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JLT with Scrap Metal Band

Joe Lynn Turner did a couple of dates recently with an outfit known as Scrap Metal Band. Tracy Heyder was at one of the shows and reports:

On Dec. 15th, what turned out to be the ’80s rehash band known as “Scrap Metal” played at the Wildhorse Saloon, in Nashville, Tennessee. They called their show the “Jingle Bell Rock Party”. Not knowing anything about this band, I assumed it was a band headed by Joe Lynn Turner (since it was listed in the JLT Tour Update section in the Highway Star). I was wrong. Joe Lynn Turner was only a “Special Guest” along with Jimi Jamison (from Survivor). During the 2 hour gig, JLT only participated in 5 tunes.

scrap-metal-collage.jpgIt turns out that the actual band is made up of: Mark Slaughter (from Slaughter), Gunnar and Mathew Nelson (from Nelson), Eric Martin (from Mr. Big), and Kelly Keagy (from Night Ranger).

The first hour and a half was just the main band doing songs from each of the members prior band days with much gloating and bloviating in between tunes bragging about how great their song were in their day. They come across like an amateur “Cover Band”. The first guest was Jimi Jamison, whereby they covered a string of his tunes from “Survivor” such as Eye of the Tiger (Yuk).

Then came JLT. They introduced him as the singer for “Deep Purple”. I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes I know he sang on one Deep Purple LP, but that is hardly the main point of his career. To not pin him to Rainbow instead was way out of line. He strutted out and sang 2 songs: “Stone Cold” and “Street of Dreams”. Fairly good renditions of each, but he hammed it up so much you wanted to punch him or puke. Then he was joined by Jimi Jamison and they did the Night Ranger Tune “Rockin’ America”. They ran around trying to “Out Cool” each other. This was followed by a really bad version of “Jingle Bell Rock” where they brought on stage some of their kids and friends and they just butchered the song and continued to ham it up. Then as the closer was announced, I couldn’t believe my ears again…..”Highway Star”!!!!!! By far, the worst version of this song I’ve ever heard. JLT just ran around strutting and flicking his hair and screaming out the words as though it was his first and last time to ever hit the stage and came across like a teenager dying for attention.

All in all, I have to say………”Do Not Waste Money On This Show” if it comes to your town.

Tracy Heyder

Tracy’s pictures from the show:
scrap-metal.jpg scrap-metal-1.jpg scrap-metal-2.jpg scrap-metal-3.jpg scrap-metal-4.jpg scrap-metal-5.jpg scrap-metal-6.jpg scrap-metal-7.jpg scrap-metal-8.jpg scrap-metal-9.jpg scrap-metal-10.jpg scrap-metal-11.jpg scrap-metal-12.jpg scrap-metal-13.jpg scrap-metal-14.jpg scrap-metal-15.jpg scrap-metal-16.jpg scrap-metal-17.jpg scrap-metal-18.jpg scrap-metal-19.jpg scrap-metal-20.jpg scrap-metal-21.jpg scrap-metal-22.jpg scrap-metal-23.jpg

38 Comments to “JLT with Scrap Metal Band”:

  1. 1
    socrates says:

    Too bad for Jlt…

  2. 2
    Roberto says:

    Why you post this bad thing about Turner?
    To me He is a great singer.The problem, as for Glenn Hughes, are the compositions

  3. 3
    Robert says:

    JLT’s ego is as big as his haircut

  4. 4
    TruthHurts says:

    Another JLT slating article. Ever thought about getting a life?

  5. 5
    purplepriest1965 says:

    My willingness to get provoked has left the building.

  6. 6
    David Sanderson says:

    If it was such a bad show, why take so many photos?

  7. 7
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    Well if Tracy thought the show stunk…what do you want Tracy to do…lie about it?

    That lineup sounds pretty gag inducing to me.

    I just got the Live Between The Eyes For Christmas..(after downloading a patch to view the region 2 video on my US DVD player)

    JLT had (and by what I’ve heard of his recent work…still has) a great voice. And Str8 Between the Eyes was my first DP family record and opened teh door for DP for me….so I have fond memories of JLT era Rainbow.

    BUt having said that…he is such a ridiculous poser. My son…who loves DP watched some of the video and kept laughing at JLT’s look….act….etc.

    Paired with the “legends” in that show….not sure I’d spend $5 on that show….

