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First Gillan Solo Tour Review

Big thanks to Philippe Warda who sent us this review that his friend published on his website:

08/16/2006 – Ian Gillan
Town Ballroom
Notes: Went with Philippe Warda, Rocky & Sex Machine. They had some
cute bikini hag with a small rack and a big crack come out holding
signs with the songs on it like some ring side girl. Gillan was gold,
but he didn’t do Trashed which hurt me bad.

Set list(s):
Ian Gillan
No Laughing In Heaven (?)
Into The Fire
Hang Me Out To Dry
Have Love Will Travel
Wasted Sunsets (ultra rare, Billy and Rocky went nutz!!!)
Not Responsible
? (instrument jam because Ian forgot his harmonica and they couldn’t
do the planned number)
Unchain Your Brain
Bluesy Blue Sea
Texas State Of Mind (Michael Lee Jackson song from new album…I
stepped out to take a piss)
Sugar Plum
When A Blind Man Cries
Men Of War
70’s drum solo
Smoke On The Water (burp)

I’m Evil (?)
Knockin’ At Your Back Door (total sickness!!)

16 Comments to “First Gillan Solo Tour Review”:

  1. 1
    Martin says:

    WOW! What a setlist! Great!

  2. 2
    Svante Pettersson says:

    Here’s the confirmed and complete setlist, courtesy of Canadian Gillan maniac Glen Miller:

    Second Sight
    No Laughing In Heaven
    Into The Fire
    Hang Me Out To Dry
    Have Love Will Travel (Michal Lee Jackson song)
    Wasted Sunsets
    Not Responsible
    No Worries
    Unchain Your Brain
    (Band jam)
    Bluesy Blue Sea
    Texas State Of Mind (Michael Lee Jackson song)
    Sugar Plum (with Jeff Healey)
    When A Blind Man Cries (with Jeff Healey)
    Men Of War
    (Drum solo)
    Smoke On The Water


    Knockin’ At Your Back Door

  3. 3
    AndreA says:

    we all are waiting for your solo tour here in Italy…
    We All? me sure….(wasted sunsets:how many time I dreamed to listen it in a DP concert…)


  4. 4
    Guillaume says:

    Excellent setlist, but I’d have LOVED to hear Trashed played live…

    I’m seeing the show tomorrow in Quebec City. Ian Gillan will celebrate his 61th anniversary.

    I can’t wait!

  5. 5
    David Sanderson says:

    Seems a good time to say ‘Happy Birthday’. I’m sure the good people of Quebec will make sure it’s one to remember, let’s hope there are many more to come, have a good one Ian.

  6. 6
    DeepOZ says:

    I agree that Wasted Sunsets is a real surprise. And given the set-list it makes me wonder who determines the set-list for Purple. I’d always thought it was big Ian but perhaps it is little Ian!!

  7. 7
    mike whiteley says:

    I saw the Toronto show on August 17th.It was moved from the Danforth Music Hall to the Phoenix Concert Theater due to poor ticket sales. I was told by security at the Phoenix that a mere 233 tix were sold…toss in 100 or so radio station contest winners,and it was a very cozy crowd indeed !!
    Ian & Co certainly seemed to enjoy themselves;lots of laughs and smiles shared between them.The occasional slip up was taken in stride.
    It’s said that a change is as good as a rest.Ian certainly seemed to like the change from his “day job” band.and the setlist showed it.Even Smoke… came with different fire !!
    Guitar hero Jeff Healey shone brightly on Sugar Plum & When a Blind Man Cries,much to the delight of his hometown fans.
    All in all,a wonderful show with something for both the casual fan and the fervent follower.It’s a shame so few people saw it.
    Hope there’s a DVD some day .

    P.S.The “score card” girl bteween songs was no “Bikini hag !!” She’s right up there with Fanny Craddock !!! ;- )

  8. 8
    frank gliese says:

    Hey, Waisted Sunsets! Just been dreaming about hearing that one live – must be difficult to compeed whith The solo of the man in Black from the Perfect Strangers version.

    I’m not a Sabbath fan my self, but i’ve been told there are a lot of them in America, so a bit strange there are no songs from Born Again in the set?

    Waiting for a Gillan-tour in Scandinavia, that would be great!

    Happy birthday Ian.

  9. 9
    Dave says:

    I saw the show in Montreal. Again the crowd was pretty sparse….maybe 350 people or so. The band was really good, with a few messups but solid musicianship overall. Some say a change is as good as a rest. I think in this case, a rest would have been better than a change for Ian Gillan. He was struggling through the Purple material and looked pretty tired. Perhaps a rest until the next leg of the Rapture tour would have been in oder. Just my opinion…….

  10. 10
    Robert Daems says:

    Please take this tour to Europe !!!
    Play the Amsterdam Paradiso and I’ll be there !!!

    It sounds like real big fun. I bought the Gillan’s Inn album and it’s very fresh, love to see it live !!

