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Blackmore’s Night on German TV

A mimed playback of St. Theresa done on a morning TV show on August 16. Blackmore barely pretends he’s actually playing guitar ;). Backing singers are from the support band Gothien, as the Sisters of the Moon have been given the Spanish Archer following the last show of the German tour.

Thanks to Kevin Dixon for sending this.

39 Comments to “Blackmore’s Night on German TV”:

  1. 1
    sterling says:

    RB reduced to a bit player for a Wilson sister wannaby. I understand why he’d want to wear the dark sunglasses. Sigh. Really, I’d prefer mimes.

  2. 2
    Charles says:

    Were they on before or after the puppet show?

  3. 3
    T says:

    The obligatory PR appearance. It’s part of the business, guys. Deep Purple did it, too. That’s show biz.

  4. 4
    Rikk Desgres says:

    Hey guys, great song, great classic Blackmore on the Strat. If this is what he is into then great. I’m seeing BN in October and am expecting a great show. Hey, I might even dress up. BTW, Candice is still HOT.

  5. 5
    Charbel Scoulou says:

    Mr Blackmore- you still have that incredible guitar flair- that is all that counts.

  6. 6
    Bo says:

    Just like T says: they all do it, and it must be big time boring.
    But the most important is that RB guitar sound. I will any day prefer that sound to any other. As I have been asking for more than a million times:
    Let us have a combined Rainbow/Purple and BN show. Then he and we will have the best of both worlds

  7. 7
    heycisco says:

    At least Candy looks so much better than Ronnie James Dio!!!

  8. 8
    purplesky says:

    who’s that guy?

  9. 9
    heycisco says:

    Ooops, I meant Candice

  10. 10
    solitair says:

    I am as sceptical concerning BN as many of you – but, my goodness, how good it feels to see and hear this b****** play! He did as much harm to Purple as he supported it. But I can’t help to melt away with that sound and this really cool performance.

  11. 11
    Mr Jone says:

    I really like BN. I appreciate that Ritchie plays what he wants to play. I think it’s unfair to slag him off like many people do. BN has a unique sound, and an exiting blend of medieval/folk and rock. Besides, no one can make a beautiful melody like Ritchie. IMHO it has been a while since DP released something interesting. They seem to be a kind of nostalgia-band milking it to the max, these days. You cannot blame BN for being anything like that.

    But, it all comes down to taste doesn’t it? It is really easy; if you don’t like it – stop listening to it.

  12. 12
    Stratophile says:

    Hell, this is much more rock than older BN. Perhaps it is goin the right way…

  13. 13
    Charlie says:

    It might have been mimed but that song is better than anything DP had on their last album “Rapture of the Deep”. I just cant get into Rapture no matter how many times I listen to it. Dissapointing because Im such a die hard fan of DP. I still think the guys have it in them to produce top albums but I fear the creative spirit of DP is on the wane.

  14. 14
    Ronald Gaerlan says:

    Guys who do not like RB and keeps on attacking RB with negative comments. Please stop. Ritchie blackmore was the prime mover of DP as Jon Lord himself qouted. Jon Lord qouted that Ritchie had the spark and the riffs that started most of their songs. Ritchie may have abandon purple, but that does not give you the right to keep complaining about him. I am just guessing but you guys are probably die hard Ian Gillan Fans. Don’t get me wrong I am also a great fan of Ian, as a matter of fact Ian is the greatest singer in Deep Purple and in the 70’s era. In my perspective the present Deep Purple is an extension of the Ian Gillan Band covering DP songs.

  15. 15
    Danny says:

    I love RB but think that BN music is pure dribble. It’s simply not my taste in music. Let’s be honest here, if he wasn’t part of the band then it simply wouldn’t have any popularity whatsoever. If RB is happy doing it then power to him. I still call it dribble…….. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore but hopefully can still find the Rainbow.

  16. 16
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Talking about dribble(drivel?)………..
    I often get the feeling Steve Morse has a lots fans in America…..
    Why does that not surprise me?