  8. 8
    Bo says:

    Here we go again – it’s time to hit JLT. I dont get it. Have you people so lttle to do in your life. JLT was – and still is – a GREAT singer. His stage performance is not the best in the world, BUT still better than many others (look at Coverdale at times!)
    Merry Christmas & a happy New Year

  9. 9
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hope to see him soon in Rotterdam with the CLASSIC ROCK EVENT in AHOY………….
    Whatever there is to say about him and his behaviour, looks and so on, I m still very fond of lots he did………….

    Unlike last year which was a first for this kind of event in AHOY, even in the Netherlands mind you………., I truly hope the setlist (….)will be more adventurous.
    And indeed , I ‘d love to hear the more “non commercial songs”.
    But, yup, we will probably get “Smoke…” and so on, I m afraid.
    Would people who do not know him much really dislike songs like “Eyes of fire”, “Tearing Out My heart”, ODYSSEY(!!!)songs, Fire in the basement, TRUTH HURTS,…………

    Please Joe, do EVERYONE a pleasure and give us , amongst others, some tracks of your wonderful 1985 album “RESCUE YOU”……….

    Bring Yngwie or Ritchie(…) with you……….Nobody would mind, I m sure………

    SUCH A WASTE OF A GREAT TALENT (Would that be…???)who made so many great tracks with Rainbow, DP, FANDANGO, Brazan Abbot……….
    Not to mention lots of great ones on his solo albums as well………


    Organisers of this event, I COMMEND you………… Make it a REALLY GREAT EVENT………..

  10. 10
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    I know you love JLT…that’s cool. But again I ask you a simple ?….if I see the show…and I don’t like it…should I just not say anything? If I can’t say something nice…..don’t say anything at all. The author was complimentary of the voice…..slagged the song selection, the band and the banter.

    The author didn’t like the show….I was simply commenting that some parts that were criticized (his silly stage antics etc) were confirmed by my viewing of Straight Between the Eyes….a concert I hadn’t seen since the 90s.

    Didn’t I mention that I have soft spot for JLT era Rainbow? HTP is a really good record.

    But lumping JLT with some hair metal “stars” doesn’t sound like something I’d want to see…..if you actually “see” the show and want to post a review taht has a different take…knock yourself out.

  11. 11
    Sami says:

    Yep, it was just Tracy’s opinion, so what, or maybe JLT just had a bad night.
    I think his recent albums have been really great(nothing wrong with doing what you do best!), Sunstorm-project & Second Hand Life. ‘Non-believers’ should also
    check out the HTP-cd’s, as well as Holy Man, The Usual Suspect & Brazen Abbot records(among others)…speaking of live gigs, JLT was absolutely brilliant with Graham Bonnet
    last summer here in Finland, but I think he should fire his agent(linking him with second division 80’s hair metal guys, not good!).
    Rainbow weren’t as big in the States as DP(or the brand/name)were/are, hence the
    somewhat odd introduction…but that’s the Classic Rock-scene for you I gues

  12. 12
    Sami says:


  13. 13
    stoffer says:

    Thanks Tracy for the review, poor, poor JLT….. I kinda feel sorry for him

  14. 14
    Perfectstringdangler says:

    Stoffer, do not feel sorry for JLT. He has had a lucrative career with stints in DP and Rainbow. He made a small fortune singing in commercials. He has a had a credible solo career. He made two outstanding albums with Glenn Hughes (any DP fan who does not have HTP and HTP 2, check them out, they are a blast). He has basically gotten to travel the world and live the life of a (sort of) rock star. Sure he’s a ham and he probably spends more time on his hair than any chick I’ve ever known, but some guys are just so cheesy they’re almost charming. I can’t help but think that in 20 years when the Coverdales and JLTs of the world are gone, we’ll all wish they were still around.

  15. 15
    stoffer says:

    Perfectstringdangler, you may just have a point there!

  16. 16
    Chip Tarbutton says:

    JLT vs Chad Kroeger? 🙂

  17. 17
    purplepriest1965 says:

    I m off BodyBalancing.

    Somewhere this year(…) I and Christio have to do that.


    Poor me, I m NOT a rockstar…………….

    I ve to find an other way……..

  18. 18
    T says:

    Tracy saw the show and is entitled to an opinion that we have to respect as accurate for a first-hand account.

    It does not change my opinion of Joe Lynn Turner. I agree he is a great singer and “Slaves and Masters” remains the best Blackmore-era reunion album. I am pleased to see so many fans stick up for him here.

    JLT, however, suffers from SCS: Shaun Cassity Syndrome. He’s alway had a bit of a teeny-bopper look and a sort of a poppy stage presence and that has hurt the way in which DP fans perceive him.

  19. 19
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Just a little more insight…….

    Hello All and Happy New Year too.

