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Roger Glover Interview

Mick Burgess at “Metal Express Radio” did an interview with Roger Glover recently. Here is a few bits:

Someone once said “I play for free and get paid to travel” and I live by that. When you’re on stage you don’t think you’re doing a job at all, it’s what you love.

About Michael Bradford:

He worked with us on “Bananas” and he’s a fine musician and a great guy. For me it’s very refreshing having someone objective in there. That’s “objective” by the way, not “objectionable”!! He is a very constructive voice in the studio and he has helped us out a lot with the arrangements.

Edel Records have done a fine job with us and we have had plenty of press coverage and backing. They are a small company eager to prove themselves and in many ways it is better than being just a number in a large company. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Edel at the moment.

Read the whole interview here.
Thanks to Mick Burgess and Metal Express Radio for the information.

Comment to “Roger Glover Interview”:

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    Nick Hannant says:

    I thought this was a brilliant interview. It was so good to see an interview where the interviewer clearly knew his stuff and asked really good worthwhile questions about the present and the past. Roger sounded really relaxed and comfortable and clearly spoke at ease for a long time. I’ve been into Purple and it’s associates since I was 15 in 1970, so it was good to see that all the questions were based on vaild reasearch and / or knowledge.

    Funnily enough I emailed Mick Burgess after I had read it to thank him for doing such a good interview and producing a really engaging read. I got a very nice reply from him. Top man!

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