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Rainbow Denver 1979

Rainbow Denver 1979 cover art

There appears to be a new Rainbow release coming out seemingly out of the blue. It is quite simply called Denver 1979 and is due on vinyl on May 12. This seems to be legit as it’s being released on a small but respectable independent label Cleopatra Records out of Los Angeles. The label had in the past few years released Tommy Bolin’s Zephyr remix, Captain Beyond reissues, as well as a number of tribute albums where Purple family was widely represented (we’ve covered many of them).

Track list:

  1. Eyes Of The World
  2. Love s No Friend
  1. Since You Been Gone
  2. All Night Long
  1. Lost In Hollywood
  1. Man On The Silver Mountain
  2. Long Live Rock N Roll

Amazon description states that it’ll be a “gatefold holographic foil jacket with 3 different colored vinyl options – red, green or blue (limited 1000 copies each)”.

There is no further information available at this moment, but we’re trying to contact the label to obtain some.

If it is what we think it is, it’s a widely bootlegged soundboard recording of a show at the Music Hall in Denver, Colorado, on November 16, 1979.

Thanks to Lutz Reinert for the heads up.

14 Comments to “Rainbow Denver 1979”:

  1. 1
    Scott W. says:

    This has been available on bootleg for years. Though I like to see these shows released ‘officially’, I cannot stand when the cover image is from a incorrect era to the show. The image shown is from the ‘Deep Purple 1972 In Concert’ show recorded at the Paris Theater in the UK on March 9, 1972 and the photo is taken by Barry Plummer. The photo has been widely used and is in the inlay for the above mentioned DP show and, is also in the Jon Lord RS photo book.

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    I saw this show. November 1979 at the Rainbow Music Hall at Evans and Monaco in Denver. Unusually warm day for November. Nevertheless, Ritchie stood in one place next to his amps for practically the entire show, wearing a black leather trench coat – so from my memory, the cover photo shown above isn’t from that show. John Cougar opened. Great show.

  3. 3
    George Martin says:

    Will it be available on cd as well as vinyl?

  4. 4
    Cameron says:

    Vinyl! Aw, I hate this new Vinyl wave! Why can’t this be on CD Too? Not everyone cares for Vinyls.

  5. 5
    Scoot says:


  6. 6
    LRT says:

    Anything but Universal at this point.

  7. 7
    Paul Howcroft says:

    I’m hoping this is true… And I will be getting it from the usual place…

  8. 8
    TheRedPen says:

    Apparently, it will be released on CD (around August) as part of a “Rainbow Box”.

  9. 9
    John says:

    I think this one fits a lot more on vinyl. I love CD as well as vinyls, and we have to be lotta gratefull for this new vinyl wave, it proves that people still care for what was, and also that new technologies are not all that there is. I’m one of the few ones that cares about the document, not just the information, and in my opinion size is fundamental and some great artworks are imposible to reproduce on the little space a CD allows. anyway, hope both, vinyl and CD, remain alive for a long time, as well as I hope ebooks won’t make books fade away.
    I’m eager to buy this, now, official concert from the only and superb album they made with Bonnet. I’ve re-listened the full Down to earth today (been years since) and I almost cried remembering …
    What a glorious album!!

    God bless DP and the whole family.

  10. 10
    Alfredo Vega Yañez says:

    Hey…on Cd…When?

  11. 11
    Michiel says:

    Yeah, it’s so obviously NOT the Rainbow Ritchie.

  12. 12
    Soren says:

    Anyone know if Catch the Rainbow was performed?
    It’s not listed here, and it’s not on the boot i have.

  13. 13
    R.Fleenor says:

    A good vinyl can offer some of the best audio reproduction around, especially when paired with some good valve amplification. The delightful sound of music free from transistors.

  14. 14
    Robert says:

    The vinyl arrived last friday. Here’s my first (and short) impression.
    The beginning of the show sounds very much like a bootleg. Single voices from the auditorium can be heard and the sound of the band isn’t too impressive. This gets better during the first song but the recording still suffers from the source. During the first song there is a voice that repeats the chorus after Bonnet. When listening to one of the bootlegs of this show I was always sure that this was somebody from the auditorium as he sings without any feeling for notes or tone. Now I’m not so sure anymore – but I can’t imagine that Roger Glover or Don Airey sing so horrible. Nevertheless it is an impressive concert. The track listing from above is correct (no Catch The Rainbow) and Lost in Hollywood serves as a vehicle for drum and keyboard solos. I wonder why they didn’t play any Purple song material and that 3 quarters of the concert origin from the new LP. For sure “down to earth” was a good album but what about “Stargazer” or “Mistreated? As far as I remember this line-up did at least “Stargazer” on their tour dates in Europe.

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