    First I would like to state here that in no way am I bashing JLT. I happen to own almost every recording he has put forth, including all of his guest shots on various compilations and whatnot. I too am a fan of “His Voice” and ability. That being said, I also look beyond the voice at a live show. My oppinion of him is simple…..he should heard and not seen.

    I try and attend every Purple Related gig I can, which is why I went to this particular show. If you re-read my discription of the event, you will see that I gave him credit where due (the Rainbow tunes) and decribed to the best of my ability, the overall summary of the show. Trust me, I was being very leanient. I didn’t mention that he dropped his microphone twice, causing huge amounts of feedback and turmoil. Also, to be honest, I tried to get a close-up of his belly every time he raised his hands. He has a huge, round belly that hangs over his belt that he covers up very nicely, but conciously does so. JLT has had one too many BLTs. My reflection of his stage presence is very accurate and actually was the main reason Purple dumped him after only one album and short lived tour. Yes he sings great and I do agree that he has put out some great recordings, but as far as a “Live” performer, I find him to be way too pompous and full of himself. “Tom Jones he ain’t. That only works when you are a young Teen Idol Pop Star or an Old Vegas Act from the Past. It doesn’t go over well with this genre of music. Also, if you haven’t seen it, take a look at the DVD “Heavy Metal Pioneers”, whereby JLT is interviewed about the “S&M” LP. He comes across as though he is “The Shit”. Here is a quote from him when repsponding to immulating Gillan while covering MK-2 material “Live”. He says “I have no interest in singing someone else’s dribble”. It think that says it all. As to why I took so many pictures……well I did go to see him, and do generally take many pictures back stage and of the shows and share them on this site. Check out all of my Reviews. There are many, first hand reviews and I am both critical and straight forward each time. I am a true Purple Fan, but I don’t have my blinders on. If in my ooppinion something is good or bad, that’s what you will get. Just my oppinion though, and backed up by being there.

    Cheers and hope to attend another “Purple or Purple Related Gig” soon.

  20. 20
    T says:

    “…he should heard and not seen.” I can agree to that.

    I for one never took Tracy’s review as JLT bashing but more of a “I call it as I see it” type of review–which is the purpose of a review after all. I thought it was complete and free of bias. It appeared to be a disappointing performance, and for JLT fans, perhaps a little hard to swallow is all.

    Sometimes, it’s a bitter pill.

    Tracy: I hope my previous comment above wasn’t misunderstood. You best summed it up with “I am a true Purple Fan, but I don’t have my blinders on.”

  21. 21
    TruthHurts says:

    Re: the Heavy Metal Pioneers documentary, I have it on good ol’ video tape, and this is my impression of JLT at that time:

    1. The comment “I’m not going to come in and sing someone else’s drivel” was a statement to say that he was insisting to be included in the writing process, not be drafted in to sing completed songs.
    Understandably so, many singers feel this way – when Ozzy Osbourne left Sabbath in 1978, Dave Walker was recruited, and wrote lyrics for a new album. When Ozzy rejoined a few months later (only to be fired a few months after that!) he refused to sing any of Walker’s lyrics, and the writing process had to start again from scratch (eventually producing the “Never Say Die” LP). Turner’s contribution to the “Slaves and Masters” album is clear: he is credited as co-writer on nearly every track, and it is his LP as much as it is Blackmore’s, Lord’s, Glover’s, Paice’s…that’s what I believe he meant.

    2. Regarding his appointment as DP’s lead singer he said: “I have no want or desire to emulate Ian Gillan…I think he’s a great artist but I’m not him…I’ve got big shoes to fill but I’m making my own footprints” – what’s wrong with that, he’s saying he wants to do things his way, and not be a clone.

    3. I did n’t spot any footage of MkV playing live on the video (I wish there was some), only a clip of the video from the (then) forthcoming single, “King Of Dreams”. There is however, a clip of MkII playing “Perfect Strangers”. The band are on fire, but Mr Gillan definitely isn’t, as he stumbles through the song, substituting words with croaking and wailing. It goes some way to explaining why he was dismissed as lead singer. The Sao Paolo bootleg I have shows JLT sailing through this number with a fine, note-perfect performance, and the audience roars in approval.

    Re: this performance – can’t say the line-up did much for me but I love to see him play live again with Akira Kajiyama, Glenn Hughes, Malmsteen, by himself on acoustic, or -hope against hope- Mr. Blackmore himself.
    For my money, “Fire Without Flame”, “Second hand Life”, “Sunstorm” and “HTP Live In Tokyo” are essential discs, and contain writing and performances as good as, if not better than anyone in the DP family (the band included) has made in the last decade.