    And it also appears to me the American audience must be really different!
    I read those comments about shows and everything is always great/fantastic/etc……….

    Well, there are those who complain about setlists which is a sign of a critical mind. After all, the complaining about MTV and Classic Rock Radio by the band has really become ridicilous over the years.
    We all know they do not really support the Morse era stuff themselves by playing it live.

  17. 17
    Mark Bryant says:

    Ritchie Blackmore does not look as if he has aged at all . . . how does he do it?

    I would not say that SM has lots of fans in America. He has the Dixie Dregs and the Steve Morse Band with whom he “doodles” when not touring or writing with DP. The fact is, he is a great guitarist.

  18. 18
    Mark Bryant says:

    BTW, “Rapture of the Deep” is a superb album. From all accounts that I have read, it is one of the best selling DP albums since the 1983/84 reunion. The first time I heard it, I was skeptical. But after several more listens and after hearing some of the tunes live, I have changed my tune. One of my favorites now.

    DP at the House of Blues in Dallas . . . just 3-days now . . . wahoo!

  19. 19
    stoopidwithaflaregun says:

    From an American Fan: Yes we American fans are deprived of good quality rock & roll. We have CD’s. We have LP’s. But all of the GREAT bands are British. In America there is NO RADIO. If you don’t like either of both kinds of music…COUNTRY..OR…WESTERN you are LOST !!. Especialy with the REDNECK GIRLZ!!!

    Then you are forced in to CLASSIC ROCK RAY-DEE-OHH-HELLLLLL.
    Here is a job for a Classic rock radio music director…..Gosh? Do I play John Seed Melon-head…a thousand times 2-day or that loud band …JED ZEPPELIN? So CON-SARN-FUSING??? HowaBout “Arrow-sMith” ? Yeah -“Walk This Way…. Tawk This Way”….Budweiser Commercial? Sooooo. Confusing?
    I swear when Whitesnake hit the big -time here in 1987….with the Whitesnake (1987) LP. It was my finest hour. All of those years of me saying …Whitesnake… They are the band ….came true. For one glorius year
    I was right!!! I was cool! No matter what anyone in Europe says about David Coverdale…he brought Whitesnake…..and ..cool. to America!!! For one brief year and a half. He was on the radio. He was on MTV. He was signing autograph’s to peoples albums that did not even know who he was!
    So cut David Coverale down. Cut Ian Gillan down. You people in Europe and Britain will never know how nice it is there. When Deep Purple comes to America… I go. If Whitesnake tours America … I go. Ian Gillan and David Coverdale have been VERY good to America and Canada. You people In Europe have to understand. For years we could not even get an Ian Gillan Band -LP here. I heard about Gillan 3 years after they formed. Whitesnake trickled in one by one through about 1981 and 1982. Only way to get the current Gillan & Snake LP’s was by mail-order through California or New York. The snake held the radio – MTV attention till about mid-89′. They were washed-up by 1990. Done. That’s America. Welcome Garth Brooks & Nirvana. You have to understand….it’s not talent here. It;s all about money. Ratings. I will forever love David Coveradale & Whitesnake for his 1987 success. EVEN THOUGH I KNEW HE HAD ALREADY PEEKED!!!! I was soooo greatful that the majority in the pathetic-mind controlled USA had found his music ejoyable and that his concerts were selling out here. Van Halen / Def Leppard-ville HEAVEN!! For someone who deserved it!! VERY MUCH. So keep in mind. The David Coverdale you know……The Ian Gillan you know…..is very different from the Coverdale & Gillan we know. They are like water in a desert. God bless you Britain and Europe. You have musical talent. Thin Lizzy, Uli Roth, Scorpions, Nazareth, Ozzy, Uriah Heep, Gary Moore, Legend, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, The Beatles, Earthquake, Accept, Budgie, Foghat, Slade, Gillan, IGB, Heavy Metal Kids, Led Zeppelin, MSG, UFO,JethroTull, Yes, King Crimson, Omega, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Supertramp, Whitesnake, Yes.

