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The Highway Star’s not dead yet

Contrary to appearances, this venerable website is still alive and kicking — but it is suffering from severe neglect. The problem, to put it simply, is a lack of people with time and energy to devote to all the things that need fixing. This means that only the most urgent updates (like tourdates and news items) manage to get done, and the rest get left on the ToDo pile until somebody can get to them; but unfortunately that never manages to happen. Life keeps getting in the way — major projects at work, new babies, medical events with long healing periods, business trips, holiday trips — the list is seemingly endless.

There is really only one way out of this sad state of affairs: add some fresh blood to the staff. If a couple of people were able to spend some time on the items in the ToDo list, the effects would be dramatic. Like an old house that gets some repair work, a new roof, and a paint job, this website would quickly re-emerge as the proud edifice it once was.

We’ve got the technical people we need to bring THS into the 21st century, it’s the editing time we are lacking; in other words, we don’t need you to have advanced website programming skills (although that certainly won’t hurt! ;-), just a basic understanding of HTML, a text editor, and some spare time. So, if you are interested in helping out, please mail me. Together, we can make The Highway Star worthy of its reputation as the pre-eminent Deep Purple fan site once again.

Wolf Schneider — Editor-in-Chief

4 Comments to “The Highway Star’s not dead yet”:

  1. 1
    legris elprupdeep@w.fr says:

    can we do something from home!!!! living in the south of france and going to the gig in toulouse in 2 days time. cheers.

  2. 2
    MrEd says:

    I’m not the most technically proficient computer user, but I’d be glad to help out in any way I possibly can.
    This is an exception to my long-standing rule that I learned first from my Dad & later during my service in the U.S. Marines, “Never volunteer.”
    The Highway Star is well worth making the exception!

  3. 3
    Steve Miller says:

    First I have to apologize for past stupidity – years ago I volunteered and thought I had the time but didn’t. This time around I actually DO have some time to offer. Also I am terrific with HTML and Notepad;-) My web site is self-built/maintained and is virtually all HTML outside of a small amount of javascript for picture galleries.

  4. 4
    Steve Miller says:

    Wow apologies again – I didn’t bother to check that this thread is 12 years old, before posting;-) Having old eyes is no excuse!

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