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Highway stars in London

Firstly the venue, The excel is excellant!,great place for the motor show,so much roomand the temporary arena was great too,good time to go to the motorshow,late in the evening,no queues,got to do loads of things that you would normally have to wait ages to do,show was on until 8pm..

I saw little Ian wandering around having look at the shiney motors and luckily he was\’nt getting hassled,which must have been a relief for him..not a petrol head myself,but the Alfa Spider fair turned my head,if anyone is wondering what to get me for Xmas,one of them will do!!!
Now the main event.

The arena is in a great setting,planes landing where just feet above the stage,I wondered if our lads would drown out the sound of them,no contest..purps 1 planes nil..

Opening with fireball,they were bang on form from the start,the crowd were with them from the start,with no support band everyone was a purplehead and it did,nt have make a differance,last time I saw them I sat next to a Styx fan who moaned the whole way through!

It was fantastic to hear Wring that neck,sure made my night and another highlight was Perfect strangers,not one of my personal favourites,but tonight is was so powerful and right,I finally got it!..Sifls is a great live track and should stay…

My one critism is Steve could sorta do a differant solo now nad then,what he does is brilliant,but dos,nt vary much,but his playing especially during HS and BN was incredible,Don adding Maybe it\’s because I\’m a Londonder\” to his set and was in top form throughout,Gillan,Glover and Paicey were just there usual incredible selfs, they are a tighter and better oiled unit than alot of of those supercars on show there! and have lasted longer than most of them too!

all in all a great night..

my one worry is London transport,DLR was down into Central London and Something was on at the O2 arena too,there were more people in my tube carraige then live in my Village…god knows how they are going to cope with the Olympics!!!

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    webware says:

    I completely agree, great venue and a band that can play magnificently. My only request would have been to hear some new material. I know the band are always penning new stuff, so let’s hear it!
    I like it when we hear songs that by the time they are released have evolved.

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