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That Clinking Clanking Sound…. An Update

You may recall earlier in the year we reported the rather unwholesome story of lawsuits, disappearing money and such like. (for those that don’t : read it all here….) Well today we can give an update to the story. Today, Monday 25th September the UK Insolvency Service announced that Dipak Rao has been banned from […]

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Rocking In Riverbend

Deep Purple live at Riverbend Music Center (Cincinnati, USA 2017-09-10) I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was witness to what might be Purple’s last show in North America. The September 10th show will go down in my memory as the best of my 8 Purple shows and not because it was the […]

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An Easy Victory for Purple in the Battle of the Bands

Deep Purple live at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (Maryland Heights, USA 2017-09-08) Deep Purple’s performance last night in St. Louis was by far the best of the four Purple shows I’ve seen in recent years, and by any standards superb; if it’s the last time I ever see them live, then I’m happy. Having read earlier […]

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Deep Purple at Budweiser Stage, Toronto – September 2nd

I have been a long time fan of Deep Purple and seen many many shows. When I heard that they were playing Toronto with Alice Cooper and Edgar winter I jumped at the chance to take a road trip from Montreal to see them again for perhaps what might be the final time (gulp)… The […]

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Deep Purple at the XFinity Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA – August 27th, 2017

Last Sunday evening I attended the Edgar Winter/ Alice Cooper /Deep Purple show at the XFinity outdoor amphitheatre, about an hour’s drive south of Boston, Mass. I know a lot has already been written about Purple’s current USA jaunt in recent reviews here, but thought I would add my 2 cents worth of perspective just […]

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Deep Purple – Live at Xfinity Center, August 27 (Sunday night!)

So we all came out to Boston…. (yours truly driving in from Montreal, Canada). On a Sunday. For a religious experience? Well, having seen Deep Purple for most of the tours that have brought the band near and around my hometown since 1984 , the road trips have become more of a roving pilgrimage not […]

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