  20. 20
    Cranberry says:

    Well, its good to see Blackmore with an electric guitar. we have waited in anticipation for the last ten years to hear those riffs, to know The Blackmore Magic still exists…………………….and what do we get, dark glasses. pencil moustache, and a miming fool………………playing a pile of shit……oh sorry ‘beautiful melodies’……………yeah right!

    Never mind we can all look back, and listen to our cd’s pre 1997, and enjoy Blackmores guitar. This man has been out of circulation since then, and Im surprised he even knows one end of a Fender from the other!!

    But to be fair to RB, he sure knows how to play a mandolin!!

  21. 21
    Tim says:

    That’s not bad – I’ve heard a hell of a lot worse.

  22. 22
    SarcasticB*gger says:

    Oh, see he’s sacked some more singers along his Merrye Minstrelle Waye!
    How long do we all think Gothien will last then?

  23. 23
    purplepriest1965 says:

    Hey Stoopid….
    It’s how you look at it.
    Around 78 my cousins went to the States to find an ongoing interest in and a abundance of fans for bands like Led Zeppelin and so on, while we in Holland were being laughed at the local disco for being longhaired, rockminded………
    Man, they even spit at me while I was dancing to the old stuff of DP, Led Z, Ten Years After. People who thought they were “it” because they followed fashion : disco, rap, punk and other shit. People who are ashamed now they dressed like that then.
    People are so stupid!!! First I was the longhaired heavyrockfossile , some years later long hair became fashionable again and suddenly it was alright. Very flattering comments I got then, but I already knew that would change again………….
    I NEVER followed fashion, that made me a (…)loner……
    Btw, Foghat was very huge in America, and bands like Journey, Van Halen, Y and T, Boston, Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, Foreigner and so on were SELDOM here to visit, while in America you could see those bands quite easily was my impression……….

    I think Jon Lord said it already in the early 70’s :
    “There’s more money to be made in the States.”
    Maybe all that has changed and you have to put up with trash too now?

  24. 24
    JBS says:

    The song itself sounds interesting enough, but RB is not playing it on the video. I know it is part of “the business” but I don’t care for miming. I asked my son to listen and he said almost immediatley Pictures Of Home, I thought he was crazy but upon further listening it does have the POH beat and guitar. It is good however to see old RB on a Fender, but it just does not rock enough for me, although he looks like he could just tear into Burn if he wanted to and had a real band behind him. P.S. I am from America and saw DP in July and they were great/fantastic etc….much better than BN.

  25. 25
    Emily Bell says:

    How typical of BN music is this song? It doesn’t sound terribly medieval, I must have got the wrong end of the stick.
    What horrendously uninspiring circumstances to have to “play” in – rather a local pub any night (although probably a Saturday for preference…)

  26. 26
    Peter from munich says:

    ……oh my Dear!
    Please Ritchie plugg the strat on your amps an play really good ROCK-MUSIC and not this waste. Ronnie, perhaps David and his friends too, are waiting for you! I hope I can see the rainbow in your eyes.
    Keep rockin’

  27. 27
    Stefan says:

    Ha.ha.ha……what a load of crap! He´s completely lost the plot….well,we just have to accept the fact….the Ritchie we once knew and adored as one of the planets greatest hard rock guitarists…is dead and gone!Resurrection….?Don´t hold your breath!!!

  28. 28
    Cranberry says:

    Ah well, every guitarist has his day…………………..Blackmores came and went.

    We should celebrate RB’s good times…………and piss ourselves laughing at what he does now.

    Looking at him in that video……………………he wouldnt look amiss in a f**king travelling circus!!

  29. 29
    Sami says:

    Pathetic, boring & very immature, Cranberry.Grow up.
    RB still has quite a career, how’s your’s compared to his?!

  30. 30
    Sami says:

    …but I must admit that it was pretty awful.Anyways, cheers,
    and have a good weekend everybody.