  11. 11
    Bill Atkinson says:

    I saw the show in Toronto last week and it was great to see Ian Gillan in such a small venue like The Phoenix. I feel it was a privilege to see such a legend in that type of surroundings. I was one of the Q107 winners last year who was lucky enough to be in the studio last year with Ian Gillan to do a gang chorus on Smoke on the Water for Gillans Inn. Ian is a true icon who gave everyone there the time of day that evening. Thanks again for last year and for rocking us last week.

    Bill Atkinson.

  12. 12
    Al Johnston says:

    Saw Ian in New York City last night…Superb!

    Setlist remains the same. (Great venue, BTW…fantastic sound!!!)

    Ian was in terrific spirits and great voice — full of energy, plenty of screaming. The band sounded great and they were clearly psyched with the current gig. I was reminded of the liner notes on the reissue of Malice in Wonderland — it’s a shame that the current state of the music biz no longer makes it easy for professionals to get together more often and cut loose with some straightforward rock and roll fun.

    The surprise-du-jour came right before Sugar Plum when Ian announced, “tonight, we do have a Roger with us…”

    Roger played SP and When a Blind Man Cries.

    Added bonus for me and a handful of thirsty fans was choosing to refill our glasses during the drum solo before SOTW. Turned around while waiting on the too-slow line and who’s at the end, but Roger. He graciously chatted with us about everything from Rapture, to working with Ian, to how great guitar players are all madmen, and what not — signing autographs and taking pictures the whole time (even as the first chords of SOTW emerged and he said, “I’m really suppose to be up there playing tambourine” — he never did make it.)

    In the midst of this two-year Rapture tour, no one would have blinked an eye if Ian sought out some rest and relaxation — but R&R for this guy is cleary rock and roll and he chose to not only put this special little tour together for his long-time fans, he chose to bring it to the States rather than Europe (where I’m sure ticket sales would have been much more robust as compared to the pervasive and ridiculous pop culture / classic rock radio mindset of too many U.S. “music lovers”).

    So thanks, Ian — for an evening none of us will soon forget…and oh yeah, the other 40 years of your work!!!

  13. 13
    Jim O'Brien says:

    I also had the pleasure of seeing Ian in NYC on the 23rd. It was a long awaited tour. For all those hoping that Ian will take the tour to Europe- I sympathize. Realize this is Ian’s first solo tour of the states (I believe), which is why, when I got to call into Rockline, asked him if he would consider a tour of the US. At the time he said only if he got time off for bad behavior. The show was well worth the wait. Although, considering how good his voice sounded, I was hoping for a few tracks from Glory ROad (No Easy Way, Time and Again) Once again a great show and I cna hardly wait for the Rapture tour to make its way to the US.

  14. 14
    Susan says:

    I was lucky enought to catch the Gillan’s Inn show at the Cleveland HOB. Even though it was a 4-hour round-trip and I had to buy box seat tickets (my husband’s health made HOBs standing room an impossibility) it was well worth it. Same setlist as previous shows with no special ‘guest’ appearances, but that was not a drawback at all!! I was encouraged by other ‘positive’ reviews here and elsewhere, so I want anyone in Western Canada or the states to know that if you can catch a show, you should! Ian looking and sounding great as always, fresh material you won’t see with Purple, and a backing group that knows how to rock and have a good time. I’m with Jim – seeing this show was a rare treat, and it just makes me that much more anxious for the next DP tour of the states. Too bad that won’t be in such ‘intimate’ settings – the small venues work for me. It made it possible to hear all of the spoken song intros and stage patter that gets lost in huge settings. One such that was priceless to me was before ‘When a Blind Mans Cries”, Ian excused himself for “Just a sip of water” and could then be heard to say in dismay “They gave me f____ing WATER!” (I believe that situation was quickly remedied!) Thanks to all for a great time.

  15. 15
    Victor Martinez says:

    Saw Ian Gillan last night at Slim’s in San Francisco. Fantastic show!!! It was my first Ian Gillan “solo” show. What a crack band!!! Absolutely, top notch. The “instrumental” number Ian called “River of Chocolate” was a nifty little band piece. A big “thank you” to Ian for signing my “Naked Thunder” album cover. Speaking of which – I was incredibly impressed by a number of things. First and foremost, what a voice! No 60+ year old has the right to sound so good. Two hours of music? What a treat. And, after all that the man hangs around and signs autographs!! Too much! The surprise guest at this show was Lars Ulrich of Metallica fame. He joined in on SOTW & was very well prepared. No doubt a fan of Ian Paice – he didn’t miss a beat! What else can I say: Great show! Great band! Fantastic Material! Enthusiastic Fans! A nod to Fremont! For all you Purple fans that didn’t take this show in – you missed a classic!!!

  16. 16
    John Kuenkel says:

    Attended the September 21st show in Minnesota, there were approximately 300 people in attendance. Ian’s voice was in fantastic form, and Mr. Jackson’s guitar playing, as well as Mr. Appleby’s bass playing was phenominal. Mr. Mennona seemed out of place, not as much of a stage presence as the others. Hell of a show; When A Blind Man Crys, Wasted Sunsets, and Texas State Of Mind were my personal favorites. After the show Mr. Gillan was a gentleman, making sure everybody wanting an autograph received one. Can’t wait to see him with purple again!

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