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
    9. Any Fule Kno That
    10. Contact Lost / Steve Morse Solo
    11. The Well-Dressed Guitar
    12. The Battle Rages On
    13. Living Wreck
    14. Knocking At Your Backdoor
    15. Don Airey Solo
    16. Perfect Strangers
    17. Speed King (inc. Burn Riff after duet between Steve & Don) – with Ian Paice Solo
    18. Lazy
    19. Smoke On The Water
    20. Highway Star
    21. Too Much Fun (short version)
    22. Roger Glover Solo – Black Night

    Or something much more different:
    1. Pictures of Home
    2. Wring That Neck
    3. Doing It Tonight (with the end of Picture of Innocence)
    4. living Wreck
    5. Rapture of The Deep
    6. You Keep On Moving
    7. Fools – Steve Morse Solo – Fools
    8. The Battle Rages On
    9. Lazy
    10. Fortuneteller
    11. Loosen My Strings
    12. Don Airey Solo – Bad Attitude
    13. I Got Your Number
    14. Ted The Mechanic
    15. Mary Long
    16. Highway Star
    17. Via Miami
    18. Any Fule Kno That
    19. Smoke On The Water
    20. Money Talks
    21. Clearly Quite Absurd
    22. Hush (Roger Glover Solo & Ian Paice Solo)

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