  22. 22
    Seven-47 says:

    Dear Truthhurts;

    Very interesting comments; “Slaves and Masters” I thought was a very decent recording, “The Cut Runs Deep” is my favorite track. Didn’t a similar situation exist when Tony Martin took over for Glenn Hughes in Black Sabbath, during the recording of “Eternal Idol”?

  23. 23
    T says:

    TruthHurts: Very good comments.

  24. 24
    Sami says:

    TruthHurts made some very accurate observations, glad to see
    some misunderstandings cleared out.

    They all have their off-nights : Gillan(far too many!), Coverdale, Turner etc.,
    but why is it that for example R J Dio & Glenn Hughes give note
    perfect performances every night, night after night, hats off!!

    Seven-47 : Tony Martin re-recorded Ray Gillen’s(who had taken over from GH during the Sevent Star-tour) vocals for
    the Eternal Idol-record : a good album, but where
    Martin really shines is Tyr…underrated & classy
    piece of work from a great line up : Martin, Iommi,
    Neil Murray, and the late Cozy Powell. Check it out!

  25. 25
    purplepriest1965 says:


    This line up with Tony Martin is wonderful.

  26. 26
    TruthHurts says:

    I think the most underrated LP of the Tony Martin era is the excellent “Forbidden”, one the best Sabbath albums in my opinion.

  27. 27
    Seven-47 says:

    That’s right Sami; I forgot about Gillen, as I did Dave Donato. It’s hard to keep track of the guys who were apart of a band, but didn’t release any recorded material. I’ve heard “TYR”, and really enjoyed Jerusalem. I have to agree with purplepriest1965 though, my favorite Martin Black Sabbath release is “Cross Purposes”, numerous strong tracks!

    And let’s not forget “Born Again” with you know who!

  28. 28
    Corn Dog says:

    At the end of the day this is just ‘someones’ opinion.

    Big Deal, whats it worth?

  29. 29
    Sami says:

    (There’s even a website dedicated to Born Again-era Sabbath…
    Gillan the Hero :))

  30. 30
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Looking forward to the JLT line-up with Sabbath. Ooooohhhhhh Boy.
    I think the Title of the LP would be “Sabbath Bloody Aweful Sabbath”….

    Don’t go getting your little panties all in an uproar. It probably wouldn’t be “That Bad”.


  31. 31
    Seven-47 says:

    Thanks again Sami; I just checked out the “Gillan The Hero” website, very cool!

    Tracy Heyder;

    Turner & Sabbath? HMMM! Interesting!! I’d buy it.

  32. 32
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Yeah…….me too. But then I’m a sucker for every Purple related spin off. A lot of which I never listen to, but I would give it a go. Hmmm…..Black Purple Rainbow. why not….

  33. 33
    Tail Gunner says:

    can’t see JLT singing “war pigs”, no thank you

    be like just another shitty tribute act ruining another classic track

  34. 34
    Tracy Heyder says:

    Hey Tail Gunner….

    Check out my band “LOzT CAUz” on YOUTUBE playing Warpigs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCV38wQVuLg ). We are just a 3 piece band. I am on Drums and singing…….


  35. 35
    4 ECMT says:


    YES! This band is cool.Tracy sings great (he has the right voice for it) and his drumming is fast too!
    We patiently wait for the next song!!!

  36. 36
    purplepriest1965 says:

    7th STAR with Glenn and Odyssey were BOTH great albums, aso why not?

    Joe, show us you can do it!

    I m sure you can!

    Another SoulFul Sabbath, better tha FUSED which is way too metal………………..

  37. 37
    Sami says:

    Very good Tracy, one of the better versions of War Pigs I have heard in recent years…although I think it lacks something, wait a minute, now I’ve got it…Nugent-like mannerisms, that’s it 🙂

  38. 38
    Mike says:

    OK… I know this forum is kinda old, but I just came across it, so bare with me. 1st off. I work in the entertainment industry in an award winning facility. I know to alot of people this show sounds about as gay as pride parade. Well.. I have had the honor of working this show. I was blown away by the show. By the crowd that came out for the show was also mind blowing. I will be doing this show again in a very short time, and I am honestly looking forward to it. All of these bands had their time in the spotlight, and hell if richie blackmore can still fill a house, why in the world can JLT not do it. So all the nay sayers experience this for yourself. You might just find yourself singing and holding your lighters high to the sky, and going home feeling just a bit nostalgic if nothing else. Dont worry the lights are down so noone will see you on your moped.

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