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“Rapture” – One month later

For about a month ago, I wrote a review about Rapture Of The Deep. Since then, I have listening a lot on the album and I still enjoy every minute of it. It’s hard to pick favourite songs, since every one is really good. If it was up to me, Deep Purple could play the […]

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DP related news

Nick Simper has opened a personal website with all info about what he is up to at the moment. Mike the Webmaster says, “we are still building it, as Nick has to go through all the stuff in his attic, but we hope to have it fully functional pretty soon.” The Rainbow Fanclan Legacy reports […]

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THS and ROTD on Swedish Radio

ROTD will be premiered on Swedish national radio on Saturday. Two full tracks will be played and commenting on the album is THS editor Svante Pettersson. Er, that would be me then. 🙂 Tune in to P4 and “Dist” at 18.06 local time on Saturday. The show will be available for one week on the […]

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Mail is working again

Our mail is up again. The mail outage also affected some moderation of comments in this blog but everything has been approved now and all should be back to normal operations.

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Mail problems

We’re having mail problems again. If you want to reach any of us, mail me at svante.pettersson@gmail.com and I’ll forward the mail to the right people. You can also leave a message here in the blog. Thanks.

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Deep Purple goes balalaika

A member of the Russian group called “BaBaDoBas” posted a sound file of a Deep Purple medley in the Russian Deep Purple forums. It is done in Russian folk music style and it is pretty cool if you ask me. You can download the song here.

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Sound clips after all

Edel gave us permission to link to three sound clips from ROTD today. We also got permission to publish the lyrics. Check out our updated ROTD special!

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An evening with Ian Paice

Yesterday evening, Ian Paice was in Stockholm, Sweden. He was doing a drum clinic at Bass’ n Drum 2005. The audience could see him druming, ask some questions and after the show they could get things sign. Earlier in the evening, I met Ian for an exclusive interview. We talked most about the upcoming album, […]

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