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Mapping out DP fans across the world

There is still a bunch of hardcore Deep Purple fans who stand up against the spam and crap present on usenet these days. They hang out in the original forum for Deep Purple fans, the usenet group alt.music.deep-purple. An idea that came up in the group recently was to map out where on earth the DP fans are. Go to Frappr! and register your presence.

6 Comments to “Mapping out DP fans across the world”:

  1. 1
    Milan says:

    Nice idea, my contribution comming up shortly!

  2. 2
    Scoot says:

    Thanks for promoting the Frapper Map created to track and locate Deep Purple fans. The response has been amazing.


  3. 3
    marcelo says:

    I used to hang out at Usenet in the late 90s. Then there was a guy obsessed with cal Jam who scared us all and then I disappeared. Then I hung out at the Deep Purple Forum here at THS. Then I went to the beginning of the new forum. Then I disappeared. Now I’m coming back, but still with not much time. I’m in Brazil.

  4. 4
    blackmore on says:

    Sure I’m a hardcore fan and I’ve been around on different forums since the mid 90’s when I got my first computer. Love the buzz when a new album is released.

  5. 5
    Robert Daems says:

    Just signed in and one minute later another Dutch guy entered!
    Great to see that.
    (I’m sad because the upcoming concert is sold out, and I don’t have a ticket 🙁 let’s play the cd again.)

  6. 6
    Milan says:

    Finally added my entry + photo. Hehe.

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