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Hush — in channels

Listen to just bass, just guitar or just organ, drums, and vocals on a studio recording of Hush.

New on Youtube, three clips purporting to offer these instruments played by Deep Purple in separate channels:

Ritchie channel (just guitar):

Rod Evans, Ian Paice, Jon Lord channel (just organ, drums and voice):

Nick Simper channel (just bass):

Sounds pretty genuine – but where’s it from? Could it somehow have been wrangled out of a surround mix? Fascinating still the same. Could we please have all the albums like this. Roger? 😉

Jon Lord has denied that these recordings feature Deep Purple. Read his comments.

Thanks to landinleonardo for uploading this little gem.

47 Comments to “Hush — in channels”:

  1. 1
    Ray says:

    Well, thats what should be ‘have been done since the very beginning of DVD storage was avaliable…a full mix and a separate tracks where , with proper software, you could hear the detailing and engeneering work on the separate tracks….that would offer priceless moments on recordings, as well giving to the musicians possibility to have their work being sold to producers, djs,offering samples, etc…and besides that you could mix your own song, making audible things sometimes hidden , up the guitar and organ, etc
    I would buy albums like that…easily…

    But DP are not very know for ‘quick’ movings, risks or choices…


  2. 2
    Crimson Ghost says:

    Who did it?
    Just ask the uploader via PM.

  3. 3
    drew says:

    Maybe Deep Purple Guitar Hero is on it’s way.

  4. 4
    scott says:

    this awesome! sounds like you are sitting next to them in the studio while the recording was taking place!

  5. 5
    Jeffs says:

    How did they get access to the master tapes to solo these channels?!?

  6. 6
    AndreA says:


  7. 7
    kraatzy says:

    Wow – thats fantastic… give me more…

    hey guys,

    who can tell me, how I can split the simple (guitar) parts of a song.

    Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest …


  8. 8
    fdr says:

    I have my doubts it’s original…the guitar track is well done but it doesn’t sound like Ritchie in ’68, especially the brief guitar solo near the end…

  9. 9
    Jerry says:

    This is a hoax! For a start that isn’t Rod Evans singing! It can’t be genuine because the drums and bass were recorded on the same track! Nick Simper told me that! What rubbish will they come up with next?

  10. 10
    chris says:


  11. 11
    AndreA says:


    I tried to start these 3 videos at the same moment,just to think to be on mixing for a short time..I failed!!! gggrrr

  12. 12
    AndreA says:

    I agree with fdr at #8..at the fisrt moment I thought the same thing about guitar at the end..

    Jeff #5
    I asked to my self the same thing you say when time ago I listended this

  13. 13
    rob says:

    i agree with Jerry and FDR that is not Ritchie or Jon for sure. I had to scroll down to see if anyone agreed, i was surprised fans were taken in by this.

    It’s a good fake but a fake non the less.

  14. 14
    moe says:

    It is bogus… but nevertheless pretty good 😉
    Here is also Highway Star “Multitracks”

  15. 15
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Ofcourse we can discuss the truth of what someone is saying in the DP camps about 1000 s of things……

    One intriguing example of a story or history in the making or not is one by Jon Lord.

    Did HE really hear David Coverdale for the first time on THAT TAPE when they were looking for a replacement for Ian Gillan?
    Or is true what CG said somewhere?
    That Jon perhaps would not like the REAL story becoming a legend that HE actually did hear DC years before ?

    But I also feel Jerry is right.

    Although it really made me scratch my head, I also dont think this is THEM.

  16. 16
    Marcelo Soares says:

    The tempo is slower (which might lead to the lowering of the voices), but it does sound like the original. Amazing, just amazing. Where did those guys get it?

  17. 17
    Marcelo Soares says:

    Ah, yeah: I’d buy all the Purple albums for the fourth time (LP, CD, remaster and this) if they made that kind of stuff available.

  18. 18
    Kubens says:

    Hey, no one said it`s the real thing, someone just called the different channel by musisians names. It`s very well done, similar to the original but just the sound is different but it`s hard to recreate the same `68 sound with todays amps. And also the organ sound, you just have to be Jon to make it sound like it should 🙂

  19. 19
    Max says:

    it’s fake. I’m organist it’s the sound of the native B4 a vst plugin !

    But it could be a great backing track for a guitar hero !