  31. 31
    Cranberry says:

    My careers just fine thanks Sami. Being a bearded lady in a circus side show can be quite demanding, you can have some quite embarrassing moments you know!! But having to mime to that god awful crap, I mean how does RB keep a straight face? Based on that performamnce I can probably get him a job in the tent next to me!!

    Have a good weekend!!

  32. 32
    Sami says:

    Hahaa, that was good, Cranberry…and you’re right there, I don’t know how Ritchie can live with that performance.Being a long time fan & admirer of the man’s music, it just breaks my heart(bring the Strat back and make some Hard Rock, PLEASE).
    Book a tent for me also, I can be the Talking Moose or the Mean Elf!!

  33. 33
    Sami says:

    …I can also be ‘the strange JLT fan’, and people will pay good money to poke me with sticks.
    Blaaahh…now it’s time to go, bye.

  34. 34
    Stefan says:

    To all DP fans around the globe….let´s join together in a prayer for Ritchie….that he one day comes to his senses,shoves the mandolin up Candice´s ass,grabs the strat and heading out on the highway in search for a hard rockin´band!!!!!!!!Have a nice weekend!

  35. 35
    T says:

    Stoopidwithaflaregun is absolutely right. Here in America, it’s country music (which is *very* BIG) or rap. The young kids listen to a kind of rock–not sure what you would call it but it’s kind of a grunge–and the bands ALL SOUND THE SAME.

    So on this side of the pond, it *is* pretty much a wasteland. Being a DP fan does mean doing a lot of ordering via internet through odd places. Let me put it this way: I had Ian Gillan Band’s “Child in Time” on a tape made from an album I borrowed from my guitar teacher around ’79 or ’80. I’ve only been able to find it on CD as of last year. That’s 26 years of waiting, folks. And I could give other examples. In the stores, you’re lucky if Deep Purple even has a bin. Rainbow usually doesn’t.

    My wife and I are huge Blackmore’s Night fans. Just listen to the title track of “Fires at Midnight” and you can see the promise. However, it *is* a matter of taste.

    Make no mistake. I would rather see a reformed Rainbow. Ronnie said he would never do it. I think he would jump at it if asked. His “Heaven and Hell” reunion is just as much a Sabbath reunion as it is a message to Blackmore that it should be done.

    Blackmore is, was, probably always will be the greatest hard rock guitarist ever based on everything he’s *already* done. If he wants to do the Blackmore’s Night thing–which he’d been talking about all his life, really–then more power to him. You either love it–or hate it. I wish the man well.

    Steve Morse is a great guitarist and I appreciate what he’s done for DP in keeping the machine going. No-one can deny he is a wonderful guitar player. That he is better or worse than Blackmore is opinion and irrelevant. We have a DP because of his participation. DP is a happy band, probably for the first time ever.

    My only criticism of Blackmore’s Night–such as is it, mind you–is that the albums are starting to sound the same. They need to take that “Fires at Midnight” track and expand on that approach. One of Blackmore’s finest solos ever and a damn good song overall. Then there is “Ariel” on the “Strangers” album. Some kind of Blackmore’s Night/Rainbow hybrid is possible and I think it’s coming.

    It’s one’s right to be able to make fun of Ritchie; however, personally, I find him just as brilliant now as in DP from a musical standpoint (not from a jammin’ Blitzkrieg in your face standpoint) and have too much respect for this guy.

    As for the video that started all of this, I hate miming. I’ll bet Ritchie does, too.

  36. 36
    Jim says:

    Fires At Midnight is a awesome song, just not enough of them coming from BN. Too Bad

  37. 37
    Rascal says:

    Anyone seen his guide dog?

  38. 38
    The Cat-That-Sleeps says:

    Funny! Blackmore seems to hate miming (so do I) and makes fun of that, why so many complaints ? He still has that typical sense of humor. And the solo is beautiful.

  39. 39
    Rascal says:

    Shoot that dog

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