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A great night in Glasgow

Date: 2011-11-26


: Glasgow

: Scotland

I’ve seen Deep Purple every time they have played the SECC and also in various other places around Europe when I can.

This tour with the orchestra is not to be missed. If you don’t have a ticket, buy one now, you won’t regret it. I was 8 rows back and the mix was great. The orchestration brings a new variation to the songs and compliments the sound of the band perfectly. It was great to see the orchestra enjoying the gig as much as the audience. It highlights what Paul Mann had previously observed on the 2000 concerto tour when he said that orchestras loved working with Purple due to their musicianship.

All band members played to the usual high standard. I’m a big Ian Paice fan and he seemed to be really fired up. He’s influenced by big band music, so I think he enjoys having the orchestra. It can’t be easy with him being critical to the timing of both the band and orchestra, but he makes it look effortless.

For me, the attraction of Deep Purple is the level of musicianship. Having an orchestra with them does not in any way detract from that, it actually does the opposite and shows how good they are actually are to be able to integrate it all faultlessly.

9 Comments to “A great night in Glasgow”:

  1. 1
    big al says:

    how true! just got back from the nec…amazing gig, up there with purple’s best(and I have seen a few) the orchestra made it sound so heavy!! best bits were no one came and rapture truly mind blowing!! special mention must go to cheap trick, very few bands could follow an opening act as good as that, if you didnt go this time you will be kicking yerself!

  2. 2
    Brian says:

    Agree the concert was fantastic and for once the sound [in the SECC] was good. I loved the orchestra and thought they added alot to the night.

    Would be glad to hear from Chris about the crowd remaining seated. I hate this. I was in row S with my 13 year old son [first ever gig – loved it] and 2 friends but after about 4 songs we were told by security to sit down as we had to do what the majority wanted! It’s a rock concert for gods sake. It wasn’t until SOTW that most people got off their backsides – unbeleivable! If Purple come again I hope they play in a standing only venue.

  3. 3
    Tracy Heyder (Zero the Hero) says:

    Practically verbatim to my expression of the experience we had with the show we saw in Chicago during the summer. Glad to see that it’s getting the same overall reception months later in the UK. I believe this concept and tour is another shot in the arm to these stalwarts of 40 plus years of being in the business. Whatever it takes to boost their interest and enjoyment only flows over into our being lucky enough to benefit from more music and entertainment from them. I for one feel blessed every day they are still chugging along. They are still the best Rock Band out there, especially ‘LIVE’. We are in and have been in ‘bonus time’ regarding the band being together and giving us such great shows, plus an album here and there, plus another possible release next year. For anybody to be shooting them down these days is truly a shame and unwarranted. Yes, there has been an obvious lack of New Material we All would have loved to have been offered, but they at least haven’t stopped producing some great shows throughout in the mean-time. The business has changed, the band has changed, their age has changed, their interests have changed, times have changed, but we still have DEEP PURPLE. I for one am thankful.



  4. 4
    tom fox says:

    totally agree with these comments.I was at the NIA last night and the band were amazing.Having seen them too many times to remember now i was a bit worried about this tour.In the current climate of criticism of the lack of any new material was it just a rehash ? Most definitely not-the old standards sounded great ,top sound quality in row F and great to see the musicians in the orchestra head banging along!top fun, thanks lads.
    Cheap trick are worth a look to
    power to the purple people!!

  5. 5
    marion mckinna says:

    saw deep purple for the first time on saturday the 26th november at glasgow secc. they were absolutely brilliant, i loved every minute of the concert. the orchestra was the icing on the cake.

  6. 6
    Stuart Bartlett says:

    I agree with Tom Fox as I sat by him! Quite wonderful to hear “Hard lovin man” and I thought IG was in great voice and Roger Glover is just a star. Interesting point about standing up; last night there was some pretty cheesed off people because a couple of lads stood up and just blocked quite a view for everybody sitting behind. They did however get ahuge round of applause when they finally sat down! At 6 feet 5, I can always see when standing, but regretfully those behind me can not. So I am very much in favour of taking a seat, a beer and enjoy the show.

  7. 7
    gibbsie in dundee says:

    stuart this is what it is all about … take a beer and enjoy the show in what ever form it takes as you have paid for it, it may be a last of … who knows how many, we all get older… sums it all up … 5 stars in my book

  8. 8
    tom fox says:

    re standing-not everyone is able to stand for 2 hours now-were all getting older!stand a bit sit a bit have a beer or two,respect those around you….i can head bang in a sitting position although my air guitar suffers.

  9. 9
    Martin Bearder says:

    Interesting reading all of the comments…I first saw this band in 1970. Being a youngster then I was only aware of a limited amount of music through my elder brother but I can honestly say that night fashioned my musical appreciation for life. The dynamism and sheer power of the performance was awesome. In those days Ritchie really had the bit between his teeth and his speed and mercurial brilliance was just jaw dropping…coupled with Jon Lord and Ian Paice I couldnt believe what I was seeing…But, nostalgia aside and having been present at the NEC within the UK dates I was impressed with the way the performance came across. Over the years I have been to countless DP concerts and can honestly say that at their best nobody even comes close. Its been a privilege to see the band age in a relatively graceful way and a shame that nobody can take on the mantle. Wish I could turn back the clock..Thanks guys

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