  20. 20
    Dirk says:

    cool stuff – very groovy …

    give’s more?

  21. 21
    Idontspeakenglishsowell says:

    I’m not so sure that it is fake. There’s even that hoarse singing part at 2:24

  22. 22
    Rasmus Heide says:

    Jon Lord says it isn’t him – or the others.

    Read on:

  23. 23
    Patrick says:

    this is fake but a dam good copy id say

  24. 24
    scott says:

    finally having time to listen to all of this closer, it is fake. good job though!

  25. 25
    MoreBlack says:

    It’s curious don’t it?They recorded in four tracks (i mean the Shades album)indeed,the engineer mixed two rithm guitar and the lead breaks in one track,strange is that the guy mixed voice organ and drums in another track and bass in another alone.
    I doubt about the floor ton sounding as it was close miked,very low and round, little common in those days.The bass sounds as if recorded right throu the desk,very clean and with no leakage from the other instruments.The highs in the bass are very unusual at that time whe the high frequency was no that further than 3 or 4 Khz.It sounds very brite.The guitar tone is suspect,also close miked,and the first two breaks have nothing to do with the original recording.And that final guitar solo makes me remember of the first time this song was recorded,april 1968 in Trident studios,a demo version Derek Lawrence send to Tetragramaton in LA,and to some Brit companies.The demo consisted of Hush Help and Love Help Me.The definitive version was recorded at Pye studios in may.
    Who knows?

  26. 26
    Jeffs says:

    Wow! What an elaborate hoax!?! I only listened to the Blackmore track and that guy has his vibrato off pat…

    Purplepriest, I heard that DC’s band “The Government supported DP in 72 and Jon asked for DC’s phone number – just in case.

  27. 27
    Jeffs says:

    Andrea, just listened to the Monkees/Maiden moshup, is this a new trend? Still can’t understand how they can access the master tapes in this way…Or is that fake also??

  28. 28
    Jeffs says:

    Blimey! That sounds like Rod Evans!

  29. 29
    Karl-Heinz says:

    I’m not a musician and can’t play any instrument. So it’s not easy for me to say it is a fake or not.

    I’m sure, that could have been made from the (or a) four-channel-recording of the song.

    But why the intro (wolves) and the last notes are missing?

    Interesting for me is that you can hear some “wind-noises” on the second mix like in the original mix. So its sounds original –

    the singer is NOT Nick Simper, I’m pretty sure.

    Nevertheless, well done and intersting. The guitar is great. But it should have bneen stated were are the recordings come from.

    It would be nice to have a mix of these schannels together (mono).

    A multi-channel mix of “Highway Star” from “Machine Head” exists.
    Google for “Highway Star” “mogg-file”. There you can play every channel alone and it’s no fake. e.g. Big Ian is clearly singing. I wish a multichannel-DVD of each recording would surface for fans. the Highway Star mix is so interesting!!!


  30. 30
    uwe says:

    I’m amazed anybody could for a second believe this is Nick Simper playing, it sounds nothing like him, both as regards his idiosyncratic groove and the sound of his Precision Bass back then. Done plain bad.

  31. 31
    Dynamomoskva says:

    Now I just found the icing of the cake. Is this the world’s best Gillan impersonator or what 😉


    I mean the vocal ‘Smoke On the Water’ track. I think that must pretty much be the end of discussion ‘Machine Head track wise’. Listen to the other tracks as well. I’d say these are all original.





  32. 32
    Magnus says:

    I think Deep Purple are better musicians than that… The timing is not the most perfect of you listen

  33. 33
    meagainn says:

    I found out that hush is from the Guitar Hero II video game and its not deep purple actually

  34. 34
    Jeffs says:

    If these are hoax’s, they are incredibly elaborate! How can you pull such incredible impersonators (in terms of tone, delivery, sound and attack) together for a hoax…And do these people really exist? I for one am convinced that these are real.

    Magnus…Perfect timing does not make a great musician. there are many aspects and one of the most important is fitting in with the nuances of your band mates. Musos are not machines and when under studio pressure sometimes we are not perfect! I have been mortified with my own timing when “soloing” my own work in the past, however, when you sit it in the track it works:)

    I would dearly love to know if these files are real and if not I’d like to meet the impersonators…they are something else!

  35. 35
    AndreA says:

    to Jeff #27

    really.I don’t know if this is a new trend,I think it is just a idea from a dj…

    this is the guy that make this ironmonkey


    this is just a curiosity to me,this is not my
    kind of music..it is just a discovering..

    ciao Jeff



  36. 36
    Martin Cook says:

    I think I would believe Jerry (Bloom) at #9. He runs the moreblackthanpurple website and is, I think quite close to Nick Simper, as it is thru M>B>T>P that the Good old Boys Live CD at the Deep purple Convention is being distributed in the UK and Jerry also organised that event.
    Also, the “channel” tracks are shorter than thise on the LP, so if anything are speeded up.

  37. 37
    purplepriest1965 says:

    a 26

    Hi Jeff

    I must admit, like many others, I did NOT hear it from bandmembers or being present, WISH I HAD BEEN!!!!, but read it in books and so on about the band.

    I regularly voice my frustration about what and who to believe or not….
    Regardless who is saying what.
    I mean…..They themselves have spoken out that stories contradict, amongst other reasons that some people like to stir up things.

    In the meantime, one is being influenced by all those writings and integrates it in ones idea about things…..

    @ 29 Nick Simper?! You must be joking ofcourse….

    On the whole I felt from the beginning THIS was not THEM but unlike some others I cant technically explain why.
    I just recognise it or not, multichanneled and so on or not…..

    But ofcourse, Rods voice was close…..But not close enough, hehehe

  38. 38
    Jeffs says:

    Ciao Andrea…

    Having listened to the Highway Star “In Channels” This is getting scary! As I said earlier, it’s impossible to say that these are genuine but boy do they sound real! As i said previously, it’s not the specific performances, it’s more the remarkable attention to detail. Not just impersonantions…the tone of the Strat on Blackmores track sounds seasoned and you litterally would have to find the original Marshalls he used and then process/record them in exactly the same way. you then have to find five guys who can impersonante Purple to that degree…Stunning!

    Hi PurplePriest:)

    You are right…Perhaps the management should come forward under these circumstances. It would put us all out of our misery.

    Musicians can be very protective when listening back to there own work “dry and Naked” especially when they were young and inexperienced. I’m sure Jon is sincere in his statements, but has he ever listened to his keyboard part in “Hush” solo’d before? If he has, it would be unusual…

  39. 39
    AndreA says:

    yes Jeff ( #38 )

    i agree with you..but at the same time I think that
    all this make me thinking about
    false production on sale for unpublished branded songs / new versions..

    Am I saying a stupidity or there is a real danger of this kind music piracy?

    ciao Friends

  40. 40
    AndreA says:

    I hve just tried to compare these 3 sounds to the original on THE SHADES OF DEEP PURPLE cd

    The guitar keys are different,better to say that on this viseo does not exist: after the first key there is a short feed back,they are different at his end

    The keyboards plays different mainly on the solo,
    also in the beggining before Evans the “chicken” sound of keyboard are differents..

    the drumming sounds different..on the original version there is more reverb,echos

    this is what I think..


  41. 41
    dpv says:

    To Jeffs
    >I heard that DC’s band “The Government supported DP in 72 and Jon asked for DC’s phone number – just in case.
    It was on November 22, 1969 in Bradford.

  42. 42
    Jeffs says:

    Thanks Andrea…I’ve just checked that and concur with you:)

    @41 I heard that also, didn’t know the year and date though…Thanks!!

  43. 43
    Gabriel says:

    This take is fake… Rod don’t sing there and the music are several mixes takes… strangely, it does not admit any discussion… it’s a work as this one: http://www.linearock.it/rl/linearock/musicnews.do?id=31068 … this is excellent…

  44. 44
    mmagnet1 says:

    How the hell can any fan think this is Deep Purple-a deaf man could tell it is fake.

  45. 45
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Well Gabriel

    Your link surely directs to some more very funny ones, for example the Kiss vs Michael Jackson clip, hehehe

  46. 46
    T says:

    This sounds very much like a contemporary recording.

    The guitar in particular does not have the vintage sound of the old ES-335 used on the original, and the organ also lacks authenticity.

    I would say this is a tutorial recording of the type you can get to learn to play guitar–the kind in which one version has the guitar in the mix and the other does not.

    It’s not Deep Purple.

  47. 47
    destroyer says:

    The samples are taken from guitar hero, just listen to that version and you will hear.

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